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  1. Robyn the holsters will fit the Evil Roy pistols. Amigo is first in line. If he doesn’t take them they are yours. Rusty PS the pistol in the picture is a US Firearm. The same size as the Evil Roy
  2. Amigo a 5 1/2” NM Vaquero fits nice in the holsters.
  3. Folks I left the holsters at work today. I’ll check on the 5 1/2” fitment. If so Amigo they are yours. If not Robyn I’m sure the Evil Roy 4 3/4” will fit. I’ll let all know tomorrow. Thanks Rusty
  4. For sale a nice Texas Jack’s brand gun rig. Black in color. Size 39-40 middle hole. The bullet loops are 38 cal. I believe El Paso Saddlery made these for Texas Jack’s. My NM Vaqueros fit the holsters. Looking for $250 shipped . Thanks Rusty
  5. Quick Draw I’ll take the holsters. PM where to send the gold dust. Rusty Cuffs
  6. I can bring 1000 Winchester SPP to Landrun to swap. That is if he has not got it done sooner. PM when we get closer to LR. Rusty Cuffs
  7. Slim I'll shoot you some pictures and a price when I get home this afternoon. Rusty
  8. Slim I cleared out some message . Maybe I can receive now. Rusty
  9. Slim I have a pair of 1858 Remm's Navy in .36 cal with 51/2" bbls. I bought them form someone here on the wire years ago. They have been slicked up and come with spare parts to boot. I never shot these as I found a pair of ROA's soon after. If interested in them shoot me a PM. Rusty Cuffs
  10. Crusty here is a pair that Jimmy Spur did.
  11. I’ll take it. PM where to send the gold dust Thanks Rusty Cuffs
  12. Sgt.Eli is the mag tube insert the fiberglass or aluminum? Thanks Rusty
  13. Billy I'll be trying them out this weekend at the BTR in Anson. I'm sure glad they are stainless. Everyone I have showed them to have drooled all over them.
  14. Widder I'm sure glad you got your hat from the 'Brims & Trims'. I ordered a hat form them at EOT one year. When I got it after a long wait ( I understood that it took a while to get a custom hat) it was not the style I wanted nor did it fit. Called them and they said send it back and would fix it. Well, that was about 10 years ago and never got the hat back. I lost about $350 on that deal. The only time I have been stiffed by one of venders. Rusty Cuffs
  15. Thanks for all the information guys. Rusty
  16. I use a pair of OG Vaqueros that Wes Flowers short stroked, but mine are 4 5/8" bbl. Not sure I can get use to the 51/2". Rusty
  17. I have line on a pair of Original Vaqueros. They are the Stainless Steel, 357 Mag, and 5/12" bbl. They have had spring replaced and are very smooth. Just wondering how they are going for these days. Thanks Rusty Cuffs
  18. Flat Top, you and the rest of the Ok Territorial Marshals did an outstanding job!! The match ran so smooth and the range looked great, even with all mother nature handed you. I look forward to attending the Last SW regional and future Nat'l Championship at the range. Folks this is a premier shooting facility with some of the greatest members in our sport!! Rusty Cuffs
  19. TN Mongo if you still have the Bisley hammers for sale I woul Like to buy them. I'm working on a project and that's just what I need.


    Thank Rusty Cuffs

    1. TN Mongo, SASS #61450

      TN Mongo, SASS #61450



      I just sent you a PM on the PM feature rather Status Update.



    2. Sonny Blue Sky

      Sonny Blue Sky

      Good Morning

      I'm in the process of moving so you will have to bare with me when it comes to sending additional pictures and as we speak the hat is packed away. But as soon as I can I will get them taken and get them to you.

    3. TN Mongo, SASS #61450

      TN Mongo, SASS #61450



      If you could tell me the brand and number of Xs, I wouldn't need pictures.  Although, more pictures would help you sell the hat.




      TN Mongo 

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