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  1. Link doesnt work....Where is this shoot located?
  2. I recently read where in 1899, the country was in terrible financial straights. Congress was looking for ways to cut expenses. It was suggested to close the patent office as "everything that could possibly be invented had been invented"....!
  3. Classic Cowboy Dinner at Winter Range-Buffalo Chip 6:30 pm Thursday February 21. We are back at it again folks. At Winter Range we will have a whole heap of Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls, folks thinking about becoming Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls, and others who just enjoy being around us. So we like to have a get together for anyone who wants to come at which we recognize our Classic Cowboy and Cowgirl Shootists of the Year for the past year. These are folks who have shown themselves to be willing to shoot the big calibers one handed and master the mystery of the hammered shotgun while promoting the category for others to try. We had many worthy candidates, and our winners for 2018 are Major Art Tillery and Cayenne Kay. We will convene at the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek for dinner at 6:30 Thursday February 21, which is the first day of the match. Here is a link to their website.https://buffalochipsaloon.com/ We know that the Cowboy Swap Meet has been changed to that day starting at 5:30 pm, but our hope is that you can get your shopping done early and come out. And we will be there for a good while, with the presentation of the Buckles taking place no earlier than 7:30. Lots of good times and camaraderie to be had. Put it on your schedule for Winter Range! Update: the Magnificent Seven (well, really Augustus Goodnight, but we asked him) have arranged for a cut rate deal on the Buffalo Chip dinner with a $14.95 all you can eat barbq deal. Just go through and tell them you are with the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Dinner. Drinks are on your own. They asked us for a headcount, so let us know if you are coming or hope to come. See you there! Edited January 28 by Dragon Hill Dave #59561
  4. OK...Looks like Thursday night is the night....Cave Creek.....We'll help celebrate the new nominees for Classic Cowboy award. We went last year and it was great fun. See you all there...
  5. It is the New Bedford Police range where I'm a supervisor.
  6. Swayed them away from an AR.......
  7. Tung Oil... Once an hour for a day... Once a day for a week... Once a week for a month.... Once a year forever... Rubbing with a rough cloth between coats or 0000 steel wool. No wax or anything else on top of the Tung Oil
  8. Any plans for the NE folks attending WR to get together one night. A suggestion is we join the Classic Cowboys on Thursday night. We attended last year and had a great time. And they negotiated a great deal on food.
  9. What does other side of receiver look like? Is the "horse" still there? Would it need to be sent to an FFL since it is obviously made before 1898?
  10. Sorry, I didn’t. This was just a monthly shoot. Set up and take down in same day. My understanding when they host a big shoot it is really something. I’m sure their must be pictures on their web site.
  11. Great article written in 2016....My understanding is all lead production in USA was shut down in 2017......is this accurate?
  12. If I'm leaving for even one night, I shut water off......Winter and Summer. I also installed a simple "Home Minder" device that will call my cell phone if water is detected on the basement floor using a number of remote sensors or temp goes below 45 degrees or power is out for more than 30 minutes. It has totally saved my A** twice when leaks sprung...once in a water filter that split and the second time in the water supply line to our furnace boiler. As soon as I get time to install it, I will install an electric valve on my main waterline that will shut water off every time I set the alarm. My gun room and other valuables are in the basement. A flood would be devastating!
  13. Just a quick Thank You to the Picacho Posse of Las Cruces New Mexico. I was invited to shoot with these cowboys while I'm spending some time in the Deming NM area. The hospitality was superb and the match itself was great. Followed up by a great meal at a fantastic Mexican restaurant. Thank You! Next stop, Gila Rangers in Silver City, NM (February 9) ........Then on to Winter Range!
  14. Back in the day (1980s) when friends and I were shooting benchrest and traveling from the East coast to Montana to shoot prairie dogs, we were concerned about this. So we did the previously mentioned testing. BLC2, 335, VIT 133 and 135, and a few others were tested. I wrote up an article about it but lost it years ago in a computer crash. "We" is just a few friends that sometimes have too much time on our hands....
  15. A few years ago we did extensive tests on this. We tumbled loaded cartridges with various powders for hours and there was zero difference in velocity over a chronograph. No change in pressure what so ever. After all, powder is shipped in tractor trailer trucks, bouncing around for days as it is shipped cross country. And our loaded cartridges are traveling in our vehicles, sometimes for weeks, without any issues.
  16. I heard from a few shooters south of NY/NJ that they were concerned about transporting firearms through these states. As we all know, it is perfectly legal to transport firearms through any state in the union as long as they are locked up, out of your control. Those of us that live in ME, NH, VT, MA, RI and CT are very comfortable transporting through NY/NJ as we need to go through these states to get anywhere else in the USA. I would think the Northeast Shoot should be in PA. Just about centrally located.
  17. I think it is 12"......I'm on the road in Texas right now. I can measure when I get back.
  18. I have a number of Mass compliant Colt clones that I will be selling when I get back from Winter Range. All are 45LC Birdshead Buntline 4 3/4" 5" Etc Contact me in March if you don't find anything. rvb100@comcast.net
  19. If you want a shooter, find one in 30-30 and have JES Reboring bore, rifle and chamber to 38-55...... I have a couple of them. One is original 38-55 and the other was a shot out 30-30 that JES did his magic. Shoots like a house afire!
  20. Rubbing compound is to abrasive for these alloy receivers. We did use it on steel 1911 pistols. And I might use it on a steel O/U. But not on an alloy frame. Hope this helps.
  21. Just want to say Thank You to Two Ponies down in Alabama. I purchased a Uberti 73 from him and before he could ship it up here to New England, I decided to take a couple hour detour on my trip to Winter Range to pick it up and visit a bit. Glad I did! We transferred it at a local gun shop with no issues. That cowboy has no moss growing under his feet. Talk about keeping busy with about a dozen different hobbies......and a master at all of them! It was very informative. It was great meeting you and your wife. And the rifle is superb.....much better than I expected! THANKS!
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