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  1. The cheapest I've seen one of these guns go for in recent years is $1800. I'm surprised that this is still available. J.M.
  2. If you get a chance, call me today. 928-300-6684 J.M.
  3. I am interested in the 12 ga. Any chance that I could send you the funds and pick it up at Winter Range? Johnny Meadows
  4. Bob and Shirley are in the prayers of the Meadows family.
  5. Don’t over think this. Leather wrapped on the lever becomes part of the firearm, in my opinion. J M
  6. Winter Range Starting Position Winter Range Shooters! We have a new "Winter Range only" stage convention that is important for you to know regarding shooter "stance". Our new stage language "at the ready" means that the shooter may crouch and be in an athletic "ready" posture before beginning the stage. Other stance instructions will always apply (hands at low surrender, touching revolvers, etc). For all stages, whether indicated or not, the shooter may be "at the ready" (shooter does not have to stand erect with hands at their sides unless so indicated). This convention applies at Winter Range ONLY, and does not change SASS rules at other SASS sanctioned matches
  7. Bill, if that TTN isn't sold, I want it. It's time I got back to a little Classic Cowboy. Johnny Meadows
  8. The Browning BPCR in 40-65 is one of the best and most accurate guns that i have owned. Excellant price on this one. Johnny Meadows
  9. Then why does he say " the SKB’s are very prone to breaking"> J.M.
  10. Was this off a Cowboy and Indians 4th generation short stroke? If so, I'll take it. Johnny Meadows
  11. Flying W Ramrod is a very good instructor and will hold a good class. J.M.
  12. Many carriers where milled for the tab to go into the carrier were too thick and the tab engaged the carrier bending it. Over time breaking it. Out of time basically has the same effect. J.M.
  13. All shotguns are prone to breaking, SKB less than most, that's why they are the favored gun by top shooters. Johnny Meadows
  14. Mostly a drop in, but it may very with old bolt verses new bolt. If your extractor has broken, then replace the extractor. J.M.
  15. Is VTI gunparts the only source for new 73 bolts? Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  16. Great plan for setting up to run the 8 stages quickly. Talking with Bob, we’re thinking on cutting off at 50 shooters. Good Winter Range warm up stages are planned. J M
  17. Big targets and straight forward stages, with a few knock downs for a little challenge. Johnny Meadows
  18. Good Work and a very nice person. I would not hesitate to have him work on any or all of my guns. Johnny Meadows
  19. I enjoyed Catlow as a good friend and will miss him. My condolences to his family. Johnny Meadows
  20. They are doing amazing things with shoulder repairs. In the past 6 years I have had 2 repairs on each shoulder with screws holding the right shoulder together and a complete reverse shoulder replacement on the left shoulder. I basicall have no pain in either shoulder now and can once again hold up a long gun while shooting. Thank God for good surgeons. Good luck with your repairs. Johnny Meadows
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