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  1. I think I got it from Zazzle or maybe Cafe Press. Shouldn’t be too hard to replace. Aggravating though.
  2. It’s a cool rifle. And accurate enough to snipe a whole lot of Germans during the war. But certainly not any quieter than any 30 cal military piece. I would put the accuracy below an SMLE and above a Garand.
  3. No, I don’t think Gorilla Glue is the solution.
  4. If it’s a genuine war trophy it could be very very valuable. Did you know that the handle comes off? It’s held in place by a bamboo pin. On the tang the maker, his school, and date are usually engraved. The blade is the big thing. The handle not so much. That one looks pretty boogered up. I have some doubts about this one. They have been making knock offs for many years. You might want to research it a bit. They can be worth a lot, if genuine. Edit: Oh no tang. That’s a bummer. I had a Katana I got in a little antique/ junk shop in 69. Payed $25? Sold it for $250 as I recall. It wasn’t an old one. Made in the 20s. Wish I still had it though.
  5. Too much to do. I have the winter tires on the Subaru. Need to get them swapped out. Trigger the F250 and the old Mazda have dead batteries. Mazda has a flat. Fluorescents in the kitchen are dead. Light switch on one ceiling fan went south. Computer in the man cave won’t connect to the router. The weed sprayer tank has a leak. Busted my 7th Cav coffee cup! But I got the Kubota and 4 wheeler up and running. Couldn’t make the parade in Dove Creek so I put a flag on the Polaris and had my own mini parade. Not much of a crowd. 4 crows, a couple of cottontails and a Mulie. I think they appreciated it though.
  6. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9302994/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 Filming Locations: Caravan West Ranch, Agua Dulce, California, USA Rancho Deluxe, Santa Clarita, California, USA Big Sky Movie Ranch, Simi Valley, California, USA
  7. Birdgun wanted me to share some travel info: It appeared that most places were open with some restrictions. No free breakfast at the motels and hotels. Some had the lobby closed and registration was via the night window. The traffic was heavy through Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, OKC, Amarillo. and Albuquerque I stopped for gas several miles outside the cities at less busy stations. A lot of the rest areas along the Interstate were closed. Always call the hotel you've booked before arrivela to ensure nothing has changed. In some hot areas hotels were renting only to locals and first responders. We had sufficient food with us for the trip and just ate lunch in the car and dinner in the room. Som3 tourist attractions were beginning to open up. But they’re scaling that back now I hear. We weren’t interested in sightseeing anyway obviously. Overall, not a particularly pleasant trip but not difficult. No real problems, just inconveniences. I would not fly yet from what I've seen. Flights, even with the restrictions just don't look safe to me. Great to be home. Exhausted but happy.
  8. Traveling 2,000 miles in 3 days at my age proved to be rather tiring, Who knew? First thing was to plow through the fine crop of tumbleweed that has grown up in the driveway,. We got things unpacked. Got the swamp cooler in operation but truthfully it’s cooler here than it was in Charlotte. I went to the store to restock the fridge. That was expensive. Got a new flag up. The winds had shredded the old one. Mowed the weeds down. I’ll spray em tomorrow. Today I’ll just mow the front yard and then take the rest of the day off for the 4th. It’s Great to be home. Had a tear in me eye when I caught sight of the house from the road. Still no Covid cases in our county. A pretty nice Independence Day.
  9. When I was at Ft Devens in 68-69 we learned that a large Anti War protest was being organized. It was expected to be violent and the FBI said an attempt would be made to overrun the main gate. Now Ft Devens was kind of a small base.It had been used during WW1 and 2 but not a lot of activity since Korea other than training for the 1st Div and 1976th INF Bde. There was just a garrison unit and as I recall a Signal Corps and ASA unit. They moved us, 10th Special Forces Group there from Germany in 68. So as the only combat arms unit there, the post commander thought we would make great riot troops. Now, organizing 24 A-Teams into riot troops was in my opinion, not a good idea. All of the men on my team were E6 and above, most with multiple combat tours. We trained in riot tactics for a few days and then the day of the big event dawned. We were told that we would be the reserve behind the Regular and NG Military Police. If they were pushed back they would retreat through our ranks and we would “get down to business“. As we waited to board the trucks for the mail gate I noticed two of my guy sharpening their bayonets.....and smiling a lot. “Oh Lord. This may not end well for the Hippies”, I mumbled. The crowd approached yelling their various standard anti war chants. My guys smiled and shivered in anticipation. But there was no attempt to breach the gates. The mob sat down in the road for awhile and eventually meandered back toward town. I suspect the heat, cheap wine and weed mellowed their mood. They were satisfied they had stuck it to the military-industrial complex and probably anticipated a congratulatory phone call. Perhaps from Abbie Hoffman or Jane you-know-who her own self. Our bayonets were sheathed unblooded. I went to the club for a stiff drink.
  10. A military rifle is simply not complete without a bayonet. My AR isn’t military so I don’t have one for it. But my Garand, 1863 Springfield, SKS, SMLE, and 3 Line Rifle all have pointy things. They are much happier with them.
  11. Hard to tell the scale without something to compare em too. And unusual that they were moved from the VFW. Those items are usually on loan from the government and can’t be transferred. Must have been a lot of paperwork.
  12. My first impression was a naval 3” aa gun. Digging now.
  13. Yeah. If you want precision get a 3” Ordnance Rifle.
  14. My edc is also an opener. But I don’t have it with me now as I have been in states that are fearful of fellas with them deadly West Side Story Switchblades. So I’ve got my Spyderco.
  15. Many people live their lives without having been seriously threatened (as far as they know). And now there is a serious threat to them and everyone they know. They don’t know how do deal with it and fear takes the helm, fortified by constant information, disinformation, and hysteria from the news media. The result is unreasoning fear and paranoia. It’s a shame that relationships are being damaged, perhaps irrevocably in some cases. Some people ignore the threat, some are overwhelmed by it. On one end of the spectrum are the folks who have locked themselves down and shut off all contact. On the other end are the ones who deny there is any threat at all. Taking reasonable precautions is all we can do during this. I’m to be optimistic like the Londoners during the Blitz. Eventually things will return to normal. They did after the Spanish flu and the Black Plague, which were worse than this.
  16. The hair has been successfully split.
  17. 8 think we had a thread on this subject a few weeks ago but I can’t find it.
  18. 30 or 40. No. Just 1. The rest will have a decision to make.
  19. Grady Judd is a legendary Sheriff inPolk County Florida. Daniels might be another.
  20. Leg 3 complete. Right now we’re checking in to the Quality Inn in Rio Rancho NM. Should be home by tomorrow afternoon.
  21. Forgotten just about everything. BTW it’s International Code, not Morse, although everybody calls it Morse it’s obsolete.
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