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  1. I'd be fine with that...….but it's much deeper and left leaning than that. This came for the NRA website. "First, the company announced it would stop selling most centerfire semi-automatic rifles at its stores, carry only limited capacity magazines for semi-automatic guns, and ban firearm sales to certain legally eligible adults. It then took the further step of declaring it would destroy its inventory of the newly-restricted firearms at company expense. And if that weren’t enough, the news also recently broke that the company had hired expensive D.C. lobbyists to push for gun control measures on Capitol Hill."
  2. It was a great match and as usual all the Carolina crew had a great time. Thanks for all the hard work......you feel like family @ Black Gold!
  3. Since we stick them in & out of windows and the targets are about 7 - 15 yards I say 18.1
  4. I was going to go but we were building a house (or suppose to) this year. I have heard about EOT and still can't figure out what the issue was. Too far? Too close. Too complicated? I'll probably regret asking and don't want to start a war or debate on what they "should do" or diminish the hard work everyone did but understanding the problems and brainstorming on ways to improve are good things if done correctly. Saying you won't go back without saying why or giving advice isn't a way to improve the match.
  5. I still think variety is the key. I set up some stages that are big & close, others that are not so big and close, and sometimes you really have to aim but it won't be for extended periods of time because that gets taxing and takes the action out of action shooting. Hopefully no stages that are tricky or frustrating and that way you get to use all your skills and have fun. I'll never set targets really far unless it's a bonus shot where the balance of time makes it fun but not too weighted. I have seen and went through the scenario where at least 2 MD called the fast shooter's out and said they were trying to slow us down.....and in the end just like Doc quoted everyone was frustrated and the fast shooter's won by an even bigger margin....they only difference was it's wasn't as much fun. There was one clean shooter at the match.....the winner. Don't get me wrong I hate a match that has 3 yard pistol and 7 yard rifle on every stage...….it's boring as heck...….but at the same time when you go out of your way to complicate things and don't think about the fun factor you are probably running off shooters. Honestly if you have to drive hours and hours to shoot a match that MD probably has MORE freedom because.....well people don't have many choices. Here in the SE you can shoot every weekend on Sat & Sun and only drive an hour or so to do that......so if you don't put on a good match people drive right past you and go where the good matches are. Last if you think shooting big and close is easy put a 5 foot circle target at 6 yards and dump all the guns on it...……..it's a damn circus...……...lol
  6. If you do them let me know I'd get 3 market 38. 

  7. Hey buddy my wife's loads were a number 19 bushing of Clays and a claybuster pink wad and 1oz of shot we she started. Same MEC 600 press. Don't hold me to it but I think it was 11.9 grains. She HATED the shotgun and the only way I could get her to shoot was groom a very light load for her double. Those loads were super light but still took down all the targets with no issues. She shot them for years but I weaned her off them in time......I went up a bushing about every six months or so and she didn't notice. She shoots a 24 now. 

    1. Cowboy Junky

      Cowboy Junky

      Those even tripped her dirt merchant SG. 

    2. Cassalong Hopidy

      Cassalong Hopidy

      Great.  Thx Junky.  I will try it.

  8. I have a friend that uses 231 in 38. He uses the 105 or 125 grain @ 3 grains and they are very light load. Not a mouse fart load just light. Personally I like them heavier but that gives you a good "low" range........or starting low point. Good luck. 


    Cut the loops down for the size of the bullet and sew them back up.......that's legal. I had all SG loops in this belt and cut some of them down to fit 38's. 


  9. I have a friend that uses 231 in 38. He uses the 105 or 125 grain @ 3 grains and they are very light load. Not a mouse fart load just light. Personally I like them heavier but that gives you a good "low" range........or starting low point. Good luck. 

