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  1. Howdy all. While we don't have a crystal ball we are planning on having the best Black Gold yet!!!!! Hopefully these restrictions will lifted enough to get us through the Match. Can't wait to see y'all it's been too long!!!!
  2. Thanks everyone for understanding. We have never been though anything like this When we get on the other side we’ll be ready to shoot!
  3. We should have hook up’s come on and shoot with us.
  4. SASS KENTUCKY STATE MATCH is being postponed until August 20-22, 2020. This decision to postpone “Shootout in the Hills” is in response to the current pandemic and made with everyone’s safety in mind. I have spoken to our local hotel, and they are going to transfer any reservations to the new dates. We hope everyone will be able to accommodate accordingly and attend our highly anticipated event! We do apologize for any conflicts this move will have on any of our SASS clubs/members. If you have already sent your paid registration and this date doesn’t correspond with your schedule, please contact Copperhead Joe. We will either carry over your application fee until next year’s Kentucky State Match or send you a refund. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy. I look forward to shooting with my friends soon!
  5. Blackwater glad to see you mending. You know your spot is always open. Now lets hope this virus thing will get on out of the way of a GREAT TIME!!!!!!
  6. Howdy guys. Wanted to let y,all know that as of now the Kentucky State Match is on. We are hoping that this virus thing has settled down by match time. We will give it a few weeks and see what is happening. If we have to we will try and reschedule. Everybody be safe and take care of your family.
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun to me! We at Kentucky State would like to invite y’all down to our neck of the woods for the first leg of the Showdown in May!!!
  8. Howdy Max. PCC is Pistol Caliber AR15's that we shoot on steel with all reactive targets. Tbone has the rules and some videos on his website. It is a lot of fun come join us.
  9. Joe, app will be in the mail tomorrow and for Black Gold. We're not camping this year.

    See you soon.

    6 and Lil

  10. Time is getting closer the Shootout in the Hills the Kentucky State Match well be here soon! We welcome y’all to come shoot with us! We will treat you so many ways you’ll have to like one of them!!
  11. The Crap Shoot is on for the 21 & 22. Sorry I hadn’t got information out earlier. Been making Black Gold plans. I don’t know how but we are going to make this one best yet!!
  12. It’s that time to dust off your Cowboy gear and get the shooting year started!! Ponderosa Pines Manchester Ky well have there opening match of the season on March 21 & 22. We will shoot both Saturday and Sunday for the opening weekend. We call this the Crap Shoot because the weather can be sunshine and 70 or 35 and raining. But either way all bays are covered and we can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us. So come roll the dice with us! We will shoot a monthly match on Saturday have fish fry Saturday evening and social gathering, then shoot another monthly match on Sunday. You are welcome to shoot both or any part. Camping is free, the range will be open on Friday if you want to come early shake off a little rust. Come see us!!
  13. Showdown in May, Pro Steel Match, Kentucky Derby on Saturday evening with someone winning a free entry for next, Bourbon Branch Band, the best fish fry in the game, need I go on? Come shoot with us!!
  14. I hear y’all. I said thinking about it. Don’t know if it’s financially worth it. Not to mention up keep. Was just thinking out loud.
  15. Howdy all. Applications are coming in daily and the date is fast approaching. It is going to be great! We are working on a new stage we hope to have ready by match time. And as Tenn Tombstone said the awards are looking great. Come shoot the Kentucky Derby of Cowboy Shooting!!!
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