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  1. First, NEVER ask the state police for advice on anything to do with firearms. I can't tell you how many times my state police told shooters coming to my Egg Shoots the wrong thing. I tested them a few times myself and got totally different answers depending on who answered the phone. A lawyer well versed in these things is your best resource. You can transport firearms anywhere in the country as long as they are out of your control and secured in some type of container or locked compartment. UPS and FEDX drivers that pick up a load of Smith and Wessons in Massachusetts MUST go through NY state to get just about anywhere in the country. I'm sure all those guns are not registered to the driver or he has a licence to carry/possess in every state he traverses. But I've still never received absolute resolve about the over ten cartridge in a lever gun in NY question answered.
  2. I'm so sad that they are making us run down these rabbit holes simply because of the look of a gun......Here in the horrible state of Massachusetts, the sale of ALL AR type Modern Sporting Rifles have been totally banned.......But you can legally buy a Ruger Mini 14, M1a, Remington 7400/740, Browning BAR etc.......... I'm glad I'm approaching being an old bastard and don't worry too much about this stuff any longer....
  3. Thanks folks...We'll be at Manville on Saturday. I love shooting at Ledyard, but the weather has not smiled on us the past two winters.... :-) Monmouth Rangers will work also......
  4. Just a little too far.......But I'll get out there at some point this summer!
  5. I'm looking for Saturday or Sunday shoots in the area around northern to central NJ. New York state, Eastern PA? Most of the shoots further north are closed until spring or the weather shuts them down. Thanks
  6. Best time of the year to be in Beautiful New Hampshire! Gonna be a great shoot!
  7. Oh No! First the "Old Man In The Mountain" in New Hampshire and now this...........
  8. Any good photography store will have special gloves photographers wear in cold weather. That's what I use and they are great. They won't keep you warm at 20 below, but they do keep cold metal away from warm hands.
  9. Damn! Just ordered 4000 bullets from Rim Rock........I've ordered before from Chey-Cast, wonder why I didn't receive the email offer.
  10. Never...that little bit of carbon is harder than brass and the pockets last longer....That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  11. Put this over on the ASSRA site and you'll sell it in a nano second http://www.assra.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=fs Good Luck!
  12. Be sure to stop by for some venison chilli and venison tenderloins! It's a CAS tradition!
  13. Thanks Sue...this is great help. Three years ago I was on a business trip to AZ and read about WR in the local newspaper. Drove up to have a look and the rest is history. At the time I didn't even know CAS existed! Now my wife is joining me and this will be her first big shoot. We can't wait!
  14. Thanks Lid.... I have a huge wet tumbler that I use for black powder cartridges with SS pins. But for smokeless powder I want to keep it simple with dry tumbling
  15. We are #86 at Shooters Campground East
  16. Is potable water available somewhere on site? I'll be in a non-hookup site. Is there a dump station? Where is the dump station located? Are fire rings permitted? Any other "Gotcha" I should be aware of. My first time there.
  17. I'm not sure if alcohol stretches leather....but my experience shows it does indeed stretch the truth!
  18. Used wet pieces of micro fiber cloth. Jammed the shells in and this morning all was good. Shells slide in and out perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!
  19. We'll see you at WR for sure. Ordered up a Lyman Pro Magnum Turbo 2500 tumbler on sale at Optics Planet with another 10% off and free shipping. Total delivered $81. Such a deal!
  20. Yes, cowboy loads. I thought abou making them collapsible or with removable legs, but I just throw them in the back of the truck for the mile ride to the range.
  21. Tried them out today with my wife who is a new shooter. First time she shot steel. Fired 200 rounds and only 8 misses, including one live round eject. No "P"s! The stands worked great. Now I need a much larger brass tumbler. Her 200 rounds and my 200 rounds don't fit in my 30 year old tumbler.... I hope this wife shooting thing was a good idea.. :-)
  22. Leather double loops........ Leather stretch spray?....do tell.
  23. Bought a beautiful rig for my new cowgirl wife off a pard on this here forum. She loves it, but the Shotgun loops are extremely tight. I wrapped a few loaded shotgun shells with a few layers of electrical tape and shoved them in hoping they would stretch he leather. Other than having at it with a sanding drum is there anything else I can do to open up the loops? BTW, these are closed bottom loops.
  24. Why is that...Do tell? These won't get used all that often so it should stand up fine.
  25. Needed a few practice targets for my wife and I to practice with. Went to the steel supply house and wanted A550 but they had a truck load of HR450 which is almost as hard, but a whole lot less $$. Four pieces of 3/8 X 16" X 16" was a bit under $150 Four 10' pieces of #5 (5/8") rebar a few big washers and a bit of welding and heat bending and they came out pretty good!
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