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  1. The Chiappa 92 is a fine built rifle . But for the money you can't go wrong with the Rossi . I bet Rossi has built more 92's over the years then Winchester ever did . At this point the 92 is known as a Rossi 92 not a Winchester 92 lol . Not hard to work on , Parts forever & Tough as hell .
  2. I have been reloading longer then I can remember anymore. I have Never had to trim any brass used for SASS . You just don't build enough presher to stretch the brass . It will usually split long before it stretches out . So Saith The Rooster
  3. I carry a 1/2 Gallon Jug of water with a little vinegar in it and a spot of Dawn dish soap. And dump all my brass from the whole day in the jug . Shake it threw out the day. When I get home I dump the brass out and rinse with fresh water . Let dry a day and throw them back in the tumbler . Start over ! So Saith The Rooster
  4. Long shot . But I will call second if something don't work out . Rooster
  5. If you decide to ship it . I will take it . Rooster
  6. Inquiring Minds would like to know ? Rooster
  7. They are OK . Never had a issue with mine . Double Action is heavy but not unusable. Quality is as good as the Heritage or the Wrangler any day . Rooster
  8. Rossi 92's have now got upwards of 800.00 nowadays. I see this as a entry level gun to start the game for people who can't or don't want to make a huge investment in a sport that they don't know if there are going to stay with . Rooster
  9. A concealed weapon permit is just that. (concealed ) Nobody knows you have it I carry everywhere everyday period. I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6 ! Just Sayin Rooster.
  10. I use Amazon on a daily basis. I never pay shipping with a Prime account. And as Pat Riot has already stated . It's paid for itself several times over . Hell I dropped my 120.00 a month cable bill and switched to Amazon fire stick and that alone has saved me over 1000.00 a year . Rooster
  11. I have been retired sence 2017 . My motorcycle crash in 2016 pretty much ended my standing and shooting all day . I just can't fiscally do it . But I keep renewing my membership for the support of SASS . And remember if you decide to sell off any of your stuff . You must be a paying member to list anything for sale on the wire . It's like 6 dollars a month to keep your membership. I'm not going anywhere. I will just keep my membership. So Saith The Rooster.
  12. My favorite part of superman was him having 38 bullets bouncing off him . But ducking the gun being thrown at him lol
  13. It's nothing at all like a 94 or 92 . It's the fact the 94 was the best longest selling Winchester rifle . So calling it a 9422 was probably more of a sales pitch like the 1 of 10000. Any witch way it'd my favorite 22 rifle I have ever owned. Rooster
  14. I'm deep deep into Ryobi tools between everything I have at home and everything I have at my off grid 10 acure Cabin property. I have found the Amazon Ryobi 18 Volt Battery Lithium are just as good at 1/2 the price . I have had zero issues using them . Rooster
  15. Toby wrote that song for Clint Eastwood after spending a day playing golf with him . Clint was making the movie Mule . Clint even used the song in the move . RIP Toby
  16. And who ever is in that voting pool needs to remember who that Judge is and do everything in your power to remove them from that job !
  17. We lost another good Man last night. Toby Keith went home to The Lord last night . May He Rest in Peace. Prayers up for his Family and Friends.
  18. Absolutely ! I shoot everything in 44 caliber . Russian in a shorter 44 Special. Special is a shorter magnum. Cycling my or may not be a issue is certain action types. But it will shoot. Rooster
  19. You are damn right it's all are fault that we have that Democ-Rat B!+@4 in office for the second time. We all (what I mean by all ) Is. We The Gun People We The Free People Shit just . We The People Need to get our heads out of our ass and talk to our friends and family and make sure we all get out and Vote. It starts at the Local level and works its way all the way up to Congress and the White House . We The People need to Vote in a change of administration period. I'm not just batching about Kalifornia I'm batching about everyone. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE !
  20. That is absolutely ridiculous pricing. In 20-20 Pre Scamdemic . 30/30 Ammo was 9.99 for 20 rounds . I will Not pay the prices and Nither should you . We all can send them that message by loading your own ammo and let that stuff sit on the shelf ! It's not all that hard to start loading ammo . Rooster
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