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  1. Check with Lock Stock & Barrel Investments, Spencer Hoglund (Lead Dispenser). He can put you on the right track with an appraisal and how/where to sell it.
  2. There are so many more interesting cartridges than just .45 and .38/.357. While the straight-walled cartridges, (don't forget .44!), are easiest to load, there is so much more available. Explore before buying. I saw one fellow post on another forum that he was into "historically correct", and was kicking himself for buying a rifle in .45
  3. Sounds like what you're looking for is one of these; a Uberti Richard-Mason Conversion Uberti Richard-Mason Conversion Ha! Too Tall beat me to the draw!
  4. I don't have the words to express my sadness at the passing of this fine man. Prayers up for the family.
  5. If you're going to carry this in the summer in the hot and humid Southland, you can put it on over a t-shirt, then cover it with a loose short sleeved button shirt, left open. That way the harness will print less... but it will print enough so that anyone who is more than a casual observer will see it. I'm assuming that you do have a CCW permit. It's still going to be hot and sticky. But that's summer through Sept., early Oct.
  6. Ok, I misspoke. At the top where you start a new post, click "More". (I sent you too high in the page). Then click "add file". Here's a picture of the drop-down menu.
  7. Up at the very top of the FB page under "more" is a place you can upload a PDF file. It will then display the PDF link on your page and automatically save it under "Files" for easy reference. (rename the file, otherwise they all come up as "matchresultsbytime") The other, less convenient way, is to take a screen shot of the opened file and post it as a picture. But, then it won't get saved under "Files". If you want to save them in order for easy reference, you'd have to mark each one as an announcement, and then they would be saved under the "Announcements" link on the left of the page.
  8. Excellent! I need to drive on over and shoot with y'all sometime. I made a couple of FB pages for some clubs up the road from you: Old Hickory Regulators in Rocky Mt. and Flat Branch Ranch Cowboys in Bunn Level Say Howdy! to Jefro and High Noon Henry for me. Y'all have a great bunch of folks there!
  9. Dang! My Colt budget is already used up for this month... You know you can't just buy one! BTT
  10. Still no answer... Fireball, if you want them that's fine.
  11. Besides the kickeez, a mercury recoil reducer in the buttstock helps tremendously. Of course, cutting the stock to proper length and "nose over toes" will go a long way. Having an experienced woman shooter helping to mentor her would be ideal.
  12. I suppose I've been quite lucky iny dealings with Gunsmiths. For most work, I use Three Cut, who's fairly local to me. He's worked over more guns than I can think of right now, and always did a good job in a timely manner. If there's a gun type that he is not fully comfortable working on, he'll tell you and recommend someone else. I do have some guns out with another Smith, because he's one of the few in the country doing what he does. He has quite a backlog and you know going in that it's going to take awhile. And that's ok. The only bad experience I had was long ago, and I've not used that Smith since, and now he's retired from the business. So, no one else is getting disappointed by him. I have bought a few used guns off the Classified.Wire with "action jobs", that were actually gun butchered. But, Three Cut was able to make them right for me. So, it all worked out in to end. It is a great thing to have someone you can talk to face-to-face about what you want done. But I know that isn't always possible. Anyway, good luck and keep us updated! If you wish to leave feedback about the transaction, you have the link.
  13. SDQ was the correct call. Earlier, squinting at my phone, it did not register with me that the round was chambered. Does not matter if it slid off the carrier into the chamber, or various "what ifs". We can only go by what is. I need to not answer these until I learn to comprehend whole sentences...
  14. Are you looking for an original Winchester, a Miroku/Winchester, or a Uberti reproduction? (Stay away from the Chaparrals) as has been noted the originals only came in .44 Henry rimfire. You'd need an 1873 for .44-40 (and no rifle of the era was ever chambered in .45 Colt) I haven't seen any Miroku/Winchesters in '66 yet, you'd probably have to order them new through your dealer and wait on them. Ubertis would be no problem. You'll find them here!
  15. OP says that the shooter corrected the situation before they fired the next gun... "Long guns will be emptied and discarded with their barrels pointed safely downrange. This condition may be corrected on the clock, prior to the next round being fired." SHB Vers 23.2 pg 18
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