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  1. I need help finding a shooter from Lancaster South Carolina. I had a mail problem and all I have is an envelope. If anyone knows of a shooter from there please have him contact me.
  2. Schedule of events for Black Gold 2019!! In addition to this schedule for the early arrivals our local Pat's restaurant is opening the bar just for us on Tuesday night. There will a motorcycle ride on Wednesday. Lots of fun before the fun begins!! If you noticed we found a way to add Pro Steel. We didn't think where going to have it, but we found a way. You can sign up for it when you get here.
  3. Here is the latest WHO is coming list as of 7-2-19. If your name isn't on here shame on you for missing out on the Greatest Show on Earth with a Shoot thrown in for good measure!!!! But there is still a few spots open. Don't my left at home wishing.
  4. Howdy all, Duffield I don't have yours if you don,t mind send me another and check to see if the check has been cashed. Sorry for issues but I lost some mail. We got though our Machine Gun Shoot, it was a hoot. Now full steam ahead to BLACK GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still got room so come on and join us.
  5. Joe,  I sent my application in on May 5th.  If you didn't get it due to that mail SNAFU let me know and I will get another to you post haste.



  6. We have the who is coming list posted, if you are not on the list please let me know. We had a little problem with mail delivery and it may have gotten lost. If you ain't on it you missing out.
  7. Howdy guy, I need a little help I need to get in touch with a couple of people and I don't have their alas one is Tony Isbel 332 cain dr Blountville tn and the other is Joseph Gagne 5183 mill race ln Lancaster SC. If y'all know these gentlemen have them contact me or get me their phone number. Now back to the range got to transform it into modern times and play with full auto Machine Guns this weekend!!!! If you haven't shot those things you owe it to your self it is different. Have a good one.
  8. Hey Rolan, you come over to The Black Gold Shootout and we will honor Steampunk! We will be updating our web site soon, but the shoot will be July 13,14 and15 this year. Y'all come see us and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
  9. Hey Joe,

    Would you like me to make a real Cajun Gumbo and bring it the shoot? I don't want you to say yes, just not to hurt my feelings. But, if you like, I would be glad to do it. If you say yes, I will supply the Gumbo and Rice. Shaddai didn't have any rice and my Gumbo tasted too salty. It wouldn't have if it had rice.

    Also, look for post on the wire ...

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