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  1. Recently I was at a three day shoot with 60 or so shooters. Only one clean shooter. What does that tell you? A few months ago I was at a 3 day match that was sold out with 200 shooters. Super big and close......50 clean shooters and some amazing fast times.....What does that tell you?
  2. This isn't about mistakes. We are all human and mistakes are part of life. That is why there are three spotters. Call them as you see them with ANY doubt going to the shooter. This is all about the words "I think"...."if you think it's a miss....." Etc.
  3. I never knew there was a WW2 museum in Natick. BTW, there is a fantastic museum at Fort Taber in New Bedford, MA.....simply amazing collection of arms from Revolution to Iraq. one of the best WWII museums is in New Orleans
  4. I posted this on a Face Book SASS group and received enormous response. Folks said it should be posted over here.... SPOTTERS...COUNTERS... What ever you call them, we need to talk. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems calling misses and hits has become quite bad. Not sure why. At Winter Range this past year I witnessed some of the worse spotting I ever saw. This past weekend I saw folks losing top ranking at a state shoot due to questionable spotting. Here is a rule to live by....if you even think the words “ I Think”...it’s a hit. If you say the words “ I Think”...it’s a hit. If you would like to go down range and inspect a target...it’s a hit. If you have no idea what the heck just happened...it’s a hit. The DOUBT...ALWAYS goes to the shooter. Stop looking at the other spotters fingers. Call them as YOU see them. If you are a questionable spotter, DONT spot! It’s not a dishonor to not spot. Especially at a state and above shoot. If you are an RO and have someone that is not a capable spotter, ask them to man the loading or unloading table. Or expedite the line. Don’t embarrass them. Simply give them another job. I don’t mean this to berate anyone, just an observation ..
  5. Now if he was drinking Critters Aiming Fluid, and had that lit match....it could have gotten interesting!
  6. Eastern Tenderfoot is BACK! Whipped me like an old mule......I need to put some banana peels out in front of his camper..... :-) Fantastic match....if you didn’t go, you missed a great one!
  7. Where do you get lemon shine? Is it a powder or a liquid?
  8. If you have access to Amazon Prime, there is a great docudrama called Quest For The Bay....8 intrepid Canadians live as 1840 fur traders and undertake an 800 mile trek in a period correct boat that weighs a ton with three tons of provisions. All clothing, food, tools etc are 1800 correct. The portages are grueling. The crossing of the big waters are perilous.Very interesting....
  9. I went to a shoot once where the directions said nothing about crossing a river.....with no bridge! Sports cars need not apply....
  10. And while I'm on a rant...... In the Chronicle, there are ads for matches and most times they dont even list the state they are in......a few didn't even list the city!
  11. I've shot at a whole bunch of gun clubs all over the country. I go to their web sites and they have "Turn By Turn" directions to the club, but only one or two had actual address listed. Even when I register for a shoot, some forms have T by T directions but no darn address!! Some folks might have entered this century and own a GPS.................... :-) Why the prohibition?
  12. Rancho Roy

    1873 in MA

    They did a NH transfer two weeks ago for a friend that bought a shotgun. Must be over $300 purchase.
  13. That kid can shoot. 10 stages at Black Gold....total time 130 seconds
  14. Rancho Roy

    1873 in MA

    If you buy at Kittery, be sure to have the rifle or shotgun transferred at the Kittery NH Transfer Station......then you do not pay any sales tax!
  15. Rancho Roy

    1873 in MA

    There is one listed here in Massachusetts https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/wts-unfired-uberti-1873-rifle-in-44-40.375136/ it says unfired, 44-40, $700 smok’n deal!
  16. New Hampshire State shoot.....Only couple weeks away. Great time to be in the mountains of New Hampshire.....Come North! http://pemipeacemakers.com/fracas.html
  17. Thanks DeadHead...I wanted to do that but had a heck of a time trying to on my itty bitty phone! Vermont and New Hampshire this time of year is simply lovely.......You all come up, ya hear!
  18. Vermont this coming weekend, then in two weeks New Hampshire...then Maine and then Albany NY......and then Connecticut Buzzard Boil..... Come join Us!
  19. Brass hardens when placed under pressure and heat. Once the brass hardens it will more easily split. Annealing removed the "work" hardening of the brass and bring it back to or even softer than original state. Once brass is annealed it will expand easier to seal the chamber and this expansion and contraction is what leads to case splits as shown in the photo someone posted above. Annealing can decrease this issue substantially..... If you are shooting 38 specials that you are buying extremely inexpensively, then dont bother. Throw them away if the split and move on. If you are shooting more difficult to source and more expensive cases, then it might not be a waste of time. If you are shooting 45Colt and experiencing blowby, annealing might be the answer. Some 45Colt brass I've used was extremely hard from the factory. If you are like Cheyenne Ranger and I and simply love to be in the reloading room and "tinkering"...... Then this is a good way to spend some time
  20. 38-40 and 44-40 absolutely will benefit from annealing. But the brass is thin and you really need to know what you are doing. Temp-laq is a must. And a mechanical annealing machine is recommended. www.rvbprecision.com Do a search for annealing
  21. I was taught to place the shotgun ahead of the rifle on the loading table. If you were first in line, and If someone pushed the whole line of guns and your unloaded shotgun fell off the end, it would only be a SDQ "on you"....if the rifle was first, because it is loaded and fell off, that is a MDQ "on you"....not on the person that did the pushing.
  22. What scares me is that after all this Dicks antigun stuff, their stock rose 14%. That might be the impitus for other retailers to follow suit. It does not make financial sense to give up a large amount of retail floor space and employer time doing NIC checks for such a low profit margin category.
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