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    1873 in MA

    If you buy at Kittery, be sure to have the rifle or shotgun transferred at the Kittery NH Transfer Station......then you do not pay any sales tax!
  2. Rancho Roy

    1873 in MA

    There is one listed here in Massachusetts https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/wts-unfired-uberti-1873-rifle-in-44-40.375136/ it says unfired, 44-40, $700 smok’n deal!
  3. New Hampshire State shoot.....Only couple weeks away. Great time to be in the mountains of New Hampshire.....Come North! http://pemipeacemakers.com/fracas.html
  4. Thanks DeadHead...I wanted to do that but had a heck of a time trying to on my itty bitty phone! Vermont and New Hampshire this time of year is simply lovely.......You all come up, ya hear!
  5. Vermont this coming weekend, then in two weeks New Hampshire...then Maine and then Albany NY......and then Connecticut Buzzard Boil..... Come join Us!
  6. Brass hardens when placed under pressure and heat. Once the brass hardens it will more easily split. Annealing removed the "work" hardening of the brass and bring it back to or even softer than original state. Once brass is annealed it will expand easier to seal the chamber and this expansion and contraction is what leads to case splits as shown in the photo someone posted above. Annealing can decrease this issue substantially..... If you are shooting 38 specials that you are buying extremely inexpensively, then dont bother. Throw them away if the split and move on. If you are shooting more difficult to source and more expensive cases, then it might not be a waste of time. If you are shooting 45Colt and experiencing blowby, annealing might be the answer. Some 45Colt brass I've used was extremely hard from the factory. If you are like Cheyenne Ranger and I and simply love to be in the reloading room and "tinkering"...... Then this is a good way to spend some time
  7. 38-40 and 44-40 absolutely will benefit from annealing. But the brass is thin and you really need to know what you are doing. Temp-laq is a must. And a mechanical annealing machine is recommended. www.rvbprecision.com Do a search for annealing
  8. I was taught to place the shotgun ahead of the rifle on the loading table. If you were first in line, and If someone pushed the whole line of guns and your unloaded shotgun fell off the end, it would only be a SDQ "on you"....if the rifle was first, because it is loaded and fell off, that is a MDQ "on you"....not on the person that did the pushing.
  9. What scares me is that after all this Dicks antigun stuff, their stock rose 14%. That might be the impitus for other retailers to follow suit. It does not make financial sense to give up a large amount of retail floor space and employer time doing NIC checks for such a low profit margin category.
  10. If guns were unloaded there would be no need to leave them on loading table. So....still confused on who gets MDQ...
  11. Beautiful! I’m a Ballard nut.love those rifles.
  12. Rancho Roy and Reno Browne are the two folks in the white and orange slickers under the little pop up in the first photo. We were dancing during the hail storm....great fun! (See my quote below...)
  13. As far as versatility, you can’t find much better than the 6.5x55. But no way is it as accurate as the CM. Especially when we are talking 500+ yards. That is where the 6.5CM has nearly no match....
  14. I was an unbeliever in the 6.5cm for years. Just a lot of hype I thought. Decided to write another magazine article for a magazine I’ve written for. I’d buy the least expensive rifle in 6.5cm, shoot it, and them do a bunch of stuff to it to see how accurate a cheap rifle could be. Bought a Savage with a factory mounted 3-9 scope from CDNN....with rebates and a sale price it cost me $249. While visiting the Sierra factory, I bought a few pounds of “blemish”, 140g bullets. Three different versions. Loaded x grains of IMR4350 as a bunch of rifle forums suggested this is the go to powder, and headed to the range. First shot at 100yards was near bullseye. Second shot, nothing on the paper...oh-oh...third shot I could see the group opened up just a bit. Fourth and fifth shot simply enlarged group a tiny bit. Measured this gun shot a five shot 3/8” group! The first five rounds down the tube! And at 200yards it was still under 1/2moa. Not much I could do to get it to shoot better. Scratch one magazine article. This rifle has shot dozens of sub 