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  1. I see there will be camping available for EOT this year and I’m guessing it’s dry camping. Anyone know if they have a service available to dump and get water if needed?
  2. Howdy,


    My father in law lives in St Pete

  3. Hello, I have a .45 for sale.  I shoot BP and it has been slicked up by a cowboy smith.  No short stroke but tuned nicely with stainless follower and spring, etc.  There are a few shooting dings but the wood grain on this one is superb for an off the rack job.  If a guy cleaned off the varnish and oiled the stock it would be as nice as any around.  I believe I have the original box, has a 24.25 barrel because I like that length.  Let me know if you want pics by texting me at 850-297-1413.

  4. Hey Fuzzy its me again, though things have not changed for me one of my friends who is new to CAS is interested in the 73 do you still have it?



    1. old fuzzy

      old fuzzy

      I have sold everything I listed. Thanks to everyone who inquired and to those who got some real bargains. I will put my cowboy garb up within the next two weeks.

  5. Deuce wanted to touch base with you on something and tried the email you listed above and it keeps kicking back. SPK
  6. Man does that stink.... I keep posting looking for these very items yet every time they come up I miss it.
  7. Can an admin move this to the classifieds for me? just realized that I put it on the wire
  8. Looking for a dillon 650 conversion kit for 32 HR
  9. Was out in Wyoming with a bunch of friends on a Cattle Drive, true city slickers 😄. At the end of the drive we took a side trip to an old town called South Pass City and this is where I met for the first time members of SASS. They were all deck out telling stories of how the town used to operate and we got to talking, I of course notice their badges and asked what the single action shooting society was all about. The rest is history. Now the whole family is shooting Cowboy Action.
  10. Spent some time looking for grips for my daughters 32s. Only place I could find them was Eagle Grips, they fit nicely and seem to be a nice product. Tends to take a while to get them though. SPK
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