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  1. Filling out my 2020 calendar.... Is the Georgia Stampede At South River on Wednesday, Thursday Friday , May 13-15, 2020 at stated on the application form???
  2. I open the link to this forum I click on "Unread Content" I click on a particular thread Once I click on that thread, then return to the forum, the thread I just read disappears. Can't go back to it. Any way to set up my forum so this doesn't happen?
  3. Any "Techno" band would be acceptable.........Devo certainly!
  4. The amount of manual labor back then is amazing! (And shirts and ties!) The new AirBus factory in Alabama is building huge jet airliners with only 1500 employees. Robots do the bulk of the work. Just a few years ago, a factory building these planes would have 15,000 employees.
  5. Don't you just love living here in MA.......Was in a gun shop in Middletown RI a couple days ago. They has a Colt 1851 Richard Mason conversion (Uberti) for $299......Nope, I live in Assachusetts.....No certified for sale here! I have over a dozen friends that have moved to MO, TN, MT, etc over the past few years................All report a MUCH better way of life and a MUCH higher standard of living.....Need to think about this!
  6. Best thing I ever did in my reloading room was make it bigger and put one of these benches right in the middle. When you are helping folks with a rifle, they are not standing behind you, trying to look over your shoulder. They can easily see what you are doing from the opposite side of the bench. And the vise is used often to hold barrels for cleaning, honing and other work. Can't beat the price! And one of the better made items from Horrible Fright
  7. The south american model 92s were indeed "hit or miss" for quite a while. In the last few years I bought a couple of the Miroku Winchester Model 92s and they are superb and lend themselves favorably to be "breathed on"..... Problem is, they cost as much or more than a Ubertiu 73/66......And the Uberti has much better aftermarket support and are much easier to make Go Fast. But I'm loving the 92! I even converted a Rossi to takedown....... http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/rossi-1892-winchester-take-down-conversion.html
  8. Or a Steam Engine...........Stay Tuned!
  9. I think this years Com'n At Cha's theme is Steam Punk? Bet I could make a great Steam Punk cart out of this!
  10. My review of the ICECO VL45 refrigerator freezer is up on my web site with lots of pictures and initial testing. If you are camping at SASS events and are using a cooler and ice, this might be of interest Hope it helps keep the beer cold! http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/iceco-vl45-portable-refrigerator-freezer-review.html
  11. With a 20% off coupon, those Harbor Freight welding carts are a great deal even if you are only going to use the wheels. You can't believe how much better pnumatic tires are until you try them!
  12. Thanks...Will be my first time at your shoot. Can't wait. I hear its amazing! Well, that's what Fast Eddie said.....
  13. Are the applications up for the Georgia State Shoot?
  14. #1...Are you saying there will be an area to "practice" ie: Sight In? #2...Are you looking for four hour shifts for volunteers again?
  15. Do any clubs up in the cold weather regions start their shoots later in the day? Today it was darn cold at 8AM but by noon it was downright comfortable here in New England..... Just wondering if attendance is better or worse with a warmer start time
  16. When I woke up it was 19 degrees.......Decided to spend the day cleaning guns and reloading ammo.....Guess I missed a good one!
  17. Browsing my local gun shop I found this beautiful SKB 200E Deluxe...German Silver, great condition...Unmodified, original condition. He's asking $1050 I already have two so I'm just putting it here if someone else is interested. Middleboro Gun Shop 194 E Grove St, Middleborough, MA 02346 Phone: (508) 947-5900 Call Jim for more details
  18. Biggest issue you will have is Massachusetts. The only SAA revolvers that can be sold new in MA are a few models of Ruger New Model Vaquero. Anything else must be in the state before 1998 and personally transfered to you. We are not allowed to buy Uberti, Pietta, Colt etc. And finding used SAA revolvers here in MA is hard. Ma is a tough place to live to play cowboy.....
  19. The whole RVindustry is currently in the toilet. There is rumors that Camping World will be filing for bankruptcy. Sales industry wide are nearly 20% off. Some brands are over 50% off. A few have already gone out of business or sold their assets to larger companies. there are tons of brand new 2017 and 2018 trailers on the lot......and very few customers. If you find something you like...I’m sure money will talk. but I might be concerned about a trailer sitting on a lot for nearly three years. it is tough buying an RV......in my estimation they are ALL crap. There is no government regulation......the only regulation is self governed by the RV manufactures. Even the very expensive units are poor build quality. airstream might be the only exception to the rule..... I spent some time in Australia where RVs are heavily regulated by the government.you can’t believe the build quality. And the places those Australians take them! some of the Best Buy’s are a private sale where folks are upsizing or getting on in years and don’t want to travel any longer. good luck!
  20. Is it my eyes, or are those two pictures above of two different rifles. The wood grain on the stock looks different? id like to see the actual wood grain under the butt pad if possible. im interested....
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