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  1. Next year's Trailhead will now be March 17-20, 2022, one week earlier than originally scheduled. It was necessary to change the dates because the the SASS Southwest Regional Championship had to move its dates. The official application for the event will be posted later this year.
  2. Thanks for the interest and kind words everyone! THSS is currently looking at alternative dates for Trailhead because of the Regional conflict. As soon as we have updated dates, we'll let everyone know.
  3. I missed that thread, but it sounds a lot like the days before baseball and soccer implemented instant replay. Like somehow imperfect refereeing was better for the game. Hopefully as time goes on the technology to report hits on targets will get cheap enough to implement on ranges. People are clamoring for "robo-umps", maybe we can have "robo-spotters" too.
  4. Our club has its own Wild Bunch variant that works pretty well at monthlies. WB shooter uses a revolver and a 1911. Basically the 1911 replaces the second pistol and reloads with at least one additional magazine, sometimes two. https://www.thss.org/rules/thss-wild-bunch-rules/
  5. The Professionals was a better Wild Bunch era movie.
  6. Wow that would be awesome running clockwise. I'd rather that be the extra-innings rule than the stupid runner-on-second rule we have now. Stupid covid.
  7. I thought I remember seeing here somewhere some of the parts that can easily go in Ruger Wranglers, but I can't find that thread. I bought a pair for my 3yo for future Cowboy Action Shooting use, but figured I'd enjoy them for fun sometimes at monthly matches since my club is going to add a .22LR category. 1. Is there a spring parts kit that can be installed similar to what's available for Ruger Vaqueros? 2. Is there a lowered hammer available similar to the Super Blackhawk? 3. Are there readily available replacement grips? I'd like something besides the plastic black on
  8. SASS isn't NFA-friendly. Shotguns have to be 18 inches, and when I asked if it would be Ok if I used a lever rifle that had a threaded barrel, they said no, even if I didn't use a suppressor on it during a match.
  9. As written, the HPA provides for a refund of the stamp tax for suppressors purchased after October 22, 2015. This is so people don't completely stop buying them in anticipation of this passing. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/367 I really hope this passes. I have an annoying uncle that stops by during hunting season every time there's a shot in the area to see if I got anything. A suppressor won't get rid of the sound completely, but it will help.
  10. 24" barrel seems long for something you want to attach a suppressor to. Plus it only holds ten rounds :/
  11. I was actually looking at the 2.5" mini. Looks closer in size to the American Derringer.
  12. What barrel length do most SASS shooters use on a Bond?
  13. Anyone have both a American derringer and a Bond derringer that can post a photo of them side-by-side?
  14. Just to make sure I'm looking at the right company, American Derringer's website is http://www.amderringer.com right? Because that website looks about ten years out of date. I am having trouble finding any real information about their products or the differences between them.
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