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  1. Don't know how common it is, but I shot one regularly from 1996 until 2014, and never had an issue...
  2. Very very nice. If I could find a nice black powder frame Colt, I would sell the one Colt SAA I do have and buy it. The one I currently have is the only one I have ever seen in a LGS.
  3. It was purchased from Dixie Gun Works. I have read that importers specify what they want, so perhaps that is the issue here.? Regardless, I just received a trigger and had a hammer in my parts box, so it will be getting changed out.
  4. I did wonder why Pietta went to so much trouble with the bushing, cam, and barrel stud, but seemed to wimp out on the frame. Perhaps the money they saved on the frame allowed them to do the other items?
  5. I owned a couple PIetta SAA clones and liked many of the features, but couldn't get past the frame contour being so different from a Colt. Ended up selling them both. Pietta Uberti
  6. 4 click in the "old model frame, aka black powder frame" is NO MORE. I just purchased a 44 Special with the black powder frame this last week September 2022 and it is a 3 click hammer with their new "safety". Took it apart to check all the new stuff they added, and the frame had a date of 2021. So it appears that they have made the jump to all 3 click all of the time regardless of model 1873 SAA Clone. Fit and finish is OK enough, with the back strap ears heavily buffed to the point that the screw heads "almost" protrude from the ear contour. Comes with the thumb screw installed, but to Uberti's credit, a normal base pin retaining screw was included in a plastic bag inside the box. Will be ordering the 4 click parts shortly, but having to add to the price paid just to get 4 clicks is something I am not too excited about.
  7. I imagine that some folks delete the selling price so others don't know how much to sell theirs for, or perhaps they feel it is nobody's business besides the seller and the purchaser. This was on the Colt Forum and may provide clues. https://www.coltforum.com/threads/colt-saa-with-ivory-on-sass-better-hurry.395983/#post-3434933
  8. Dedicated trifocals for shooting were not going to work for me, so I ended up with full lens magnifying safety glasses 1/2 diopter less than my reading prescription (2.0 for my 2.5 prescription). That puts the front sight in focus with distance a bit blurry, but I can still see well enough.
  9. Well I guess not. In the future I will not post anything for sale to current SASS members who might be interested in gear from someone who no longer plays the game. I mistakenly assumed that since I was a SASS member for some years, it would be be ok. As much as I’d rather not, I suppose it’s eBay & GunBroker from now on. Portugee John You must be a registered member to post in the Classifieds. (no Guests) Offers on the Classifieds may only be posted by a SASS Member (you may not post for someone else), in good standing, and must include his/her SASS Number. Offers posted by Guests or Members not including their SASS Number will be deleted.
  10. SOLD Winchester Model 97 take down E series 12 gauge. 30" barrel full choke. Not messed with. Feeds and fires reliably. Smooth as an unmodified 97 can be, just from being used-no work done to it. Bore has some mild pitting toward the last 8”-10" or so but does not seem to affect the patterning or cleaning. Wood is solid with no cracks. Older rubber butt pad installed. Length of pull to the back of the wood is 13 1/8” and 13 7/8” to back of rubber pad. Made somewhere around 1928 depending on what web page you look at. I purchased this some time ago, thinking that I should have one for CAS. Since I no longer shoot CAS and prefer a double barrel when I do shoot a shotgun, this should go on to someone who can use and appreciate it. $600 shipped to your FFL. Lest you be concerned that you can’t find my SASS alias or number listed in an alias search, I decided paying dues was an expense that was no longer necessary as I am now retired, and expenses needed to be cut... There are folks on the Wire that know me and have shot with me in the past. I am legit, it’s just time to downsize and pass on my toys.
  11. Once for the weekend & then back to the gun show box they go.
  12. Please delete this post. It was pointed out to me by Frontier Lone Rider that since I no longer am a registered member of SASS I am not allowed to sell on the Wire Classifieds. Portugee John.
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