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  1. that's the rumor. And the party line. But the plain truth staring us in the face is that young people these days only want to shoot black guns. Period. We are not gonna attract them. Way past time we stop driving away the old folks who have carried this game thru the decades. I repeat and will maintain we need to get back to our roots and maybe just maybe some of those who have fallen away will return. No one can convince me that the new "let's see who can toggle the equipment fastest" is the wise way to go because it is absolutely NOT.
  2. I am not so sure I am in the minority on the direction the game has taken. We had a whole lot more members back in the good ole days. The game is dying out. And I believe the major reason is that all the fun has been sucked out of it. I personally know many former staunch shooters who quit because of this. If I am wrong, then the plunge in numbers would not be happening and instead be on the increase. Most who think likewise are afraid to say anything due to the pummeling they would receive here for daring to dog the dogma. I do not care if anyone thinks I am wrong so long as they are polite i
  3. The real failure is what we have allowed the game to become. I do not even like double taps but more and more it seems a 3 target array is routine with double, triple, quadruple taps. But 9 rifle shots on the same dump target? Ugh, and sigh. This is not cowboy action shooting. This is some kind of contest to see who can toggle their rifles and pistols the fastest. I so regret this direction we have turned to, taken the wrong fork in the road. No wonder our numbers continue to plummet...
  4. I have over a dozen and several staffs. Never leave home w/o one. One has a light in the handle and the lower two feet or so is a stun gun that makes an impressive display anyway at least when you hit the button, do not know how effective it might be but no matter as I also carry the latest Taser device available on Amazon for $400 and a Kimber pepper blaster and a 31" airweight ASP. I have one of the Cold Steel sword canes and several of their poly canes and one of their poly staffs, all quite effective and indestructible. If an attacker takes my cane he will have to survive a hail of lead to
  5. Bwahaha in spite of the accusation, my drawers (men do not wear panties) were never in a wad and I long ago accepted the FACT that Old Model Vaquero is what it will ever be here. Even tho lost causes are the only ones worth fighting, I long ago threw in the towel on this one and it causes me no angst. In fact I actually have come to think Old Model Vaquero is descriptive and indeed everyone knows what is being referred to. Even tho the word Model is unnecessary. BUT I continue to think Ruger has dropped the word NEW off the side of all recent production. Just look at the new ads and you w
  6. I can highly recommend Goatneck for Stoeger work and for Win Mod 12s. He has done several for me. Disclaimer-- I have no connection to Goatneck's gunsmithing other than being a very satisfied customer
  7. I believe Ruger dropped the word "new" from the side of the New Vaquero a few years ago and all the most recent ones are now just stamped Vaquero and this applies to all calibers. Do not waste your time or breath on this forum with that correct argument, I lost that battle years ago. Folks here are gonna always insist and persist in inserting the unnecessary word "model" into all references. Tho the rest of the world knows that there never was and never could possibly be any such thing as an Old Model Vaquero, that mythical creature will always be alive and well here...sigh...
  8. Few years or so back yessir they did and I had not heard they started back doing them again
  9. No sirree bob, many of us have been quite vocal from day one about loading seven. Do not waste your time with that for to quote Zappa "sounds like a typical loser's revolution to me". Just like with loading 7 in the mags, I have been ranting about writing 6 shotgun shell stages vs 5 shell stages when the latter would be just as fun, from the beginning of WBAS. I still do on occasion but it is what it is and ain't ever gonna change. So I now have 6 M12s.
  10. so you are saying they are back to working on Marlins again?
  11. yup had a 41 Buckhorn with adjustable sights, one cylinder of factory PMCs was enuff for this wimp and traded it off
  12. ha ha read the OP agin Slim, he said they put a dime in the penny holders. No never was a penny pay phone lowest I recall was ten cents and remember being shocked and incredulous when overnight you had to come up with 2 dimes to make a call
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