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  1. IMHO it can go both ways. We all should enforce the rules but there are people that get way too much joy out of it too...….lol. I think part of what makes SASS so great are the people so you can enforce the rules while still being tactful. Range Nazi's can be as bad a the people not making the calls...….fortunately I think most of us are in the middle of those two extremes. I try to look at things with perspective. One time new shooter showed up with an over under and the people jumped on him so bad he later told me he wasn't going to return......IOW it was handled poorly IMO. I'd let a new shooter shoot a Rem 870 at their first monthly if they single loaded it because no one we shoot with cares. I wouldn't let him do the next match and I would make that very clear. If a guy that's been in the game 2 years shows up with illegal equipment trying to gain an edge I'd handle that differently. Sometimes being the MD ain't as fun as you think it is but they are doing their best to try and make sure everyone is having fun and that they want to return and grow the sport..…..it's easier to understand if you have walked in their shoes.
  2. +1 and you have ample time to load em' since the workers have about 20 -30 rounds of brass, a few magazines and shotshells to pick up before the next shooter is called. I think I have 7 tops.
  3. How do they differ in the match building process? One of our goals is to have multiple people able to do the registration. Are they about they same in that aspect? Do they score bonus time?
  4. So I guess they think the shooter's will pick another store if Walmart plays nice? I miss the America that stood up to the problems rather than cower to the criminals.
  5. It's getting harder and harder to spot for SASS as the targets get bigger and closer. Not complaining and definitely don't want to start a target placement war but as the gun speeds increase spotting gets harder. For me personally I feel like I win more than I loose because the spotter's aren't sure what happened.....and that's because the benefit of the doubt rule. So you have to keep that in perspective the few times you feel like it doesn't go your way. If you REALLY want to have some fun film yourself shooting. You can't use it (and I don't think you should be able to) but it's very educational. There have been times I have been called for a miss or a P and I would have bet everything I owned that everyone was wrong and what I thought happened was right......until I watched the video...…...lol There have been a few times I watched and video and was correct (a missed was called but it was clearly a hit) but again you have to remember all the ones that went your way before you take a stand against the few that don't.
  6. I was moving for a few days and then come back and sit down with a coffee and this thread is now longer than Moby Dick!
  7. When I first started writing stages I was told there were tricks you used to make a stage different. Target size IMO is just another trick for the MD to use. Nothing wrong with it but you don't want to add too many tricks to one stage......too many tricks = no fun. It's all about balance. That said we don't use to many odd targets but we use some. I'd use more but when we started circles & squares where cheaper so that's what we have mostly.
  8. The only problem I have with it is the starting position. "Start at position of choice with your hands on your own butt". I think depending on the posse you should be able to start with your hands on the butt of your choice.
  9. That's Noah Fitz a NC shooter his info is on the shirt......he makes lots of cool stuff.
  10. Probably the best bang for the buck is a used Uberti 66 in 45 LC. The 66's go for less and you can probably get a used on with action work for 800 - 900 if you are patient.....especially in 44-40 or 45 LC. Then you are all set. Even if you buy a $500 rifle I'm willing to bet you'll put some money in that too and the gap will be closer than you think for a lesser gun. Or at least a lesser gun for cowboy.
  11. Too short it hits the carrier and or the bolt tab hits the next round coming up and neither is good. Too long = longer action and that's about it until you get to the point where the bolt is so far back in the frame it binds the brass on ejection as the carrier pushes it up.
  12. PS if you haven't already done it you might like one of these Pioneer speed sights for the front. http://www.pioneergunworks.com/uberti-rifle-parts
  13. You have one that the dovetail is too close for a Marbles sight. I'd get the one from track of the wolf and you file the base of the sight until it fits correctly. They are adjustable too. I installed a few of those TOTW sights on 66's until I learned the dovetails on some are further out and will accept a short marbles sight...….then I just bought those.
  14. Wow that is surprising! That is with the stock Uberti firing pin spring and it's not cut down or anything!? Hat's off to you for some good info....pun intended.
  15. I'm still trying to figure out how the "test" rifle in the video is firing that easily OOB especially with the hammer back and not following the firing pin extension! If it has the stock Uberti firing pin spring in it then it ain't momentum...…...that's for darn sure.
  16. Well we do....come see us...…...lol
  17. We see lots of smiles here doing it. It's low risk if it doesn't count toward your clean match. Again IMHO that's the beauty of it...…….I see your point but advertiser's still know that $19.99 still makes people think differently than $20 even though it's only 1 penny difference.
  18. Nice shootin' and good to see the gunfighters rollin' along. I would try that but my left hand works for the union.
  19. That's why I like them though. IMO a "good" shooter trying to win should be able to address a bonus target with no issues. If not they found a weak point and probably should address that if they want to be a champion rather than a weekend warrior or causal competitor. But at the same time it gives people a chance to do something more difficult with a lower risk factor if there goal is to shoot clean. The key is to balance out the time so you don't have big time advantages that change the match drastically. You don't want a 10 sec bonus for a static clay shot with a pistol at 5 yards...…..that's too much weight for one shot in a match.....but say 3 for that target is better. If you miss it you lose really less than 3 because the time it takes to aim is longer than the .25 to engage a steel target. Could that 2.72 sec change the match for the overall? Yes but I would think the match winner should be able to do that over and over again. I think a lot of folks really like them if they are done right. The wrong way is a 5 sec bonus if you hit it and a miss if you don't. That gets done sometimes but it's really a 10 second swing...….for one target which causes a lot of place changes in the match due to one difficult shot.
  20. I feel cheated if I can't shoot at least 6.....and don't skimp on the SG targets...……...lol
  21. I bet it's NOT factory. I have a pile of those in my drawer from 97's & model 12's. Heck you have 2 inches to play with...…….lol
  22. I'm much faster over the top but that's what I practice so...…...
  23. SC is back at Ridgeville after years of that club hosting the SE Reg and SC state moving around to other clubs. These folks put on a great show ifn' you ain't been there.
  24. Seems to me like the person that knocked it off would get the SDQ or it would be a no call. Capt Bill Burt made a great point what it a spotter knocks a long gun off the table or a brass picker? That can't be an SDQ for the shooter. I do know it gets really hard to try and make rules that cover every possible scenario......my hats off to the people that try.
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