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  1. Never seen an SAA with a sheep head on the grip before!
  2. I have rented from them. I reamed all of my 44-40 Uberti pistols just so they would all be the same chamber size. Did the forcing cones also, and they varied quite a bit. Just make sure you read the directions if you haven't used a reamer before or you may end up buying those reamers after all.
  3. Considering you are new to the casting bullets game, you will probably get different size bullets just due to your own inconsistency in your casting technique. Add in the fact that you will be making your own alloy mix and not buying certified alloy will just add to the problem. And the Snakebite mold itself may not even cast the diameter you need. The best way to get consistent ammo is to size them all. A LEE push through sizer is cheap insurance and can eliminate many problems. You don't have to buy a Star sizer to make proper cartridges.
  4. Are you talking about the star shaped gizmo in the center of the cylinder?
  5. Wrong hand or just one that has to be timed to the gun? Hands are rarely a drop-in part.
  6. So when you cock it slow, even after the bolt has locked the cylinder in place the hand is still trying to rotate the cylinder? Or does it not lock and just bypasses the bolt slot in the cylinder? Over travel when cocking slow is pretty difficult to do it the bolt actually fits the cylinder slots.
  7. I am going to shoot them in a 44-40 chamber. I was using 44 Russian brass but think this will work better as far as sealing. Although the 44 Russian brass worked fine, actually, with BP loads.
  8. I just cut down some 44-40 brass to make basically 44 Russian. I made my own jig for my HF chopsaw, and then trimmed with a Forster case trimmer. Did 400 or so, using a bunch of split mouth cases that I was going to scrap anyway. Free brass! Not counting time and the blister on my hand from running the hand trimmer.
  9. Oil tanned leather will not absorb as much, if any, water compared to vegetable tanned leather. I shoot BP so I made me some wraps that snap on and off for cleaning.
  10. I didn't recommend it, I was just trying it to see if I liked using a shorter case. Of course the case won't last as long, but any case can rupture/split down most of it's length at some point. I find these types of cases in the trash barrel at shoots all the time, and yet I have never seen anyone care about it as they didn't even notice it until they got to the unloading table. If we were shooting high power ammunition it would become a problem, but as much as we have downloaded our ammo we all get away with way more than the overage shooter. Just modifying our lever actions so they can be fired at machine gun speeds is in itself a mod the original gun designers never intended. If I thought what i was doing was going to lead to any type of catastrophic failure I wouldn't do it. My wife and kids shoot with me and I am not going to endanger their lives nor anyone elses. Just to keep things in perspective, Starline 44 Russian brass is about 12 thou thick, so I am only asking it to stretch it's own thickness.
  11. So, about 14 thousandths smaller. About the same dimensions as a thick human hair on both sides of the case. I think I won't sweat it too much. We are in much more danger of having an AD due to going to fast or not noticing a squib and bulging a barrel or forcing a case into the chamber and having an out of chamber detonation. FWIW I think I am going to cut down some split neck 44-40 brass and make my own short brass. It will use up some trashed brass plus seal the chamber better anyway, which is important to me as I shoot BP.
  12. I figured you would get more response than this. Surely somewhere somebody has a beater take-off they aren't using. But if not, I have an excellent condition Uberti rifle buttstock complete with brass Crescent shaped buttplate. I put carbine stocks on almost everything. It's there if you need it but probably more than you need.
  13. Why not run 44 Russian in a 44-40 ? I have been doing it in my 44-40 Remington 1875's and have had no problems. Yes, they are a bit smaller and I get some blowby so they run dirtier, but my wife's 45 Colt carbine has a large chamber and they aren't any worse than hers.
  14. First off, I have to say, I have never actually met a Cowboy shooter who I would even suspect of doing something like this. Met some aZZhats, but no thieves. Been lucky, I guess. Or they have, as I really hate thieves. I have had guns stolen from my house, car parts taken off a vehicle as it was relatively rare, had my car broken into. Those are the kind of people I used to run into when I was in Law Enforcement. Losers, for the most part, and they usually got what was coming to them eventually. But to steal from "friends", I especially hate that. Like the guys who borrow tools from you and never give them back. Or like your knife, when they take it knowing it belongs to someone they know, if maybe only slightly. "Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking". I have taken that even further, and act like I would if my Mom was watching, even though she has been gone for 47 years now, since I was 17.
  15. Glad it worked out. At least here it isn't like Craigslist where it just disappears after a certain amount of time.
  16. Go heavy and avoid really large meplat bullets. As for diameter, best to slug your barrel so you aren't guessing any more than you have to. And like Lumpy said, what are you calling long range? A longer barrel doesn't a long range gun make.
  17. I have worked for 2 Government agencies, and hated to politics in both. I have had "bosses" (in name only, mostly incompetent) say they were going to "watch me" because of something I did they didn't agree with. I let them watch me, who cares, I was doing nothing wrong and was proved out every time. Makes them feel like they are important.
  18. A few years ago someone found an empty .223 shell on the elementary school grounds my kids went to. I was talking to the janitor about it while waiting for school to get out. Apparently everyone was in a bother about it. When my kids came out the Principal was right there, so I asked her about it, just to mess with her. She was all upset about it, and then she remembered I was a shooter. So, she looked at my son(1st grade) and then looked at me and asked if I knew anything about it. I answered " it couldn't have been my son, he never carries anything smaller than a 44 " and walked away, enjoying the funny look she got on her face.
  19. Absolutely not true. We can also buy bullets, primers, and powder. When we can find them, that is!
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