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  1. I guess I was practicing my double tap. Please bear with us on our website, we are rebuilding and learning as we go. I have had a little Rotator Cuff Surgery that will slow me down for a little while, but Shootout in the Hills will be ready to go better than ever!!
  2. That's what it will be Blackwater I guarantee it!!! I have had a little Rotator Cuff surgery so that mean I will have time to think untelling what I may devious mind will come up with for Black Gold!!!!
  3. Cat A Tonic just informed me that the applications are updated include the categories that were left off. Come shoot with us!!
  4. Howdy, Cat A Tonic just informed me that the applications have been updated to include the categories that were left off. Schedule of events are coming up very soon. Come shoot with us!!
  5. Howdy all. Cat A Tonic just informed me that the applications have been updated to include a couple of categories that where left off. Don’t be thinking about coming, just Do It!! We’ll do everything in our power to show you a great time!!
  6. Ready or not 2021 is here! So we want to invite all y'all to come shoot with us. We just added Black Gold applications to our website. Come and be part of the fun, to all our matches!
  7. Black Gold 2021 is on!! In an effort to make each year's Event better than the one before, we have planned 12 STAGES of Black Gold fun!! Applications are up on the our web site ponderosa-pines.com . Detailed schedule of events and this year's theme are coming soon.
  8. We’re looking forward to getting back to shooting without this restriction stuff. This year is going to be as good a year as last year was bad!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
  9. We are so happy to announce that SASS has officially awarded Ponderosa Pines the Kentucky State Match for 2021!!! This year it will be held on April 15-17th. We will start the year off the right way, while forgetting about 2020!! Come see us! The applications and more information can be found at www.ponderosa-pines.com. For all those excited about our Black Gold event...our official applications and information are forthcoming. Can't wait to see y'all soon! Thank you so much for all your support and participation over the years. We look forward to many memorable years ahead!
  10. Joe, app will be in the mail tomorrow and for Black Gold. We're not camping this year.

    See you soon.

    6 and Lil

  11.  The SASS Kentucky State Championship, Shootout in the Hills is coming soon. We are getting applications in every day, so don't be left setting on the fence!

  12. Joe,  I sent my application in on May 5th.  If you didn't get it due to that mail SNAFU let me know and I will get another to you post haste.



  13. Hey Rolan, you come over to The Black Gold Shootout and we will honor Steampunk! We will be updating our web site soon, but the shoot will be July 13,14 and15 this year. Y'all come see us and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
  14. Hey Joe,

    Would you like me to make a real Cajun Gumbo and bring it the shoot? I don't want you to say yes, just not to hurt my feelings. But, if you like, I would be glad to do it. If you say yes, I will supply the Gumbo and Rice. Shaddai didn't have any rice and my Gumbo tasted too salty. It wouldn't have if it had rice.

    Also, look for post on the wire ...

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