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  1. One of those videos showed a man living with the big bears for I believe 5-6 yrs. Then the show ended suddenly OH = OH GW
  2. Biden's phone was probably made by Fisher Price GW
  3. 3 days in brine--Rinse--Cut thru back and push down flat. Smoke at 275-300 till 180 GW
  4. Not recommended by many, except they hope the competion does it. I lost part of my trigger finger in a shop opps years ago and do not have much feeling in the tip. Works for me and my situation GW
  5. Usually 300 miles is my limit traveling alone. Camp every match I can make. Some friends took me along for a trip to EOT and Red Dirt Ramage in OK Great to have friends to help the old guys out GW
  6. G W Wade


    Almost all are stages around, movement is parallel to the firing line and I tend to scuff toes of boots badly. GW
  7. Nickle goes in my practice ammo bucket, Even gives me some jam clearing practice GW
  8. I have watched some videos of the Nepalese working their tails off making these knives Impressive BUT, there is always the question"Who to buy from" GW
  9. Will be waiting to hear about quality of blade when you get to using it GW
  10. Not a fan of most of the remakes of some of the great ones. 3:10 to Yuma comes to mind and others GW
  11. Picked up his "Set it and forget it" oven for $5 at garage sale. Makes some of the best chicken, never found anything else but chicken was superb GW
  12. FYI a cheap fillet glove - cut resistant $8, is a wise investment if you use a mandolin GW
  13. I am lazy, use a mandolin GW
  14. Do not care for Tornado brushes except for shotgun. Plus not impressed by Slick scraper in my Ruger pistols, leaves a lot to clean out with brush(IMHO) Use mostly in rifle to prevent possible problems. GW
  15. Made me think of a cook book I have. "Recipes your way" Lots of basic recipes but give you option. List of breads- pick one List of fruits- pick one or more Nuts Milk Spices and Topper. Nothing game changing but gives you different choices and options you might not have thought about. Recipes for breakfast to dinner and dessert plus snacks GW
  16. Yah, it is. I wasnt with Cast Boolits either but refuse FaceBook GW
  17. On a recent project, I found a man on the Cast Boolit website. Doug Guy in North Carolina.. Can be found there or on Facebook. GW
  18. Damn, I am feeling dumb. Thought they just cut them off till they fit. Factory springs them way to tight anyway GW Sorry11 The devil made me do it GW
  19. A man around this area sold a bullet we called the Behn bullet.. Basically indentical to this, Very interesting, shot a lot for IPSC GW
  20. Picked a pristine Chief Special with 3" HB. Came with rubber grips that I quickly removed to replace with classic Altamont grips complimented by a polished Tyler T-Grip I ha been saving. Kind of retro look like it probaly would have looked back in the 60's. Loved the look but quickly learned this old hands could not hang on as good as they used to. Now its good the ugly (IMHO) robber grips back on. GW
  21. Not that I want to cut off my stock. I put a spacer in to remove the crescent. Can you just square off the points of the crescent or should you calculate off of the barrel to get the right pitch? GW
  22. That brings back memories. Shot one like that at Second Chance bowling pin shoot in 1980 GW
  23. Never had a chance to handle the 325, its light weigh would really make it a joy to carry. I do own the 625 in 3-4 and 5 inch Shot the 4inch the most and one of my favorites. ICORE was a great pastime but seemed to fall by the way when SASS grew up here GW
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