  10. I wanna' see all the comments.......I'll sort through them myself........lol. I wonder if "everyone" is seeing this? Hmmmmm.
  11. Warning: Don't drink and post..........lol
  12. I got one for my wife and it runs like a top......she liked the logo on it.......lol
  13. I'm certain the rifle has to be set up for the shooter........or it can be outran.......and I have done it. I was at a match and had to borrow a rifle because I trashed another italium lever on a 73. The rifle I used was 73 with a lever safety and had a very light hammer used by one of those thumb planter shooters who are very popular in these parts. Thanks by the way! He could shoot the rifle very close to my split times.....if not equal and the rifle ran like a dream for him. I didn't have time to test fire it so I used it in the next stage. I threw 3 or 4 rounds out that were heavily dimpled but didn't fire. Remember the gun had a lever safety so it wasn't a "timing" or lack of timing or me not hitting the trigger or they wouldn't have that heavy dimple. They had what I call a ghost strike....just a very light scratch from the momentum of the firing pin overpowering the firing pin spring and hitting the primer but not enough to dent the primer let alone fire those soft little federal 100's. All of us came to the conclusion the hammer was too slow so I asked if I could turn it up. I turned the main screw two turns at least.......maybe three (this was several years ago) and since my match was trashed I didn't test fire it again. The next stage (and the rest of the match) it ran like a Swiss watch. I think it has to do with how long and/or when you pull the trigger in the your particular cycle. I hit the trigger right as the lever closes whereas many roll down the face of the trigger and keep the lever closed longer. I really couldn't tell you for sure what's causing it unless we get a high speed camera and film it........but I can tell it happened. There are a lot of great shooters here saying it's not possible but again maybe they have similar styles? Something is happening.........good conversation. I can't speak about the pistols because I'm still learning how to shoot them.......lol
  14. IMHO you are better off thinking what kind of primers do my guns need. That depends on who built them, how much you lightened them or what other mods have been done as well. My rifle shoots anything because the hammer speed I need. My pistols shoot anything because the transfers bars are gone which makes ignition much easier. The SG is an SKB and to get it to feel and operate the way I want it to I have to shoot "easier" to ignite primers in it. Then you have my wife's 73 that's set up so light (for her) I have to use Federals or possibly Winchester but it's on the fence so to simply my life (and keep me out of the dog house) I just use Federal on everything. The people that get in trouble are the ones that buy race guns and still want an anything goes mentality.....that leads to too many problems so they tell you not to mess with stock guns etc. If you know what you have and make the right choices you get the best of both worlds and you don't have to settle.
  15. Most out-of-the box completion guns (for any venue) get you about 75% there IMO. They beat stock guns hands down and if you aren't super competitive might serve you well. But if you get the fever you'll STILL have to tweak them.
  16. There might be a slight recoil difference between a 45-70 Military round and a 38 SASS load too.
  17. Sometimes those sights come in handy IMO. I tried SS and had too many misses......that was before you could paint em' so I had to switch back to blue. For me I could pick up the blue better.....I guess the SS was too busy. Now that you can paint them it's not a big deal but and I guess shooting plate steel at 5 yards or less they don't serve much of a purpose but when the bonus targets, stars, plate racks and stuff pop out it's nice to know you can hit them when the chips are down.
  18. That's what I did....plus the amount of tape you add to the shell will let you "groom" the fit. Too tight they don't come out....too loose and they fall out when you run.
  19. From what I found it ONLY matters if you are playing around at the bottom of the charge levels. I use to shoot light loads 8 years ago and noticed a difference then. I took 50 rounds of Clays 38 loads and put them in the freezer over night......say zero deg. When I woke up I put them in a cooler with ice and went straight to the range and shot them though the Chrono vs ammo at ambient temp. I don't remember the temp that day but it was average say 75 deg or so. There wasn't much of a difference in velocity maybe 50 FPS but if your at the low end that could make a difference. IMHO now I just shoot mid range loads (800+ in the pistols and 1000+ in the rifle) and you don't have to worry about it......winter spring summer or fall.
  20. I wouldn't switch then. I had the opposite feeling so the decision was easy. I was at a match and trained wrecked a 97 and Dirt Merchant & Fast Eddie told me I should try to shoot a double. I told them I tried a few doubles and hated them. Dirt was just starting to build SKB's and he took me over to his truck and showed me 3 SKB's he had just built. I picked it up and feel in love with it right OFF the bat. That was the single best move I ever made in SASS.
  21. Yes Chili Ron it's a short stroke blued rifle not stainless sorry about that. And yes Widder it's the rifle you shot and had Slater do the trigger on....it's a great rifle.
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