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  1. There’s always Butterfield Trail Regulators in Anson. Always a good time!
  2. He’s going to bring it to work Monday and let me take a look. He has no box however he does have the original grips. He said it has a fant ring on the cylinder. Again will know more Monday. A Blackhawk 41 mag 4 5/8” barrel was my very first pistol also. Wish I had it back! Rusty
  3. Friend has a Ruger Blackhawk 3 screw in 41 mag with a 6 1/2” barrel. It has not been converted all original. Trying to found out what it’s worth. Thanks Rusty Cuffs
  4. TN Mongo if you still have the Bisley hammers for sale I woul Like to buy them. I'm working on a project and that's just what I need.


    Thank Rusty Cuffs

    1. TN Mongo, SASS #61450

      TN Mongo, SASS #61450



      I just sent you a PM on the PM feature rather Status Update.



    2. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      Good Morning

      I'm in the process of moving so you will have to bare with me when it comes to sending additional pictures and as we speak the hat is packed away. But as soon as I can I will get them taken and get them to you.

    3. TN Mongo, SASS #61450

      TN Mongo, SASS #61450



      If you could tell me the brand and number of Xs, I wouldn't need pictures.  Although, more pictures would help you sell the hat.




      TN Mongo 

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