1/2” groups. No load development, no messing with OAL, no nothing.Amazing accuracy right out of the box. Now I’m VERY interest in the 6.5 cm. Bought a Thompson Compass from Cabelas for $279.....Near carbon copy results as above....superb accuracy with exact same load and three different bullets! No messing around with anything. So now Cabelas has a sale on Remington 700 Varmint in 6.5cm for $349 with rebate....I haven’t seen a Remington shoot under 1 inch for years. At the Egg Shoots I frequent a remington hasn’t won in over 15 years.....so I took a chance....once again, fantastic, mirror accuracy to the above.....this gun shoots well under 1/2” consistently. Finally, a Remington that has some accuracy. Two more 6.5 cm rifles have joined the team. A Cabelas exclusive Savage heavy barrel varmint and a Bargara 14.... Every single one of them is more accurate, without any load development or fussing around than any rifles I’ve ever owned in the past 40 years. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea why a cartridge that looks like so many others and has ballistics comparable to others is so darn accurate in a large cross section of rifles. Maybe it is the superb, small primer, Lapua brass I was using. Maybe it is PFM....I don’t know.... I’m not new to accurate rifle sports. I shot benchrest for over 20 years and have been gunsmithing long range benchrest rifles for much more than that. There are only two other cartridges that were this easy to shoot accurately....6mmBR and 17m4.......go figure
  15. One thing I wish there was more of is team shooting....two or three person teams shooting directly against another team. Many matches offer this after main match and it is great fun. Wouldn’t mind a whole weekend of team shoots.
  16. I had a pair that were short stroked. Didn’t help me at all as I shoot two handed and usually shoot 1860 conversions. If you have fat hands and the hammer is hitting the web of your hand, then I think this modification would be extremely advantageous. If you shoot gun fighter or dualist, I think there is an advantage. but be aware, if not done properly, the hammer fall becomes extremely light and misfires with certain primers can be an issue.
  17. UPDATE! The new cart worked great at Black Gold, but it could be better....Added a wider front wheel as the previous one sunk in a bit too much im muddy conditions. Replaced rear wheels with larger, tube type. Easier to push and softer ride. Created a brake system to hold the cart on the hills All here with pictures: http://rvbprecision.com/firearms/three-wheeled-sass-cas-gun-cart.html [img[[/img]
  18. A pard that runs one of the most successfully attended shoots in the country, summed it up very well a while ago when talking to him......Without good entertainment, fun-dooable stages, reasonable food......it is just shooting steel. I've only been shooting a few years so I have no comprehension about riding wooden horses or sticking gun barrels in the boardwalk slats or shooting playing cards....but recently I attended a local match where things like this were tried, to bring back the good old days, and everyone screamed it was taking too long. The whole entertainment, after the shooting, thing is a big part of getting folks to attend and having them hang around at night for camaraderie. At Black Gold they had to kick us out of the pavilion and told us "you all got to shoot tomorrow!" I've been to regional shoots where the folks putting on the shoot didn't even attend the on site dinners! You need somebody that is a bit crazy to be the MC. (You all know who I'm talking about in KY and TX) Funny skits, Karaoke, lots of give aways....that makes the aftershooting something to hang around for.
  19. Yup, if you were ever to shoot a clean match at a multi day shoot, this would be the place! At times, BIG and CLOSE is great fun. I know I had a blast!
  20. Are BG scores posted anywhere?
  21. That is a Winchester mane by Miroku in Japan and being offered by CDNN in Texas. Go to their web site and see many more uniques finish, low or one digit serial number guns for sale. Kinda neat!
  22. Well, THAT was fun! What a great week! Even with the heat, it was a fantastic shoot! Highly recommended! Thank to all that made it possible.....
  23. A great time! Reno Browne and I had a blast. Great shooting and great friends makes for a great week! Thanks all! Congrats ML!
  24. Big times in Manchester KY
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