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  1. Got some bad news. Medical problems for my wife. I’ll be off the wire for awhile. Update: Thank you so much for the kind posts. Tests have led to a very bad diagnosis today. We are devastated but primed for a fight. Carol is very strong and in good spirits. I will hopefully post any encouraging updates in the difficult weeks and months to come. I am bouyed by your thoughts and prayers and most grateful. Adios for now, my friends.
  2. A year or two ago, a friend sent me a pair of jungle boots I needed for display. He said they had been sitting around for decades in a closet and wouldn’t take any payment. I sent him $25 in MPC. He thought it was hilarious.
  3. Art is subjective. Not everyone likes the same thing. If I personally dislike or love a film it shouldn’t effect anyone else’s opinion of it. And l don’t really care if no one else likes what I like or loves what I hate. Different strokes.
  4. Custer was a Brevet Major General. This was a custom awarding an officer a higher rank as recognition of his performance, usually in combat. It did not include the pay or actual permanent rank. After the war he retained his actual rank of Lt Col, but was still largely referred to by his brevet rank.
  5. I think they just used generic images on the bills. I remember when we change to a new series in 69-70 there were no cute chicks on them. A sub, an astronaut, some jets, a pilot etc. Boring. https://www.moneyfactory.gov/images/FactSheet_MilitaryPaymentCertificates_20140123.pdf http://militarypaycertificate.blogspot.com/p/vietnam-era-mpcs.html
  6. US personnel were prohibited from using American currency in Vietnam. You turned in your greenbacks and received the MPC in exchange. This was to prevent US dollars from entering the black market. The MPC could not be used on the local economy. You had to have Vietnamese currency, commonly called Piasters for the pre war French system, but actually called Dong in the Vietnamese banking system. No coins were used with MPC, only the scrip in 5cents and above denominations. PITA to have a bunch of bills in 5-10 cents value. The bills would be changed every few years to a different type and you had to exchange them again. This rendered the black market MPC in the hands of locals useless. imagine if you had to go turn in your greenbacks for different ones every few years! In Occupied Japan after the war we used the same type system. Some people collect them but they’re not worth much. I have a handful somewhere.
  7. We actually have both kinds of pot.
  8. The Reacher series is extremely popular. Lee Price has become a very rich man because of it. The problem with Hollywood is that they think the viewing audience only cares about stars. In fact, a quality movie is what makes money, e.g. Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Sean Connery in the Bond series. But it’s easier just to cast a big star and have a crap production. They’ll never learn.
  9. My wife would love it. Unfortunately the outlets are on the other side of the room.
  10. So who is going to enforce this Federal law? A. ATF? B. FBI? C. DEA? D. Nobody?
  11. It must be true. It’s on the Internet.
  12. 51st anniversary tomorrow. I must be doing something right.
  13. Nov 3, 1957. I saw a movie he did 4 or 5 years ago. A B grade zombie movie. Every time he had to run they cut the camera away and then showed the end of the run. Looked like he was pretty stove up.
  14. I saw a pic from a set and the female lead was standing in a trench.
  15. I’m good. Only did 3 things wrong today. But it’s still early.
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