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  1. I am with TEX on this, my Mother ingrained in me NEVER to wear my hat indoors, and my wife gets on to me when I forget to remove at the table. Now I see young boys wear a cowboy hat inside the auditorium at Church.
  2. Yea, Chase Elliott & teammates will start the Action Express Cadillac on the pole Saturday.
  3. With this pandemic I have been reading more, my Sister turned me on to a book she read called, "The Women In Pants: Sidesaddle No More" by Stan Himes. I got the book and read it. I recommend it, it is about some women herding cattle to Dodge City in 1878. It is a short book only 180 pages, this was Stan Himes debut novel. He has written two more continuing stories about "Women in Pants". So, I am going to get me the other books. My wife got the set on her Kindle and reads a whole lot faster than me. But I prefer a book, haven't got use to a Kindle.
  4. Given to Texas Maverick. I don't have to mail them very far.
  5. Cleaning out excess stuff. I ran across a couple frames 8X10 pictures of John Wayne. One is a pencil drawing by Larry Bees the other is color head shop with covered wagon below it. I also have an 8X10 color print of some Indians on horse back. See attachments. Anybody want one or all, let me know,
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