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  1. There's also a book. The Black Beret, The Life and Meaning of Che Guevera. I has NO reviews and 1 rating. It's been on sale since 2011.
  2. Can the Apocalypse be far off??
  3. And there's more. Very stylish. https://www.amazon.com/JcDiana-CHE-GUEVARA-HAT/dp/B06WGTWFWT But don't you dare wear a ball cap with Robert E. Lee on it!!
  4. I wonder if you can get one with bullet holes?
  5. As I recall, magnification on those was not great. About 7-8x or so. And not very effective IN THE DAYTIME.
  6. Speaking of Comrade Che....
  7. https://www.military.com/navy-birthday/navy-marine-precedence.html
  8. I didn’t know Dillon had a 9mm full auto.
  9. We didn't have to pay for the one we mounted in a jeep. B company found it on a shot down Loach. Pilot and gunner said we could have anything we wanted if we just got them the hell put of there.
  10. So the. American consumer should simply bypass the less expensive product and spend their hard earned and shrinking dollars on a pricier item? Not human nature, regardless of your nationality. The fact is that it is no longer 1955. It’s a world market today. Competition is fierce, cutthroat and not always legal. If the US is unable to keep ahead or at least even with the foreign makers you can hardly blame it on Joe Sixpack.
  11. Back in the 60s the existence of the then-secret SEALs was revealed in a comic strip! ;)
  12. It was a joke. I meant that’s not the shadow....it’s the actual plane! You may be over thinking this.
  13. I wouldn't mind twin remote control M60s mounted on the roof like the MRAP in Fear the Walking Dead.
  14. I'll stop by next time I'm in town.
  15. Had that happen to me once or twice. Unfortunately I was wide dang awake at the time.
  16. Yes. And this means my sister's birthday card will be late.
  17. If you haven't read it, I suggest Undaunted Courage, by Stephen Ambrose. It is an excellent, possibly the best ever, accounting of the unbelievable mission.
  18. I have found that, for me, a 3" bbl revolver is pretty much ideal for carry. It conceals better than a 4" and has the edge in velocity and accuracy over the 2". That's why I like My King Cobra so much.
  19. My mom always gave me tomato soup. I never really liked it.
  20. I have watched him for years? His reporting and commentary is more balanced than 90% of the journalists I have seen. He is constantly accused by both the left and right as being biased.
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