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  1. Fords is for trucks. Not cars. They make crappy cars.
  2. Your choices are awesome compared to Dove Creek! 1 cafe and a counter in the convenience store.
  3. Melted some of the snow. Check for mammoths.
  4. No idea. Got it off the Interweb.
  5. You saw the movie, now meet the men.
  6. And I never heard AFV used in any WWII literature I've read. I believe it's a pretty modern term.
  7. My son had a couple of electric Epiphones. They were pretty nice. I'm looking for a flat top acoustic.
  8. Nope. Mascots have to move. Logos jest get affixed to stuff, like guncarts, T shirts, whiskey bottles, aeroplanes. etc
  9. Funniest thing about this thread is that the original post has nothing to do with trucks.
  10. I am somewhat handicapped by living in a small town with a somewhat limited variety available to taste.
  11. I feel the same generally. But there's something about thisn.
  12. I hate it when that happens. Especially when it’s my fault.
  13. We drove over to Mendocino from Napa once. Stayed here at this very cool place https://schoolhousecreek.com/ . Mendocino Nat. Forest is close. Big trees.
  14. Coyotes are one of the most adaptable creatures in the world. They increase their range constantly, unlike most other wild animals. It’s gonna take a lot to make them extinct.
  15. I know which guitars are fantastic. I can’t afford them. Note the ‘56 Gibson ES175 in my pic. Dad bought it for 50 bucks when I was 17. Sold it when I went into the army. Not sure how much he got for it. What I’m looking for is a nice sounding flat top that I won’t have to get a loan for.
  16. We spent a few days in Kernville a few years ago. Stayed lovely place right on the river. Many big trees up the road. https://www.google.com/maps/search/sequoia+national+park/@35.9842249,-118.7139868,9.14z
  17. Let me say that have played both electric and acoustic guitars in the past. But there are so many more on the market now than there were a few decades ago it's difficult to shop now. I do not intend to perform with this instrument. Strictly for my 0wn enjoyment.
  18. https://thewhiskeywash.com/reviews/whisky-review-penderyn-madeira-single-malt-welsh-whisky/
  19. I have played before. I had a Gibson.
  20. A. Burgled is correct. B. Don’t take the stand. Like a red said, you don’t have to.
  21. I was thinking about picking up a reasonably priced axe, even though it's been many years since I did any pickin or strummin. Many years. I was looking at an Oscar Schmidt the other day. Seemed to have a nice sound. What do youse professional musicians think?
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