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  1. Very Nice . I just picked one up myself. I'm very happy with it . Rooster
  2. Great Review. Looks like a good starting point for sure . I need one lol
  3. They are all over Gunbroker.com for sale
  4. Actually probably made by Rossi . S&W has been in business in Brazil before. Remember that's how Taurus got started . And now that Taurus owns Rossi . I would not be surprised that it's actually made by Rossi . And imagine that . Rossi just stepped up there game in the past year and come out with a really really Nice built 336 clone !
  5. I personally never knew the Man . Thank you for your Services to our Great Nation Mr.Butler RIP Sr.
  6. Even though the New 92's have the ugly safety on top ( that you can remove) They are much smoother out of the box then the old ones ever was .
  7. I have Not taken a Bus , Cab Sence 1985 or ever used a Uber ! I don't even ever see Yellow Cabs anymore ?
  8. Love it . God has a use for Old Cowboys with Old Lever Guns lol . God bless . PS. I pray you never have to use her for that job . Rooster
  9. Hay Gunner . Long time no see ! I pray all things are going good in your world . God bless. Rooster
  10. Love watching him . Really can't stand his son John though . I think it's a very entertaining channel.
  11. I'm not saying it's the Last Gun Period . I'm saying it's the last run of guns before FN bought Winchester from US Repeating Arms and moved the manufacturing to Japan. Any way you look at it . It's a American Made Winchester 44 mag Unfired in the box. I'm very happy with it . PS. No it's not for Cowboy Action Shooting . I just wanted it . Rooster
  12. Looks like another Marlin 336 clone .
  13. Henry has a life time warranty on the firearm itself . Don't even bother working on it . Just send it in . If they can't fix it they will give him a new rifle shipped directly to his house . No FFL needed . Rooster
  14. Get a .32 Auto Die set from Lee . Works great ! So Saith The Rooster
  15. Just wanted to share it with you . I just picked up this New in the box Unfired Winchester 94 44 magnum 16" Saddle Ring Ranger . No it's not for SASS . It's for just because I love the 44 cartridge. I own One 66 Two 92's Two Marlin's Two Henry's Three 73's and Now One 94 all in 44 Magnum and or 44 special . This is the last US Repeating Arms Run in Connecticut before they sold out to FN . She has the tang safety like the new Japanese built Winchester Clones and not the ugly cross bolt safety . It's really a nice built USA Winchester 94. Rooster
  16. It's a horrible situation. But I can't think of a guy in Hollywood who I would like to see more stuck in this spot ! Just Sayin. Rooster
  17. Not quite the same but . I had a Colt 3rd Gen 44 special with a 44/40 cylinder. She was a fun gun to play with .
  18. #FJB #fjb #LetsgoBrandon #maga #Trump2024 I support Donald J Trump for President of The United States of America ! Rooster
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