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  1. I acquired a decent "73 carbine for grandson Buckaroo. The entire dust cover is missing. I'm looking for any and/or all the parts to a dust cover. Cover Block Screw Spring Sphere Thanks
  2. I got my first Stoeger the other day, as a second gun. I've handled Stoegers before and wasn't comfortable with the butt or fore stocks, but figured I could live with that. Then the finger bash.....oh no, something's got to be done! I also noticed the triggers are set for left handed shooters....what the heck! Took me about 4 hours (first time slowness) and I swapped the right to left and left to right triggers! WOW! What a difference! I don't think I'll even get any finger smashing now. Might sell my spare Bakail and keep the Stoeger now.
  3. Yea, Stoegers bash! I do not like the Stoeger stock, its bulky and short between the pistol grip and trigger guard. Just so happens I took Luke's Stoeger butt stock to the belt sander yesterday. I narrowed it down all over and made more space between the pistol grip and trigger guard. An amazing difference! I still don't like it as well as a Baikal butt stock, but it's a LOT better. Is yours a single or double trigger gun?
  4. OK. But I don't think I'm going to make the shoot. Next I'm going to modify the buttstock and fore stock. The buttstock is too "fat" at the pistol grip and cramps the hand into the trigger guard. Makes for hurt fingers sometimes when the recoil jambs the finger guard into the hand. And I think the fore stock is too wide. We'll see!
  5. I did by a spring!!! A Lock Impeller Spring. Maybe get it in today! From Long Hunter. Thanks
  6. Everyone refers to the Lever Spring incorrectly. Even the parts people call it a lever spring. But actually the lever spring is at the bottom of the lever and can not be seen unless the lever is removed. The actual name of the spring everyone mentions is the "Lock Impeller Spring". I hope that doesn't start an argument :-}
  7. Thanks Cider Creek, that helps some. According to the vid I can get lighter seer springs, which tells me I can also just bend a little tension out of the stock springs (like is done with Ruger Vaquero trigger springs). What isn't mentioned, and I can not find the info anywhere is the actual lever spring. Once the seers are removed the barrel lock can be removed and polished. With the barrel lock removed the lever can be lifted out......carefully!.....the spring in there is going to go boing! There is another spring that returns the lever to it's right position, it acts on
  8. I just got a Stoeger 12 ga Coachgun for a back-up gun. Never owned or used a Stoeger before, I use mostly a Baikal. Yesterday I slicked up the gun and swapped the triggers from left to right (two trigger gun), and a bunch of other stuff. All is good except I think the trigger pull is too hard. It's a crisp pull, just harder than my Baikals. Question 1 to Stoeger people who know is: Can the sear springs we tweaked to make the trigger pull easier? The lever spring seems to be pretty strong too. Question 2 to Stoeger people who know is: Can I cut
  9. Ozark Okie, My frames are like your lower picture, even have the "302" stamping. Short grip frame. Thanks for making this easy.
  10. Thanks everyone. I didn't realize it was going to be kinda tough to find grips! Seems the pistols are short grip guns. First year run of the New Single Six. Wrangler grips are too long. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  11. Well danged. We just got these guns, guess I'll have to figure out the frame size. They are not birdshead. Thanks
  12. Thanks. I'm hoping someone has an old beat up one.
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