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  1. I switched to Gunfighter about. two years ago and I agree. It takes a while to get the cadence down, and you really have to think differently than the others when doing a stage. Nevada Sweeps are a bit tricky, Progressive Sweeps are a real pain, and I love double tap sequences. I'm still not as fast at GF as I was in Cowboy. It is more fun though. And if something goes wrong, it can really go wrong. I had a light primer strike during my last match, and cycling back around one-handed was incredibly slow and awkward for me, even with lowered hammers. I fear if GF is allowed in any category, then the GF category will go away.
  2. The last two male Texas State overall champions was the same Gunfighter. I don’t know if he’s shot at EOT though.
  3. When I asked this question, I was referring to what happens to SASS if @Misty Moonshine steps down, etc? Seems like now is the perfect time to transition to a non-profit. I assume that's what happens next, so I wanted to know if that indeed is the case. If the non-profit isn't happening, at a minimum there needs to be a succession plan.
  4. So what are the next steps in this process?
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