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  1. http://www.thss.org/rules/sharpshooter-rules/ http://www.thss.org/rules/cody-dixon-rules/ Indian Fighter is basically Cody-Dixon but also use regular rifle for a total of five guns.
  2. Every time I see a WTC thread I still first go to "World Trade Center" in my mind.
  3. I use an iOS app called Gun Log SPC. Completely offline. You can even track your ammo usage, but I just use it for firearms.
  4. Something to let her try out shooting a SA revolver when you're not sure she'll like it? Heritage Roughrider Lightweight SASS-legal revolver that's small and appropriate for small hands? Cimarron Lightning.
  5. As technology improves and gets cheaper, you could use sensors that detect if a plate was hit. Spotters would only need to watch for procedurals. Here's an example of one. Still too expensive to have 20 sensor targets setup across 5-6 stages, but perhaps one day... https://www.rts-targets.com/categories/complete-target-systems/item/3-static-target-kit
  6. Double triggers, $649 MSRP. 28” barrel though so would have to be cut down. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-bobwhite-g2/
  7. How well does it work? I've wondered if a pecan picker would work.
  8. I have a pair of cheap spurs I wore to maybe two matches but haven't since. I've always liked the looks of Chilean spurs, but I'd probably hurt myself with them.
  9. Trailhead is THSS’ annual large shoot that spans four days and features tons of action that should appeal to all shooters! Get your application in now! The match will be held March 21-24, 2019. Click here for more information. Click on the icon below to download a fillable PDF application. Trailhead Application (Fillable PDF) Calendar of Events: Day 1 (Thursday, March 21st): 10:00 am – Registration begins 1:00 pm until evening – Side Matches Fastest Pistol Fastest Rifle Fastest Shotgun 97 & 87 Fastest Double Barrel Fastest Pocket Pistol Fastest Derringer .22 Side Match Big Bore Lever Big Bore Single Shot Plainsman Night Shoot Day 2 (Friday, March 22nd) 8:30 am – Five stages of Main Matches After Main Match – Long Range Side Match and Trailwalk Side Match 6:00 pm – Friday Night Social & Side Match Awards on-site at Gunsmoke Day 3 (Saturday, March 23rd) 8:30 am: Five stages of Main Matches, 6:30 pm Trailhead main Awards Banquet at Ellinger Community Center Day 4 (Sunday, March 24th) 9:00 am: Master Gunfighter, Team, and Couples Side Matches
  10. SASS isn't NFA-friendly. Shotguns have to be 18 inches, and when I asked if it would be Ok if I used a lever rifle that had a threaded barrel, they said no, even if I didn't use a suppressor on it during a match.
  11. As written, the HPA provides for a refund of the stamp tax for suppressors purchased after October 22, 2015. This is so people don't completely stop buying them in anticipation of this passing. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/367 I really hope this passes. I have an annoying uncle that stops by during hunting season every time there's a shot in the area to see if I got anything. A suppressor won't get rid of the sound completely, but it will help.
  12. 24" barrel seems long for something you want to attach a suppressor to. Plus it only holds ten rounds :/
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