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  1. sxs sold but will be at cvv

  2. Eli are you going to be at CVV next Saturday? I’d like to look at the 1878, if you don’t sell it before then. Thanks Rusty
  3. Sorry Dutch, got a little busy last night. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks Rusty
  4. Bought this to shoot Wild Bunch and never did. So out the door it goes. It is a Norinco 1897 Trench Gun with the heat shied and bayonet lug. Asking $725 shipped to you FFL. I’ll get some pictures up this evening when I get home. Thanks Rusty
  5. Well it looks like I may have a working Rifle!! Hallelujah!! It only took 2 rifles to make one that works. I pulled the hay out of the troubled rifle. When looking at the notch the sear fits into it was damaged. About 1/3 of the notch appeared missing. I pulled a hammer out of one of my old 73’s and put it into the new rifle. Now then I leaver the rifle the hammer stays back as it should. I’ll take it out tomorrow and make sure it still goes Bang! I’m a happy camper tonight! Thank you to all that responded with what to look for. I love this sport and the people that make it Great! One Happy Cowboy Rusty Cuffs
  6. Billy I deleted some more. Says I have only 22 percent used. Here is my email address also just in case. tcc454@gmail.com Thanks
  7. I am not sure about that transaction. I do know when I bought mine no paper work was filled out.
  8. Billy I Think I cleared out some space.LOL I was not able to break the 73 down last night. To many things going on this time of year. Thank you to all for your input. That is what I love about this Sport. Rusty
  9. I’ll keep all updated. Thanks to all for the advice. Rusty
  10. Mr.Duncan I have not named the smith and will not. If you read one of my earlier post I said other shooters have had good outcomes with this fellow. So I know he can do good work. I was just the lucky one. I hold no Ill will toward the gentleman. I only asked for a little advice as to what to look for to solve my problem. For the most part all information posted has given me direction as to what to look for. Again at no time did I suggest anyone get a rope. Thanks Rusty
  11. How you been Rex! Missed you at Comanche Moon this year. Take care Rusty Cuffs
  12. Mike many people are satisfied with his work. I am not one of them. For that reason I decided not to name him. I was just looking for a few ideas at what I should be look when trying to fix it. Thanks
  13. I contacted gunsmith #2. He said he never touched the hammer, and I believe him. I had him replace the short stroke kit gs#1 put in and got the rifle to where it would feed. GS#2 had some suggestions for me to look at. He said if need be he will send me new parts. Guess I’ll find out this evening when I get home. As far as money back, it was a lesson well paid for, and I will not forget!
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