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  1. Yes sir it will, up to 7.5” barrel. Not that there’s many New Vaqueros out there with that length..
  2. SPF 1) .22 cartridge belt with left hand cross draw holster. Belt measures 38” from buckle tip to tightest hole, “42 to the loosest. Holster fits single actions with up to 3.5” barrels (shown with ruger single six). UPDATE: will also fit ruger wrangler (see new pic). Antique Mahogany color. Both are used but in good shape - now $75 shipped. 2) left hand slim Jim style holster for colt single action with up to 7.5” barrel. Dark brown. Will fit conversion revolvers nicely too. Barely used, now $30 shipped. first “I’ll take it” gets it, will send PM after to cover de
  3. Yes the Uberti has the hammer mounted firing pin. PM sent.
  4. I have for sale my former main match revolvers. I’ve been using these (sporadically) for the last four years or so, cleaned after almost every match. Just bought a matched pair of emf great western iis from a gentlemen here and don't need these anymore. Sold) Pietta SAA in 357mag. My first single action (bought at cabelas in 2015). Has transfer bar. Very good looking color case “hardening”. SOLD Uberti Cattleman SAA 4.75” barrel in 357mag. I bought this from another cowboy who had about 50rds through it (I’ve put about 1000rds through it since) and is a smooth p
  5. I haven’t heard back from the gents who initially wanted the grips so they’re back up for grabs! Also added some more holsters I don’t need.
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