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  1. As others have said, if he fired the round, P. Do t fire it miss only. I’ve noticed, and I’ve been guilty of this as well, TO wants to make a call when something is obviously wrong. Often, hurrying the process, makes improper call. Far better to hand off timer, discus (calmly) what happened, refer to penalty/miss flow chart, then make the call. There is no huge rush! Take a minute and get it right instead of 15 seconds and get it wrong!
  2. If your LR is 200 or so the H&R will likely be fine. If much further you will want better sights. No way to mount tang sights on the H&R. I have a 38-55 Uberti HiWall (NFS!) that is a very good rifle. I’d really suggest saving your $ and buy once cry once! It is not likely to go down in value, so consider it an investment. I refer to my guns as my 401-G account!
  3. Finding a location is key. Then pick a weekend that no other clubs within a reasonable driving distance use. I’d use at least 200 miles. (I frequently drive 3+ hrs to a match). I’m sure SASS has lots of helpful info on starting a club.
  4. Hoss

    Jim no Horse

    I shot with the Tejas Caballero’s today. One of the streets in their cowboy town is named after a Pard who is gone way to soon. Just seeing the sign brought back great memories. you may be gone JNH, but not forgotten!
  5. I won’t make it to THSS this month, but they are a great bunch of guys. They have a total of 10 stages. The prairie end is pretty open, the town end has lots of buildings. They typically shoot 5 stages, one end or the other. as Lone Rider said 10-10-4 / stage is a pretty good rule of thumb. I usually bring enough ammo to shoot the match twice. your Blackhawks are fine. Lots of folks shoot them welcome to the fun!
  6. The Frankfort Arsenal is hard to beat. No external belt. thumbkes tumbler is a pain to seal the can.
  7. I reckon ifn you have to ask, you can’t afford it!!! I looked at his website, sure would be cool to have one!
  8. I want one! heck I trade both of my cats and at least one of my kids just to shoot it!
  9. I don’t think them new-fangled pistols are going to catch on.
  10. That is not unusual. At almost any monthly match you visit folks will offer to let you shoot their guns to try it out. And all are very accommodating of any physical limitations. I’ve not personally seen it, but have heard accounts of people shooting from wheelchairs!
  11. I had actually forgotten that story. Either you did or didn’t.
  12. I really don’t know what you are talking about.
  13. You’re just a better man than I am.
  14. I too have provided hundreds of rounds to visitors & newbies, using my guns. And was happy to do so. And will continue to do so.
  15. Well actually I’ve only ever met one turd in cas. I’ve met lots playing golf, tons in little league baseball when my son was playing, and while I’ve never participated in other shooting sports, I’ve heard that most of those guys are not known to be overly helpful. So yes, I do think CAS cowboys are a bit different.
  16. TR, Harbor freight sells a mini chop saw that works really well for trimming 45-70 bras down to 45-60 length. A wire Pard 3D printed a jig for me, worked really well.
  17. At a recent TG meeting, one person mentioned that no SASS shooter should be selling primers to others at an inflated price. Either loan them with the understanding that they will be replaced when primers come available again, or sold for a reasonable amount. 40-50 or so per K. We don’t need to make a profit on our Pards. if you have primers to spare, offer them up to your local club members. I had about 5K LPs that in reality would last me forever. I kept 1000, have loaned or sold the rest. This game won’t be as much fun if nobody is shooting with us!
  18. I saw some primers at a gun show for $400/K. No takers. At another GS vendor had primers, I asked how much, he said 275 and seemed offended I didn’t buy them. Sayid “they will never be cheaper” (I doubt that!)
  19. I try to drink a Gatorade in the morning before match starts. Then a bottle of water every stage. I usually have some beef jerky or trail mix about 1/2 thru. in summer months we frequently take a watermelon break after 3 stages. Cold watermelon sure is good and rehydrating!
  20. Looking good. kinda like that new 73 is gonna look in my cart on the 22nd !!!! I’ll be waiting on your call!
  21. I was amazed. There was a dispensary on every corner! I reckon ole Meryl was wrong!
  22. Just go across the border to Oklahoma!
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