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  1. Josey Kidd 13170 life owasso ok member since 1998
  2. I’ll take 60 cases. PM me with details, thanks, Josey Kidd
  3. It took 2 trips back to ruger to finally get one of my NMV fixed properly. New cylinder had to be made and fitted to pistol. JK
  4. does the dillon 900 shotgun reloader come with the casefeeder? any other optional accessories ?

    thanks, Festus

  5. sounds like I need to amble on to your range in the summertime ! Have a great day !

  6. thanks for the update,.....if it falls thru, let me know !

  7. about the blue bib shirt,....... is it a roomy XL or a slightly larger L ? I have several wah maker shirts, and no two fit the same !

    thanks, Mark

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