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  1. I think the difference is the rod size, round vs. half-round. Not positive as I've never had a smaller caliber single action to compare them.
  2. You might try Taylor's. They just shipped a backorder that I had for one, so they may have gotten more in... https://taylorsfirearms.com/contact-us
  3. Had a pair like that in late 70’s-early 80’s. They were good sturdy boots & back when I thought carrying 50 pounds of stuff on my back was a good way of enjoyment, they served me well. I was never quite sure if I broke them in or they broke my feet in. Great memories! :-)
  4. Try here also, as they don't list it but say to call if you don't see it because not all is listed. https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/
  5. Took apart my Winchester ‘97 shotgun for a deep cleaning today & found the left extractor is broken. Thought I’d start my search here first. Anyone got one they’re willing to part with? Thanks Portugee John
  6. PM sent on number 16. Bucheimer #504 leather shoulder holster used, fits meduim frame revolver $25.
  7. I wish I still had that. It had lots of life left in it & whoever ended up with it got a good one.
  8. Well, lots of different opinions but I can tell you what I did when I was actively shooting a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Used a pair, an EMF Hartford 1858 Remington and a Pietta 1858 Remington, both from the early 90's with an extra cylinder for each. I think EMF was made by ASM at the time but don't know for sure. I used Remington #10 caps with the stock nipples on both, and never had issues or thought I should try something else.
  9. Anyone got an Uberti hammer they don’t currently need? Need to replace an older hammer with a broken 1/4 cock ( safety notch). Either one of the old ones with the old hammer block safety, or one without any safety device, just not one with the current firing pin safety. I’m guessing I could order one from VTI or Taylor’s, but thought I’d check here first. Thanks. You can PM me price. Portugee John
  10. More Downsizing stuff. This Oilskin Duster has been around for a few years (probably close to 20), but worn only a few times-been so long since I've used it, I don't rightly recall-maybe 4 or 5 times? $75 shipped USPS Priority.
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