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  1. Will I have a 58 in .44 cal that I need to sale before I have the urge to buy a mate. Let me get home this evening and take some pictures. I'll post them this evening. Rusty
  2. Trapper I may have what you are looking for. I have a pair of 58 Navy's in 36cal. with 5 1/2 or 6" bbl's. can't remember. I got some spare parts to go with them also like hammer and springs. PM me your Phone No. and I will send you some pictures. Rusty
  3. I have a brand new one. Never fired. $950 shipped. Rusty Cuffs
  4. Forty Rod PM me your information and I can send your some pictures of the one I have. It's brand new, never fired. Rusty
  5. You might like this one. To my knowledge, it has never been fired. $925 shipped Rusty
  6. Boom Pop, I think I have one extra "if I can find it". If you are coming to BTR this weekend I bring it. Rusty
  7. John PM me you info. I'll mark them SOLD!! Thanks Rusty
  8. I’m going to let go some of my back up Vaqueros. I have never broken a pair, so no sense in having 5 pairs for back up. Anyway there are 51/2” Stainless.357. They have fake stag grips and the wrap around brass front sites. The have reduced power springs. S/N’s are 56-xxx87 and 58-xxx38. $1600 shipped to your FFL.
  9. Robyn the holsters will fit the Evil Roy pistols. Amigo is first in line. If he doesn’t take them they are yours. Rusty PS the pistol in the picture is a US Firearm. The same size as the Evil Roy
  10. Amigo a 5 1/2” NM Vaquero fits nice in the holsters.
  11. Folks I left the holsters at work today. I’ll check on the 5 1/2” fitment. If so Amigo they are yours. If not Robyn I’m sure the Evil Roy 4 3/4” will fit. I’ll let all know tomorrow. Thanks Rusty
  12. For sale a nice Texas Jack’s brand gun rig. Black in color. Size 39-40 middle hole. The bullet loops are 38 cal. I believe El Paso Saddlery made these for Texas Jack’s. My NM Vaqueros fit the holsters. Looking for $250 shipped . Thanks Rusty
  13. RUSTY, How would you like to pay? Pay Pal offered, Your check... let me know via PM.


    Michael D. Cory.....2904 Bralorne Ct....Bakersfield, Ca 93309

    661 836-1896

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