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  1. Hey Noah- had someone local buy them at the range last night, my apologies I saw this so late. Thanks for the interest, Shawn
  2. Hello Cowboys, I have a pair of older Teju lizard Dan Posts, maybe got them in the late 80s and barely wore them. They are sized as 12 EW (wides) and being older, actually stamped "Made in the USA" on the inside. Superb condition, see close up for the most wear I could highlight. Let me know if you have questions...non-smoking home, PayPal or mailed check is fine. $125 includes shipping costs. Thanks for looking. -Shawn
  3. Hello there Ethan Cord, I'll take #2 please if still available.
  4. Good Morning Texas Red,


    My son is looking at starting SASS out at Rio Salado over her in Mesa, short barreled set might be wonderful for him. What are you willing to part your set for?  Thank you,



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    2. Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      Good evening Texas Red,


      I've been monitoring the information reference the two Ruger Vaquero birds heads 357 that you have for sale and observed that for the past couple of days Shawn has not responded to your response.   After researching the revolvers and pricing I am strongly interested in your pistol.  I do have several questions:

      1.    Have these already sold or are you holding them for Shawn.

      2.    Are the hammers the "Super Blackhawk" style??  That would even peak my interest higher

      3.   Very light  marking on both cylinders where the cylinder latch possibly rubbed.  If so, do you think this is a timing problem that Ruger could correct??  I know I have similar signs of this on some of my older rugers.  

      4.    Since I live in Ohio and you live in Illinois,  would the out the door price be less because of shipping expense?, or is that a firm price??


      Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter


      Santa Fe Steve

      AKA;  Steve Sivard

      Phone: 330 416 1111

      email:  ssshooter@live. com

      EDITED:  e-mail address


    3. Texas Red

      Texas Red

      Howdy Steve,

      Appreciate all questions.  

      1.  No offers to buy my pistols at this time.

      2.  Hammers are indeed Super Blackhawk style.  which are  lower than regular Vaquero hammers.

      3.  Very light marking on cylinders.  Usually called Ruger Ring.  My belief, occurs on all Ruger single actions.

           can be corrected by gunsmith.  Ruger fits cylinder stop to wear in overtime and use.  Gunsmith hones               and sometimes files off a little to cause less wear.

      4.  $1570.00 is the price I have in them currently including Chuckaroo's Laser Works on the grips.  That price          includes shipping and insurance costs to your FFL in Ohio.  

      Hope I've answered your questions.  Appreciate your inquiry.

      Texas Red


    4. Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      Thanks for your response and information.   Last night, prior to your response I ordered a set off of gunbroker.   I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.   




      Santa Fe Steve

      Steve Sivard

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