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  1. Sorry, someone already beat ya to it…both knives sold.
  2. Cleaning out the closet: 1) spf left hand threepersons style holster for 1911. $35 shipped. 2) SPF large Bowie with sheath that’s a little too big. $15 shipped 3) SPF smaller Bowie with custom sheath - has seen some use but is structurally sound. $25 shipped.
  3. Sounds like it might just fit the bill. Email sent.
  4. All messages replied to via pm. BTT for remainder of the weekend.
  5. Thanks for the bump, I shot ya a pm.
  6. Thanks for the info, I’m sure you’re right about the barrel length. Post edited!
  7. Just like the title says…I’m in search of a sheriffs model (3” or 3.5” barrel, no ejector) single action. I’m quite partial to pietta/emf great western IIs, and 357/38 would be my caliber preference. Let me know if you have something you’d be willing to part with! - Ricochet
  8. BTT with price reduction (white grips sold - only comes with wood grips now).
  9. I would…$25 shipped to you sound fair? If so, shoot me a pm and we’ll work the details!
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