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  1. Hey y’all don’t forget we will be drawing the winner of The Black Gold experience raffle this weekend. Stay close to your phone if can’t be with us. Just ask Deuce McCall the winner of last years raffle.
  2. Well boy's with ol Cheyenne getting turned, it could be time for turning for our selfs. So come on down to our Crap Shoot next weekend, March 16 & 17 and we will get started. Or at least talk about it. We might not have Cheyenne's weather but we going to roll the dice and might get lucky. Bring your Pro Steel gear we just might need to test some new targets.
  3. It's that time again, to start our 2019 season at Ponderosa Pines, Manchester Ky. We will have our Crap Shoot March 16 & 17. The Crap Shoot is a weekend of basically two monthly matches. We will shoot 5 stages Saturday have a free fish fry Saturday evening and then do it all again on Sunday. Come one day or both you are welcome stay with us. Camping is free, the range will be open Friday for practice. We call it the Crap Shoot because with the weather this time of year in Kentucky it is just that a Crap Shoot. It could be 70 and sunny or 30 and snow either way we will have a good time. Come roll the dice us.
  4. Howdy all, thanks to everyone that is helping to spread word the word on the first ever Kentucky State match held at Ponderosa Pines!!! I don't get to set down at my computer like I used to so thanks. We will be offering an RO1 and refresher course on Thursday morning if anyone is interested. Working on a few other things will let them out as soon as the are ready. Hope to see y'all soon.
  5. Howdy y'all! Findley made time to say hi. Thank y'all for keeping us on the front page. Things are pretty busy around here I thought after I retired their would be time to do everything, but that ain't the case. Anyway we got applications coming in getting plans coming together its going to be a good one. Y'all come see us. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
  6. Howdy all, thanks for the support we have received so far. Please keep spreading the word. We got into this a little late in the year for such an early match in 2019, but we felt like this date would work out the best. There is so many great matches to attend, that as know not a lot of open dates. So lets hope you make it, and help us make this one of our best Kentucky State Matches.
  7. Copperhead Joe and the folks Ponderosa Pines are pleased to announce that the 2019 SASS Kentucky State Championship will be held at Ponderosa Pines May 2, 3 & 4 2019. The folks at Hooten Old Town have been an excellent host for the past 16 years, but have now passed the torch to the Ponderosa Pines Posse to continue the tradition. This match will be a State quality match, with a little Black Gold flavor. This Match does NOT replace the Black Gold Shootout, which will be held as usual July 18, 19, 20, 2019! In addition to the Kentucky State Match, the weekend will include the first official two day Pro-Steel pistol caliber carbine match in Kentucky. The Pro- Steel match will be held on each afternoon of the main match days. So, you can shoot cowboy in the morning, then switch gears and shoot Pro-Steel in the afternoon. Check our website ponderosa-pines.com for applications and more information. Spread the word and join the Ponderosa Pines Posse for the SASS Kentucky State Championship, May 2-4, 2019.
  8. Hey Rolan, you come over to The Black Gold Shootout and we will honor Steampunk! We will be updating our web site soon, but the shoot will be July 13,14 and15 this year. Y'all come see us and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
  9. Hey Joe,

    Would you like me to make a real Cajun Gumbo and bring it the shoot? I don't want you to say yes, just not to hurt my feelings. But, if you like, I would be glad to do it. If you say yes, I will supply the Gumbo and Rice. Shaddai didn't have any rice and my Gumbo tasted too salty. It wouldn't have if it had rice.

    Also, look for post on the wire ...

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