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  1. Hillbilly: This is Bulldog Brown I'll I will take them, for $65. Thanks PM on the way
  2. Glad to have y'all. Will be a fun shoot. See you there. Bulldog
  3. Time is getting short to get signed up for this Great shoot. Bulldog
  4. Dutch: This is Bulldog Brown I'll take the 73 for $925 shipped. Will pm you.
  5. I'm not going to stur that pot, but if anyone else wants to, that would be great. Bulldog
  6. Ok Cowboys and Cowgirls just got a note from JW asking all if your going to come to attend T-Town Shoot-out to have your sign-me-up-sheets turned in by Aug. 1st. Y'all don't want to miss this shoot. Hope to see you all there. Bulldog
  7. Looking forward to shooting with y'all again.
  8. My vote be for Dantankerous, Great Classic Cowboy, also just a Great person. Proud to call him my friend. Bulldog Brown
  9. Will be great shooting with you Hud, been awhile. Bulldog
  10. Someone asked me a question, who all is coming to T-TownShoot? Let me know, thanks Bulldog
  11. Thanks Parson, I will pass this along to JW and see what we can do. Bulldog (Red Rider)
  12. Lets get the sign-me-upsheets in to keep JW on his toes. Bulldog
  13. Three Shot call me I have one. Bulldog
  14. OK Dawg has done it again, saw the stages for T-Town . IT WILL BE FUN !!!!!!!!!!! Best be getting those sign-me-up-sheets into JW. Don't want to miss this shoot. Bulldog
  15. Hope you can make Grizz, would be Great to shoot with you again. Don't think we can make your shoot this year, but Miss Connie says next year. Bulldog
  16. Not me Nephew, it's that darn Stirrup you have to watch out for. (Lima beans, if you know what I mean) Hope you can make. Bulldog
  17. JW is waiting for those sign-me-up-sheets. It will be a dandy shoot. Bulldog
  18. You might try 105gr cone bullet, over 2.7gr of Bullseye.
  19. YELLER: Did I just hear Major was Yeller or that Yeller was his favoright color? Just sayin. Bulldog Get those sign-me-up-sheets in, only way to find out how this party end.
  20. If your coming to T-Town best get your sign-me-up-sheets to JW, Thanks Bulldog
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