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  1. We are #86 at Shooters Campground East
  2. Is potable water available somewhere on site? I'll be in a non-hookup site. Is there a dump station? Where is the dump station located? Are fire rings permitted? Any other "Gotcha" I should be aware of. My first time there.
  3. I'm not sure if alcohol stretches leather....but my experience shows it does indeed stretch the truth!
  4. Used wet pieces of micro fiber cloth. Jammed the shells in and this morning all was good. Shells slide in and out perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. We'll see you at WR for sure. Ordered up a Lyman Pro Magnum Turbo 2500 tumbler on sale at Optics Planet with another 10% off and free shipping. Total delivered $81. Such a deal!
  6. Yes, cowboy loads. I thought abou making them collapsible or with removable legs, but I just throw them in the back of the truck for the mile ride to the range.
  7. Tried them out today with my wife who is a new shooter. First time she shot steel. Fired 200 rounds and only 8 misses, including one live round eject. No "P"s! The stands worked great. Now I need a much larger brass tumbler. Her 200 rounds and my 200 rounds don't fit in my 30 year old tumbler.... I hope this wife shooting thing was a good idea.. :-)
  8. Leather double loops........ Leather stretch spray?....do tell.
  9. Bought a beautiful rig for my new cowgirl wife off a pard on this here forum. She loves it, but the Shotgun loops are extremely tight. I wrapped a few loaded shotgun shells with a few layers of electrical tape and shoved them in hoping they would stretch he leather. Other than having at it with a sanding drum is there anything else I can do to open up the loops? BTW, these are closed bottom loops.
  10. Why is that...Do tell? These won't get used all that often so it should stand up fine.
  11. Needed a few practice targets for my wife and I to practice with. Went to the steel supply house and wanted A550 but they had a truck load of HR450 which is almost as hard, but a whole lot less $$. Four pieces of 3/8 X 16" X 16" was a bit under $150 Four 10' pieces of #5 (5/8") rebar a few big washers and a bit of welding and heat bending and they came out pretty good!
  12. I love a good gun deal. I'm on the road for work and constantly stop into every gun shop I can find. A few of my recent deals... Winchester model 54 sporter in new condition (not Japan version)...$500 Colt Python in 38special (not 357) rare target model...$450 SKB 200e...$400 And a half dozen more... All of them have a great story around the buy......
  13. Just got back from California myself. To bad the inmates are running the asylum out there. Beautiful state.....but really messed up politics.
  14. Not sure the whole pricing issue between Italian made and USA made products holds water any longer. Wages, I don't believe are that different. In fact, four years ago we moved all production of my electronics products from China to New Hampshire. After we figured in shipping, lead times, extended times for updates, airfare for engineers, massive defects, etc......we were able to lower our wholesale price by about 20%.
  15. From our friends at WikPedia The stagecoach traveled at an average speed of about five miles per hour, with the total daily mileage covered being around 60 or 70 miles Along the many stage routes, stations were established about every 12 miles that included two types of stations -- "swing" and "home." As the stage driver neared the station, he or she would blow a small brass bugle or trumpet to alert the station staff of the impending arrival. The larger stations, called "Home Stations," generally ran by a couple or family , were usually situated about 50 miles apart and provided meager meals and overnight lodging to passengers. Often; however, "lodging" was no more than a dirt floor. The more numerous "swing" stations, generally run by a few bachelor stock tenders, were smaller and usually consisted of little more than a small cabin and a barn or corral. Here, the coach would stop only about ten minutes to change the team and allow passengers to stretch before the coach was on its way again. At one time, more than 150 stations were situated between Kansas and California. And from Wells Fargo site: http://wellsfargohistory.com/resources/stagecoach_brochure.pdf
  16. That's what I was afraid of......Looks like I need to find another SKB....
  17. My wife is using a double trigger Stoeger currently. She wants a single trigger. I know in the past there were issues with the single triggers using the Winchester extreme light recoil rounds. Have there been any improvements on this front in recent past? I have an SKB that has a single trigger that works great with these loads, we just don't want to spend the $$ for anotherone. Thanks
  18. In my early gunsmithing days I started playing around with 1911 "Race" guns. Before I really knew what I was doing I had a few that fired while holding the trigger. That was quite an experience because before you know it, all 8 rounds are fired........If the disconnector isn't working right, you got yourself an automatic!
  19. If they put a side loading gate, slimmed down the hunk of wood they refer to as a forend, make them run as smooth as their RF rifles......They might have something. But the Centerfire rifles are big and clunky, don't run well anything approaching fast and the loading tube is just plain nasty and they cost too much...........Other than that, a fine rifle.... A Rossi / Taurus Model 92 is one heck of a rifle for lots less $$. The Henry 1860 is a fantastic rifle.....a bit pricy, but it proves they could do a 66/73 if they wanted to. I can't believe an 1860 will sell better than a 66/73 when they claim there isn't a sizable market for a USA made 66/73....
  20. $750 eash..........Buyer is having a VERY Merry Christmas!..........Must have been a VERY good boy!
  21. Nice work Mike.......I thought you laid your head in Massachusetts? I now see Central PA?..........
  22. Blackhawk!!!Blackhawk!!!Blackhawk!!!Blackhawk!!!Blackhawk!!!Blackhawk!!! Nuff said...... Can't be beat! Amazing collection of old firearms and a fantastic Old West Diarama
  23. LOGISTICS.....Wasn't it a German officer upon entering a US camp and finding a piece of birthday cake said..." You can't beat an army who's logistics can find a soldier in battle and deliver a piece of birthday cake from home"
  24. Here is a link to my web site where I've done a ton of additions and modifications to my travel trailer. Most are appropriate to a truck camper http://rvbprecision.com/rv-projects
  25. Winchester is running a contest where the Grand Prize is a Commemorative 1866..............Is winchester bringing out a "new" 1866 or are they giving away a vintage 1866. Nowhere does it spell this out. http://winchester150th.com/share-memory.html
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