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  1. Showdown in May, Pro Steel Match, Kentucky Derby on Saturday evening with someone winning a free entry for next, Bourbon Branch Band, the best fish fry in the game, need I go on? Come shoot with us!!
  2. I hear y’all. I said thinking about it. Don’t know if it’s financially worth it. Not to mention up keep. Was just thinking out loud.
  3. Howdy all. Applications are coming in daily and the date is fast approaching. It is going to be great! We are working on a new stage we hope to have ready by match time. And as Tenn Tombstone said the awards are looking great. Come shoot the Kentucky Derby of Cowboy Shooting!!!
  4. Howdy all! Just got back from our Black Gold annual convention in Florida at Tennessee Tall and Rio Drifter's place. Had a great time now back too work. We are working on a new stage to hope to have ready. Also making some more room in our vendor area. Considering maybe trying to add very very moderate cabins. I am talking a bed and conditioning. Just thinking. Applications are coming in every day, don't be late.
  5. Howdy all. I am still alive if any one was wondering. Starting to get excited about this year's Black Gold Shootout!!! Getting applications in every day. Y all come see us!!
  6. The SASS Kentucky State Championship is coming soon. We are getting applications in every day. So don't be left on the fence.
  7.  The SASS Kentucky State Championship, Shootout in the Hills is coming soon. We are getting applications in every day, so don't be left setting on the fence!

  8. The SASS Kentucky State Championship well be held April 30, May 1, 2 at Ponderosa Pines in Manchester Ky. Home of The Black Gold Shootout! Applications are available on our web site ponderosa-pines.com There will be more information to come. Also Black Gold applications are available as well.
  9. Joe,  I sent my application in on May 5th.  If you didn't get it due to that mail SNAFU let me know and I will get another to you post haste.



  10. Hey Rolan, you come over to The Black Gold Shootout and we will honor Steampunk! We will be updating our web site soon, but the shoot will be July 13,14 and15 this year. Y'all come see us and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
  11. Hey Joe,

    Would you like me to make a real Cajun Gumbo and bring it the shoot? I don't want you to say yes, just not to hurt my feelings. But, if you like, I would be glad to do it. If you say yes, I will supply the Gumbo and Rice. Shaddai didn't have any rice and my Gumbo tasted too salty. It wouldn't have if it had rice.

    Also, look for post on the wire ...

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