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  1. Thank you, but I'm trying to get rid of a few things so I'm not really interested in trading.
  2. I am selling my Rossi Overland in .410. The Rossi .410's are really cute. They didn't just stick .410 barrels on a 12ga frame. The entire frame is reduced to fit. These Rossi Overlands are desirable not only because they have external hammers, but because they don't have the additional, and unnecessary, tang safety. This is a beautiful Rossi Overland with 26" barrels. The face of the receive doesn't show any marks so I don't think it's been fired. Excellent in every way. Original Rossi buttplate and nice finish on the wood. Not rust or scratches, just a really nice Rossi, and the p
  3. O.P. If you would take $550 shipped I would take  the Rossi Overland. PM me . Thanks Bulldog Brown

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    2. O. P. Hanna, SASS #17282

      O. P. Hanna, SASS #17282

      Sounds good.  I sent you a note to your e-mail.  If you don't receive it please let me know.

      O. P.

    3. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      Got it, email works for me.Funds go out in the morning Bulldog

    4. O. P. Hanna, SASS #17282

      O. P. Hanna, SASS #17282

      Thank you.

      O. P. 


  4. Hi SaddleBurr,


    I thought we should take this discussion off of the thread.  You asked what I was interested in as far as a trade for the Rossi .410.  I have to say I'm not interested in any Cowboy guns, but I do like old Colts, Winchesters, and Marlins.  But for modern, a Ruger Hawkeye in 256 Win Mag would be nice.  I like modern S&W revolvers (pre-lock), and nice semi-autos, but nothing specific.  Not sure that really helps, but I wanted to reply. 


    As for the Rossi, well, .410s are hard to come by, and this a nice one.  Anyway, let me know what you think.  If you don't find anything to trade, know that I have no problem with a payment plan. I know sometimes that helps.


    Nice talking with you.  Hope to hear back.


  5. dean this is cookie please send me your addrese asap also need name fore bank ch.

  6. dean this is cookie please send me your addrese asap also need name fore bank ch.

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