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  1. You can easily cock both hammers of a CZ-USA by using the T-bone method of sweeping your left hand over the top and cocking the hammers while using the left thumb to break the top lever. Here is a hull test I made that shows me using this method. Keep in mind I'm a 60 second stage shooter.
  2. The Cimarron 1878 (commonly called the TTN) is a crude copy of the Colt 1878. Here pictured with an original Colt. The CZ-USA is not a reproduction of a Colt TTN. It's just a classic hammer double. It's the one gun I shoot right out of the box. All it needed was limbering up by opening and closing a few hundred times and shooting it some.
  3. CZ-USA, Grace Kelly. TTN, Phyllis Dillard.
  4. Could be... Maybe check to see if hammers are rebounding to safty notch. Examine primers in fired hulls to see if they look excessively deep or marks where firing pins plowed out. Check firing pins to see if they have mushroomed or otherwise sticking. I seem to recall someone selling hardened replacement firing pins for these guns.
  5. Here I'm shooting a Cimmeron 1878 taken right out of the box and shooting Remington Gun Club 1oz loads.
  6. I have 2 Marlin 1894s in 32WCF and one Winchester 1892 in 32WCF. All have a magazine tube diameter appropriate for the caliber. But then again, they were made over a hundred years ago. All the Uberti 1873s use a large magazine tube? Wouldn't you think they are making enough in the small calibers to justify a small tube?
  7. I've witnessed several incidents where experienced shooters have made errors in being ready to shoot the stage. Most often it's not having shotgun shells or enough of them. My slide holds 8 and I have occasionally shot a stage with only 4 because I forgot to stock up. Now the first thing I do when I get back to the cart is stock up my slide. One time I only loaded 9 rounds in my rifle in a 10 round scenario and lost a shot. One cartridge rolled off the table and I didn't see it and I didn't count as I loaded. A good TO catches a lot of problems before the beeper goes off.
  8. I actually have a 10 gauge 87. But I need a 10 gauge barrel for it.
  9. I was expecting a lot more smoke and boom. Was the video shot with a GoPro? Seems like a GoPro records so all gunshots sound like slamming a book shut.
  10. I don't see mention of a loading table officer. We always have one unless it's a very small posse and even then we try to have next guy up in line to check the one loading. Looks like someone in line at loading table would have noticed he wasn't loading.
  11. Are you saying the bullets are "turtling" in the magazine tube?
  12. If you go to HF, look at this mini cut off saw. May have to experiment with blade. I'd say the finest cut would work best. https://www.harborfreight.com/2-in-mini-bench-top-cut-off-saw-62136.html P.S. Don't forget your coupons! Memorial day they have a 25% off coupon!
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