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  1. In the video I posted earlier, I paused a number of times to get a clean stage (less the clay target ). I had problems on a couple of stages to start with so there was no chance to have a respectable time score. Still it was a fun stage. Different. The Gateway Cowboy Action Shooting range is in a tight "gulch", heavily wooded with just enough room for a street and row of stages. Stages are tight against each other with thick tall walls between stages. Upshot, you are shooting into a closed dark box. Great for smoke retention.
  2. Trudie Pebbles (full name Trudie Fruity Pebbles) Ima Shotslinger (Sister of Careless Shotslinger) Ophelia Mybodie Ophelia Yurbottoms
  3. Most of our stage props are set up with windows and doors to shoot though. Not much chance to move from one position to another while shooting.
  4. I'll shoot my 32WCF or 38 Special in the rifle a couple times a season. But mostly C45S with 200g bullet of 44WCF with 200g bullet loaded with BlackMZ. I made 3 videos comparing BlackMZ with full loads of real black powder and judging from the recoil, my BlackMZ loads were equal. Now that I have a chronograph, I can quantify the difference.
  5. I can generality call my shots and know when I've missed. Sometimes I give my miss away by making a comment when I miss. The TO has said, "If you hadn't said something, the spotters may have missed the miss." Spotters that can't see a miss or hear a hit will often call a miss. I figure the few bad calls are covered by misses they didn't call.
  6. I shoot light loads of BlackMZ and never had anyone say my loads didn't produce enough smoke.
  7. I find small businesses have a men's and women's bathrooms that are designed to accommodate one person at a time and the door locks. Bigger places like Wally-World and such have no doors. Just a hallway with a switchback.
  8. At Gateway Aug 2018. https://youtu.be/92wZJwhS0qA Just part of the fun.
  9. Nice to have an understanding wife that's also a cowboy action shooter. I set up to size bullets on our dinning room table. The wood stove is 10' in back of me. TV to my right. Latge south facing window (with no curtains) in front of me. My recliner not far away if I get bored or need a nap. It's 0° wind chill outside and going to be cold through tomorrow. I have the time.
  10. So.. . Where I've found them it looks like $20-26 a box if 5 shells? Too rich for me.
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