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  1. Howdy all, sorry if anyone is having email trouble my email is jeromejarvis61@gmail.com. We still have room if anyone is on the fence. If so send me a picture of the application so can get you in the system. You can pay when you get here or use the PayPal account. Safe travels everyone see y’all soon!!!!!
  2. It’s getting close folks !! We still have room on the shooters list and camping. Also the local hotel, the Heritage Inn said they had a few rooms available. So there is no excuse for not attending the MOST FUN SHOOT IN SASS!!!!!!!!!!
  3. We will be shooting this weekend at Ponderosa Pines. If you need a last minute EOT warm up or one last practice session. If you are heading north we are on the way if you are heading up interstate 75. We will up heading to EOT on Monday!!!! Come shoot with us.
  4. We will miss you Waimea. We are shooting this weekend could be a Black Gold preview or an EOT warm up!!! Your choice!! Come shoot with us.
  5. Howdy all, I will get Cat A Tonic on a shooter list and scheduled soon. We still have openings, so if you are thinking about it come on and join us!! We will treat you so many ways you will have to like one of them!!!
  6. That’s great to hear Mr Blackwater! I have been informed that the stages are wrote thanks to Iron Madian and Cat A Tonic. So who knows what that will look like. It’ll be great. Come and see us!!!
  7. Glad to see you back at it. I have been down with a rotor cuff for a few weeks and that has been hard, can't imagine what you have been through. Let me know when you feel up to working on a 22 for me.
  8. Going to try and shoot a little tomorrow and see if this shoulder can stand it! Lets hope for the best. Just a few weeks till Kentucky State get your applications in.
  9. We’re located in southeast Kentucky 20 miles east of London Ky and Interstate 75.
  10. We have started cleaning up the Range for the year had a little water damage from all the rain the other day but things are looking good! Come see us.
  11. Kentucky State is coming soon! We're getting applications in every day. This warmer weather is giving me the shooting fever!! Now if this Rotor Cuff will just let me shoot. Come shoot with us. Hoss do you remember how? It will be good to see you ol friend.
  12. Just remember all this snow and ice will be gone for Kentucky State. So come on down and shake off the ice and cold!!!
  13. Ok all you people that are in the cold, I will guarantee that will not be the case at Black Gold 2021!!!!!!! So come over and warm up!
  14. Looking forward to seeing all our friends in this trying times. Maybe when we all get together we can forget world affairs for a day or two and BE A COWBOY BABY!!!!
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