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  1. FWIW, I used this bullet in a 30-40 Krag to replicate the original load ( sort of), and they worked great.
  2. Did I ever tell you about the time I compared my VW Karmann Ghia with a Porsche?
  3. Just my 2 cents, but Beretta = more corporate lawyers & more corporate lawyers oftentimes = stuff like the retractable firing pin. Rooster Ron is correct in his thinking. I’d buy some hammers & triggers while available. moderators, if this makes the thread too political or divisive feel free to delete my post.
  4. That’s for sure. I am finding some of the replacements I want, some just barrels, and some much more than I can afford to pay right now.
  5. I’ve come to realize in my in my maturity that I prefer the 7 1/2” barrel on the Single Action Army & clones. I’ve got a few 4 5/8” barrel revolvers that I’d like change for the the 7 1/2”. My opinion question is this. Is it better to: A-Buy new guns in the barrel length you want, then sell the ones you don’t (or vice-versa). B-Trade them for the barrel length you want. C-Purchase barrels and change them. Or have them changed out by a gunsmith if it is beyond my abilities. Portugee John
  6. I believe that I was using the window cleaner trick. It was a spray foam glass cleaner that I purchased from the Janitorial company where I worked at the time.
  7. As I remember, I used plastic shot cups, and the plastic residue they left was easily removed & came off in strings of plastic. Strange things to see hanging in the bore of your double at the end of the day.
  8. The photo is actually a Cyko post card. You could go to the town photographer, get your photo taken, and they would have it printed on a post card. Apparently this brand of postcard design was only used from 1904 to the early 1920's, and my grandfather was killed before they quit using that design. He slipped getting back into the wagon and the horses bolted and it rolled over him.
  9. I searched for double barrel shotguns & after looking at around 1,000,000 photos my guess was an Ithaca or an old Remington. It does seem to have a rib in the old picture, and I thought I could barely make out it had a rounded pistol grip.
  10. I though the rifle might be an 1873, but of course you can't see the receiver so I don't know. I thought that perhaps the fore end cap might be distinctive enough that someone might see it an go "I know that, it's a ???"
  11. I was hoping someone would chime in with a date, but as near as I can remember it was in the early 90’s sometime, 1993? My old brain won’t get closer than that. I know I shot a year or two as a non-SASS member, but the alias I was using was taken when I joined up.
  12. Well, old to me anyway. :-)
  13. Anyone know what firearms these might be? I know that this is my great-grandfather, the dog's name is Fritz, and I think this was taken somewhere in the 1910's or early 1920's.
  14. Yup, still have lots of contacts there and in Oregon, and the stories I see make me sad for the folk there, but glad we were able to move. We really like east Tennessee. It is beautiful, especially in the fall with all the leaves turning.
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