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  1. REVOLVER AND RIFLE AMMUNITION - Moly-Disulfide, polymer coated bullets, or equivalents are acceptable. SHB Vers 24.1 pg 27
  2. That is "Step Shooting" and is now illegal in SASS. - “Shooting on the move” or “step shooting” is expressly disallowed. SHB Vers 24.1 pg 13
  3. Taylor Tuning: Hand-tuned and polished by expert gunsmiths Lightened hammer and trigger pull with custom springs Possibilities where things went wrong with the too light trigger pull... 1) Trigger spring is too light. Replace with a Wolff trigger spring or 2) Too much metal was removed from trigger sear, or polished to a wrong angle. Replace Trigger. It could be one or both. If it is a new gun, send it back to Taylors to fix under warranty for free.
  4. In a photo from 1998, David Carradine (Coleman Younger, SASS #9145), Keith Carradine (Jim Younger, SASS #5176), and Robert Carradine, (Bob Younger, SASS, #174). In the beard right behind them is Paul Harper (Fort Phantom Kid, SASS #169) from the movie, The Wild Bunch.
  5. I don't know if you shoot get to shoot with Three Cut, but he has shortened and crowned a 24" '73 to 18" for me and is currently taking down a 24" Marlin to 20". He can do just about anything for you that you need. He is quite talented. Maybe it comes from building those race cars...
  6. Did you run afoul of this? The SASS forums shall not be used as for any of the following: The promotion of other bulletin boards/online forums
  7. The Cimarron Old Model P revolvers are fine guns. There are a pair on the Classified Wire now, that have had all the bells and whistles, tuning and smoothing already done to them, and the price is good!
  8. Automatically downloads and plays on my Windows 10 Lenovo PC. Haven't tried it on the laptops or tablet.
  9. Here's options: Uberti - go with the "Old Model" revolvers that do not have the retractable firing pin system, and are the equivalent of the original Colt Black Powder frame. Pietta - the Great Western II line of revolvers from EMF. Quite nice, ready to go right out of the box, and no "safety" systems. The Californian models are as close to Colt as you're going to get in a mid-price gun.
  10. The winners of the Team Event at Helldorado '00 (l-r) Diamond Dick, Molly b'Dam, Max Sand, The Pentz Kid and I.M. Nobody
  11. I've had no problems whatsoever with shooting after cataract surgery in both eyes, or even after surgery for a retinal detachment. Remington STS for SxS and .38-40s. I haven't had an opportunity to shoot .45-70 or .303 yet. As always, consult your eye doctor... but there are a whole lot of us out there shooting post-cataract procedures.
  12. Welcome!! Just a note in passing, the S&W .32 "lemon squeezers" (.32 New Departure, Safety Hammerless), and most of the knock-offs are .32 center-fire, not rim-fire. Ammo is available, plus it's easy to reload. They also made the same thing in .38 S&W (center-fire) I really can't think of a modern pocket revolver that doesn't have a swing-out cylinder, or is a cut-down version of a main-match revolver. hmmmm.... maybe someone else can think of one? But, you can definitely use modern derringers for the Derringer side-match.
  13. Yup. https://www.spine-health.com/treatment/spinal-fusion/3-weeks-3-months-after-acdf-surgery
  14. Sgt, That is the pettiest one of them I've seen! sweet!
  15. Howdy Sgt. John Boy listed the best methods of procuring .32 rimfire. I wish there was something like the Dixie Gun Works .38 rimfire cases, to use with .32s https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/8422/product_name/KA1203+Brass+Rimfire+Case+-+.38RF+(.370+Round+Ball) Also, check and be sure that your "lemon squeezer" (.32 Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless, "New Departure", with a grip safety, hence the "lemon squeezer" name) is actually a rimfire. They were supposedly only made in .32 S&W, which is a center-fire cartridge. If you have a Smith & Wesson "lemon squeezer" in .32 rimfire, it is a rare bird and may well be worth quite a bit! Of course, then Smith & Wesson went on to make the .38 S&W version also.
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