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  1. looking for reloading components or ammunition for 405 Winchester. if anyone has some they would part with please let me know. thank you
  2. I sent you a PM. I have 2 pairs of tuned blued Vaqueros in 38/357. One set has super Blackhawk hammers welded up with half-cock notches and transfer bars removed. Other set is tuned with regular spur hammers.
  3. No problem anytime but unfortunately it’s been sold.
  4. I think there is a brand new one at local gun shop in Missoula. I am heading down there today and will shoot you a PM with their info if they still have it.
  5. For sale or trade Redding Custom 375/338 Win Mag Dies. $100 shipped OBO will trade for the following- 9mm dies preferably Lee Deluxe Dillon 550 44mag Conversion kitDillon Powder Measure7mm bullets264 bullets280 rem brass7mm rem mag brass40 cal bullets40 brass
  6. WTS: Pair or Cimarron Thunderers 38/357


    Where are these?

    1. Roughneck Rod

      Roughneck Rod

      they are in Montana

  7. I have a Dillon tool head,  shell plate and pins and a set of lee dies.  $90 shipped

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