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  1. Four posts above it clearly stated it wasn't a cowboy gun......
  2. It's a Reno Browne.....not Reno Brownie.....
  3. As you can see, this isn't a CAS gun. It's way more pressure than we play with. I have seen pictures of the same result in other firearms. Some were done intentionally, under controlled conditions, to just see what would happen. I remember reading about a test with a revolver and a 1911 stacking squibs. In both cases, with mild loads, the guns did not come apart. Slight bulge in the 1911 and no change in revolver. I believe the cylinder gap helped in the case of the revolver. These experiments were done many years ago by a few friends/gunsmiths. Interesting! But some revolvers, no matter how strong, can't handle a double load....(S&W 629 Mountain Gun)
  4. Where can I see this new lever lock?
  5. He's lucky he didn't get a MDS....Much Dead Shooter!
  6. When I say STOP, I'z means STOP!
  7. The Ruger revolver will not fire with simply removing transfer bar. The hammer face will not touch the firing pin. The hammer face needs to be welded and reshaped and a half cock notch created. If no half cock notch, the firing pin will not allow the cylinder to rotate to load.
  8. A transfer bar absorbs energy that could be used to set off the primer. With the transfer bar in place, the hammer spring can be made only so light or misfires are the result. Removing the transfer bar allows a much lighter hammer spring and therefore hammer pull.
  9. Two quick points. For folks that want further targets and more prohibitions on equipment there is always NCOWS As far as too many categories. I agree. St some matches some awards are more like a participation trophy since only three or four ( sometimes less ) folks are in a category. Another option might be Time Based categories....matters not how you shoot it, you would compete with other that shoot at your speed.....
  10. Brownells ultra Sonic fluid is the best. Once parts dry it leaves behind a perfect protective coat of oil. I've tried everything. Simply the best.
  11. One of the cowboys on this forum grabbed it and had it shipped to him. Good deal for him. Congratulations!
  12. Now I need to figure out how to modify my 1897 to accept six rounds.
  13. Grizzly....I bought the holster and belt from someone on this list a couple years ago. The only 1911s I have are full blown custom IDPA type. Just not right for WB.
  14. Thank you all very much. Should be fun!
  15. I would like to compete in wild bunch at some point. i bought a holster and mag holders for four magazines I picked up. Springfield 1911a1 todayI have holsters and mag holders.How many magazines will I need for a typical stage?Will 7 round magazines be ok? will my match 1873 in 38-40 suffice? I also have a Winchester 92 in both 38-40 and 45LC. i have Winchester 1897 and model 12 shotguns.....will either be ok? thanksThanks
  16. Do you still need some? I shot 6mm Remington Ackley in NRA High Power a few year ago and might have some components for you.
  17. I have pictures if wanted.
  18. Ithacs100/SKB 12g ShootersOutpost in New Hampshire. Like new condition. Just thought I'd post this for my cowboy friends. I'm just here buying powder and saw it.
  19. Thanks everyone. I have two on the way to me.....thanks for the offers.
  20. Need standard style NewModel Vaquero hammers. need two prefer blued, but SS considered please email me at rvb100@comcast.net Rancho Roy #93544
  21. Ok, I’ve decided to make a bunch of these. I need to look through my brass for proper headstamps. I don’t think the Starline headstamp is appropriate. for instance, 44-40 might want to be 44WCF..... 38 Special might want to be 38 COLT or 38 S&W stay tuned...I’ll see what I come up with. If you have some rare cartridge your shoot, you could send me three empty cases. I need three Incase I screw up two of them..... :-)
  22. Hoss, I did not receive your message. You can email me directly rvb100@comcast.net web site Rvb precision
  23. Thanks....if I made them in bulk I could hit that price point. Some of the other products I offer on my web site are made at a technical school in Caribou Maine. The products are used as part of the CNC shop curriculum. They would be making the primer insert stem for this project.
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