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  1. Funds and FFL received. Shipped and delivered. Pleasure dealing with TN Mongo. Enjoy the gun.
  2. Not up to me. My dealer will not ship to Cal. Says the FFLs out there make it difficult for him. Too much of a hassle. Sorry.
  3. Cleared my PMs. Should be able to receive PMs now.
  4. For Sale: A Factory New COLT SAA revolver. 4.75" barrel, 45 Colt. New, Unfired. I just received this beautiful SAA from Joe Perkins at Classic Single Action. He did his "Premium Action Work" to it. Outstanding. The same day the gun came in I was notified that I had drawn a New Mexico Elk tag. Good news, bad news. I need to sell some guns to pay for this hunt. $2000 shipped from my FFL to your FFL in lower 47. No sale to Cal. No trades. Get a beautiful SAA without the wait. First "I'll Take It" here gets this beauty.
  5. Moved to GunBroker.com FOR SALE: S&W Elite Gold 20 Ga. SxS shotgun - Side By Side Shotguns at GunBroker.com : 930553888
  6. Yep, that is a rather high price. I sold two of those guns here, both New In The Box for much less. Beautiful guns. Good luck on your search.
  7. Taylor's & Co Uberti 1866 150th Anniversary, 45 Colt Engraved, NIB - Lever Action Rifles at GunBroker.com : 928813841 Not mine.
  8. I agree. This gun should be used to hunt upland birds over fine pointing dogs.
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