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  1. Glad to see you back at it. I have been down with a rotor cuff for a few weeks and that has been hard, can't imagine what you have been through. Let me know when you feel up to working on a 22 for me.
  2. Going to try and shoot a little tomorrow and see if this shoulder can stand it! Lets hope for the best. Just a few weeks till Kentucky State get your applications in.
  3. We’re located in southeast Kentucky 20 miles east of London Ky and Interstate 75.
  4. Sorry about that. We’re located in southeast Kentucky 20 miles east of London Ky and Interstate 75. Ponderosa-Pines.com is our website.
  5. It's that time again, time to shake off the rust get outside and put some rounds down range!!!! Ponderosa Pines will open up for shooting on March 20,21. With our annual Crap Shoot, Crap Shoot because this time of year the weather around here is just that! The range will be open for practice on Friday the 19th with our first monthly match Saturday the 20th followed by a fish fry, fellowship and odds are a poker game will break out sometime in the evening. We will shoot another monthly match on Sunday. Camping is free and you will have two days of shooting to get the rust off!!! Come see us!
  6. We have started cleaning up the Range for the year had a little water damage from all the rain the other day but things are looking good! Come see us.
  7. Kentucky State is coming soon! We're getting applications in every day. This warmer weather is giving me the shooting fever!! Now if this Rotor Cuff will just let me shoot. Come shoot with us. Hoss do you remember how? It will be good to see you ol friend.
  8. Just remember all this snow and ice will be gone for Kentucky State. So come on down and shake off the ice and cold!!!
  9. Ok all you people that are in the cold, I will guarantee that will not be the case at Black Gold 2021!!!!!!! So come over and warm up!
  10. Looking forward to seeing all our friends in this trying times. Maybe when we all get together we can forget world affairs for a day or two and BE A COWBOY BABY!!!!
  11. Hey check out our website that Cat A Tonic is rebuilding. Ponderosa-pines.com. Let us know what you think.
  12. Hey y’all check out our website that Cat a Tonic is Redesigning. Pondersosa-pones.com let us know what you think.
  13. I guess I was practicing my double tap. Please bear with us on our website, we are rebuilding and learning as we go. I have had a little Rotator Cuff Surgery that will slow me down for a little while, but Shootout in the Hills will be ready to go better than ever!!
  14. That's what it will be Blackwater I guarantee it!!! I have had a little Rotator Cuff surgery so that mean I will have time to think untelling what I may devious mind will come up with for Black Gold!!!!
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