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  1. Pard- I'm running out the door to work. Will PM you tonight Thanks.

  2. Hi Slow did ya get the email i sent ya?

  3. Thank you sir, I have sent you $85 via paypal. If it is not enough, please let me know. If to much, keep the change. What ever shipping method you choose is fine with me.

    Thanks again

    Silver Shadow

  4. yep- still got it. glad the boots work

  5. Hey Slow,did ya get the gold?

  6. R.Son

    1516 e. La vida ct.


  7. Whatever works for you pard. I know I've had it before- but send me your info and I'll get them on the coach.

  8. how about 25.00 for the black size 8 boots,Tony Lamas is all about i can wear,i need a pair of black to go with my black hat.



  9. How about I send you $55 for the boots and you ship them the cheapest way possible? Will that work?

  10. thanks for the update,.....if it falls thru, let me know !

  11. How's that harmonica sound?


  12. Look at the top of the page when you are logged in. Beside your picture (or where it would be) is your alias. Click on that for a drop down menu that contains your Messenger. That is where the PMs are. Paisano

  13. Thanks pard. My info is Melvin Morford 20383 e 43rd ave Denver colo 80249. Send me your shipping info so I can get it ready to go.

  14. about the blue bib shirt,....... is it a roomy XL or a slightly larger L ? I have several wah maker shirts, and no two fit the same !

    thanks, Mark

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