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  1. During the past year I've been selling off a few firearms to help support other hobbies and some travel. I vowed, at 67 years old, I'd stop buying firearms. Most of the guns I sold I never fired! Out of all the guns I sold, I only regret selling one of them.....A Ruger Blackhawk, 3-Screw, Unconverted, 4.5" barrel in 41 Magnum......Here in Massachusetts a handgun must have been in the state before 1998 for it to be grandfathered, otherwise it can not be transferred in from another state and sold to a Massachusetts resident. (I hate living here but grandkids has my wife firmly anchored...) So months ago I start looking for another BH/3screw/41Mag.......Like finding a unicorn here in MA! Wednesday I sold a very nice Remington 11-87 to a fellow and did the FFL transfer at a gun shop that was some distance from my house, but equal distance for both of us to drive. This gun shop had two 3-screw, unconverted Ruger BHs. But both in 38/357 (although one had the extra 9mm cylinder!) ....But I wanted a 41 Magnum... I left that shop and went two miles to another shop in the area...Just to look around. Sure enough, way in the back of the gun case was a 4.5" Ruger BH, 3-screw.....I couldn't see the caliber, but the bore was easily seen to not be 38 cal. I had him pull it out and nearly pissed myself!!! It was Identical to the one I let get away. He wanted $700....I had an envelope with $600 in it from the sale of the shotgun a few minutes before....I threw the envelope on the counter and said it was all the $$ I had on me. He accepted my offer! And I'm a VERY happy camper! But it doesn't end here..... A few weeks ago, a fellow on this forum was selling a Lyman Sharps Model 1878 in 30-30 caliber. (Thanks Hillbilly Drifter) These are actually Sharps 1877 rifles, but are called 1878 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Lyman Gun Sight Company. They limited production to 140 rifles. (this one is #13) The price was VERY, VERY fair and included brass, bullets, dies.....It was listed for a couple weeks. I couldn't believe it didn't sell. On Saturday morning, while drinking coffee and reading this forum, I saw he relisted it. I was sure he had finally sold it. I emailed him and made arrangements to send funds immediately. He shipped it before he received payment. Talk about the Cowboy Way! A few days later it showed up at fellow SASS member, Chico's, gun shop......Well, I'm totally in love! Now I have a 1859, 1863, 1874, 1875 and 1877 Sharps rifles in the rack! Can't wait to take it deer hunting and long range side matches....Look out Deadhead! I'm com'n ta get ya and Lyman's com'n with me!
  2. Near any 250g bullet on top of 9g of Unique with small piece of toilet paper to hold powder against primer. Super accurate and very low recoil in half a dozen rifles I own.
  3. If you decide to build your own annealing machine, the article I wrote on my web site might help. I built this one a few years ago and use it extensively on 45-70, 38-55 and other high power centerfire cases. I shoot 38-40 in my rifle and 45 Cowboy Special in my revolvers. Both these cases leave guns super clean so I don't bother annealing. http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/brass-annealing-machine.html
  4. Yes....With black powder (or substitute) it could. As long as the case is full and holds the bullet from collapsing into the case and jamming up your rifle. With smokeless powder and not a full case, a good crimp is needed and annealed brass might not crimp tight enough.
  5. Is it my eyes, or are those two pictures above of two different rifles. The wood grain on the stock looks different? id like to see the actual wood grain under the butt pad if possible. im interested....
  6. Now this is something really special.....if I wasn’t on fixed income!
  7. Reason I'm looking for a second one is I bought the first one last weekend for $299! I just might convert the 45LC that I have to 38. Cylinders and barrels might be available at Numrich. Or I'll buy a blued 38 and swap the barrel and cylinders and then sell the 45LC with a blued frame.
  8. Well.... I have one in 38/357 and one in 45LC.... didn't make them fit long, but they made thrm
  9. Now my grand daughter want to start shooting SASS! Took her to one match and the "very nice people" got her into shooting and she's hooked I have a rifle and shotgun for her and one revolver.... but I need a second Ruger NM Vaquero, 4 5/8 barrel, case colored frame, 38/357 Anyone got one they want to part with? rvb100@comcast.net
  10. First, NEVER ask the state police for advice on anything to do with firearms. I can't tell you how many times my state police told shooters coming to my Egg Shoots the wrong thing. I tested them a few times myself and got totally different answers depending on who answered the phone. A lawyer well versed in these things is your best resource. You can transport firearms anywhere in the country as long as they are out of your control and secured in some type of container or locked compartment. UPS and FEDX drivers that pick up a load of Smith and Wessons in Massachusetts MUST go through NY state to get just about anywhere in the country. I'm sure all those guns are not registered to the driver or he has a licence to carry/possess in every state he traverses. But I've still never received absolute resolve about the over ten cartridge in a lever gun in NY question answered.
  11. I'm so sad that they are making us run down these rabbit holes simply because of the look of a gun......Here in the horrible state of Massachusetts, the sale of ALL AR type Modern Sporting Rifles have been totally banned.......But you can legally buy a Ruger Mini 14, M1a, Remington 7400/740, Browning BAR etc.......... I'm glad I'm approaching being an old bastard and don't worry too much about this stuff any longer....
  12. Thanks folks...We'll be at Manville on Saturday. I love shooting at Ledyard, but the weather has not smiled on us the past two winters.... :-) Monmouth Rangers will work also......
  13. Just a little too far.......But I'll get out there at some point this summer!
  14. I'm looking for Saturday or Sunday shoots in the area around northern to central NJ. New York state, Eastern PA? Most of the shoots further north are closed until spring or the weather shuts them down. Thanks
  15. Best time of the year to be in Beautiful New Hampshire! Gonna be a great shoot!
  16. Oh No! First the "Old Man In The Mountain" in New Hampshire and now this...........
  17. Any good photography store will have special gloves photographers wear in cold weather. That's what I use and they are great. They won't keep you warm at 20 below, but they do keep cold metal away from warm hands.
  18. Damn! Just ordered 4000 bullets from Rim Rock........I've ordered before from Chey-Cast, wonder why I didn't receive the email offer.
  19. Never...that little bit of carbon is harder than brass and the pockets last longer....That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  20. Put this over on the ASSRA site and you'll sell it in a nano second http://www.assra.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=fs Good Luck!
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