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  1. Those WERE the days. And if one was short of primers a buddy would just give you 1000 :-}
  2. I need about 100 nickle 38 brass, will take what I can get. Don't care if it's new or used, as long as it's not worn out! LOL Thanks
  3. Anyone know where I can get a tapered magazine spring for a 73 carbine? Grandson shoots a 16" carbine. It will hold 10 but is tough to load 10. Yes the spring in it has been cut down. A gunsmith at Hell on the Boarder, SW Regional, suggested I find a tapered magazine spring, but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Thanks
  4. My Buckaroo grandson has Wranglers he sometimes shoots. #15 lbs main spring work consistently in both guns, #14 lbs are not consistent in one of the guns. I polished them up good. Dropped one leg of the hammer spring and bent the gate spring making the gate easier to open.
  5. I was given this pistol, inherited? Taurus Model 85 in 38 Spl. It's been fired 6 times, by me. I'd like to get $350 for it. Or shoot me an offer. Thanks
  6. Hey Big Gus, THANKS!

    I could use the brass next Saturday, but I can wait.  Beggars can't be choosers.

    If not next Saturday then the next Plainsman Match I know of won't be until April.

    Just send them when you can send them.


    I will gladly pay you for the brass.  And if you has as many as 50 you are willing to sell, that would be great.


    And thanks again!


    Jim Devereux

    50 Price Blvd

    London, AR.  72847


    Taos Lightning

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    2. Big Gus, SASS# 66666

      Big Gus, SASS# 66666

      $9.45 address on box

    3. Big Gus, SASS# 66666
    4. Taos


      You got it coming.

      THANKS SO much!


      bang, bang, with smoke.

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