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  1. We need to get one of those to have at the range! Maybe needs a seat and holster scabbards.
  2. It's just the luck of the draw. I've swapped out hammers on upwards to a dozen Uberti Cattleman and had no problems. One even corrected a timing problem. Then I've had to basically rebuild a new (but previously owned) Cimarron Eliminator. Only way to know is to try it and find out. You'll need a hammer anyway. But don't get out hones unless you fell real confident you know what you're doing.
  3. May just have to go to hardware store. Coil springs are not impossible to make. Existing springs can be lightened.
  4. Granddaughter wanted us to put solar panels on our roof so we could run the cloths dryer. We use a clothesline.
  5. There is a push to outlaw drinking straws. Save mother nature. But when mother nature slammed the eastern coast line with a hurricane, some 500 million plastic bottles of water were shipped to the area. Do away with fast food places would probably cut plastic in half. We live about 10 miles south of town. The first mile down the blacktop is always littered with MacDonald trash.
  6. Don't always take what I post as serious. But I guess it could be possible. I use U-Haul packing peanuts as filling material because they are made of corn starch and said to be biodegradable and eatable. But.. if we go back to fiber wads, they will likely find that an endangered frog swallows them and croak.
  7. When we set up at a new range 2014, the stage design criteria was no steps and no climbing and no staging of guns standing up. We have too many that couldn't negotiate this safely.
  8. Steve's Guns, aka Nate Kiawa Jones https://stevesgunz.com/
  9. I shoot with folks with Rugers where the hammer fall is so light you can watch it fall as if by gravy alone. About every stage he has to go around at least once, sometimes more, to get all rounds popped. It doesn't bother him apparently as it's been like that for years.
  10. I made 12 gauge snap caps by inserting a piece of small plastic glue gun stick into the primer pocket.
  11. I found an updated video by Capandball showing the product he sales. How to make flash paper.
  12. I wonder how many plastic wads or hulls actually make it to the ocean? I had the notion that Federal still loads paper hulls to use on ocean liners so not to loose plastic hulls overboard.
  13. Need to make plastic wads out of a base material that is eatable.
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