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  1. Hi Luckydog, My son has a belt he has outgrown...he used it when he first started. Thin leather but held his Vaqueros fine, has 25 loops he used for .38s, fits perfect, 29 1/2 to middle hole, 34" 1/4 today length. PM me your address and I'll send it your way. -Shawn
  2. Hello All, Anyone have a holster for a old model Vaquero or Blackhawk they no longer want? Prefer one for a 4 5/8 barrel...trying to join my son for SASS fun here in Phoenix and want to keep some loot around for reloading! PM if you have something, Thank you!
  3. Well, I believe the two partners above me drained your goodies StoneyMike but if something wacko happens I'll buy the .45acp and one of the .38/357 dies and turret sets. Thanks, Shawn
  4. So...am a new SASS member with a 16 year old that also just got started, take my quick thoughts considering lack of experience. Talking to my son's friends parents here in Scottsdale, AZ, concern for letting their teenagers start/try the sport seems based on two elements; shooting "big", dangerous cartridges, and the cost if they really want to get involved. His pals and the parents love the leather and western (again we are in AZ) look yet the current social media stigma of their teen shooting these "large calibers so fast" is something many have spoken about. I think cost is there as well but it is somewhat offset but the attractiveness of a family and generational activity sport vs. the pressures of high school basketball or cheerleading. My daughter is 11 and has been to Winter Range multiple years, talking with fellow soccer parents, my wife mentioned she might try SASS. When asked for an explanation of it, other ladies were negative until they saw videos ladies dressed in beautiful attire and shooting...then the interest questions started, "Can you shoot any cowboy gun, is there dances after the girls would enjoy, what other events can teen girls participate in with their moms", etc. Back on page two think it was Mister Badly that mentioned a Greenhorn category that any age can participate in and get the bug....22s and shotguns with easy cost and a safer parental perception for those not wise to the firearm world. Wonderful idea. Am sure this thoughts are nothing new, but happy to see such a thread discussing. Shawn, aka Buford Tannen
  5. Hello All, bought 2000+ from Red, received fast and could have swore they were new brass!
  6. Might be a long shot but... So grabbed two beautiful older Ruger Blackhawks in .357 with 4 5/8th barrels from Prairie Dog, will be going to my son. Does anyone have a holster or two that would fit these by chance? The Vaquero/Colt/Clone holsters I have are simply too tight. Thanks, Shawn
  7. Morning Heck, will take nickel please and have a check out to you today. Thank you!
  8. Hello Heck, would like to order 2000 .38s if you have some left? Brass, nickel, flexible. Will PM you as well. Thanks, Shawn
  9. Okay then, off to find/order a 12 coach so for our variety after chatting with some cowboys at Rio's match yesterday. A lot of nice folks with great names, Audacious Anne, awesome stuff. Tonight we have to decide on some creative alias and get properly signed up. Wish Top Shot would return Watab Kid, years back visited with Colby and Ian for awhile at Scottsdale Gun Club here, great fellows.
  10. What a stunning piece, well worth the purchase price am sure since it is so unique.
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