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  1. It's been three years since THSS eliminated any remaining club-specific safety rules. As Hoss said, the club follows all SASS guidelines and regulations. For those interested in current history and want to see Trailhead 2020 match results, you can find them at https://www.thss.org/2020/06/21/trailhead-2020-main-match-results/
  2. SASS-legal? Couldn’t find a thread about them and hadn’t seen it before. https://www.blackacestactical.com/product-page/lever-action-black-walnut
  3. Our club's Outlaw Rules https://www.thss.org/rules/outlaw-rules/
  4. @Jaan my birthday was earlier this year so I did the exact same thing at Midway. I just pulled my Vaqueros out and they look exactly like yours. Both are asymmetrical at the same angles on each side of the hammer.
  5. Installing Super Blackhawk hammers and spring kits into my Vaqueros. I’m no gunsmith, so hopefully I’ll finish by the time things are back to normal.
  6. Sure you can get into this sport for less, but then again, the first thing every new shooter gets when posting on this board is "go buy a slicked-up 1873."
  7. Good because I just ordered the Hunter model since that's the one they have in stock. I won't be putting it on until after Trailhead next month though.
  8. Is there a difference between these two Blackhawk hammers? Ruger Hammer Ruger Super Blackhawk, Hunter Stainless Steel and Ruger Hammer Ruger Blackhawk Stainless Steel I want to replace my New Vaqueros' hammers.
  9. SASS isn't NFA-friendly. Shotguns have to be 18 inches, and when I asked if it would be Ok if I used a lever rifle that had a threaded barrel, they said no, even if I didn't use a suppressor on it during a match.
  10. As written, the HPA provides for a refund of the stamp tax for suppressors purchased after October 22, 2015. This is so people don't completely stop buying them in anticipation of this passing. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/367 I really hope this passes. I have an annoying uncle that stops by during hunting season every time there's a shot in the area to see if I got anything. A suppressor won't get rid of the sound completely, but it will help.
  11. 24" barrel seems long for something you want to attach a suppressor to. Plus it only holds ten rounds :/
  12. I was actually looking at the 2.5" mini. Looks closer in size to the American Derringer.
  13. What barrel length do most SASS shooters use on a Bond?
  14. Anyone have both a American derringer and a Bond derringer that can post a photo of them side-by-side?
  15. Just to make sure I'm looking at the right company, American Derringer's website is http://www.amderringer.com right? Because that website looks about ten years out of date. I am having trouble finding any real information about their products or the differences between them.
  16. I just hate how big Bond derringers are.
  17. Belt is worn above her belly button.
  18. THSS January match will be January 15th. Matches are held the third Sunday of each month. The club is located just North of Columbus, which is about 40ish minutes west of Katy. Main website http://www.thss.org Directions: http://www.thss.org/location/
  19. The Trailhead Application is now online! You can find the application and additional details on the event at http://www.thss.org/trailhead/
  20. We've been finalizing the application form. I believe it should be finished and online next week.
  21. First deer rifle I ever used was my father's Savage 99 in .300 Savage. Love that rifle and that it says how many rounds are loaded. Genius!
  22. Wait, there was a stainless Marlin 1984 in .357? Dammit Remington get those back in stock!
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