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  1. How are these for longevity. I don't mind spending the money on a quality product (buy once, cry once) but that's a lot of money if they only last a year. I was actually just researching these earlier today. And just like pistols in competition, if they work I won't be able to buy a set for just myself. I'll have to get the wife some as well.
  2. I can't tell the difference in taste, either. But, I can tell the difference in color/texture of the yolks/whites.
  3. My local optometry office has facilities to cut lenses on site. The lenses for the inserts don't have to be ANSI rated since they are protected by ANSI rated outer lenses, so they are less expensive. I have the ESS ICE glasses as well. Two problems I had with these were hot/humid environments and shooting in the rain. Water/fog can get between the two sets of lenses and be a PITA to see through/clean. If you don't shoot in the rain, shouldn't be an issue/
  4. We had two eggs freeze and crack during the insanely cold weather a few weeks ago. That was a first. I'll need to make a few mods tot he hen house when I get home. Not that the cold weather had anything to do with it, but we are down to 6 or 7 hens. Will be buying more hens and turkeys shortly to replace what we lost due to the hurricanes this past year.
  5. People might just be very surprised at how old store bought eggs are before they even reach the store. We have chickens at home, so I don't think about about it too much. The older the egg, the less firm the yolk and the more runny the white..
  6. Having different prescriptions in each eye doesn't work for me, but could work for you.
  7. Over here, we're restricted to blades less than two inches in length. When I come home I have other options. The only time I'm without a knife is when forced to be. The "money clip" is a USA made Kershaw Chive 1600. The black one is a chinese made Kershaw Spoke 1313BLK. If I'd known it was chinese I wouldn't have bought it. That said, it doesn't bother me if anything happens to it. I use them both to cut food, open mail or anything else that may require a sharp blade.
  8. I didn't like it when I tried it. I ended up getting a pair of prescription safety glasses with progressive lenses for general use (I also need safety glasses for work) and another pair with s prescription so I could see the sights (basically reading glasses). I put the reading glasses on when I head to the lodging table and switch them back out at the unloading table. True, everything not within about 24 inches is blurry but this worked better for me.
  9. My first ship was an LST. This was in SMOOTH seas.
  10. This is a personal pic I took of a cruiser.
  11. Being a Savage, rebarreling isn't that expensive (all things considered). Pre-fit barrels from Shilen at Northland Shooters Supply start at $299. Criterion barrels start at $285. That said, trying to find a new barrel in stock during these times is another story. Especially common calibers. The 7-08 has a .473" rim diameter. For short action cartridges this is the same as the 22 BR, 220 Swift, 243 Win, 260 Rem, 300 Savage, 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 358 Win, 6mm BR and 7mm BR (among others). Replace the bolt head and you can open the choices up even more.
  12. I can't comment on daily operations or lingo from subs. It has been my experience that submarine skippers are O-5 "Commanders". They could still be called Captain, skipper or Commander and you wouldn't be wrong.
  13. I've got some personal photos of a few unreps where the swells were reaching the deck of a DDG and an oiler. Have also seen the water going into the open hangar door on a carrier. All of my pictures are on my home computer. I'd these fairly calm seas.
  14. In the mid 90s we were building some new auxiliary ships with gas turbines. The same LM2500 turbines as used on DDGs. I was on a DDG and we unrepped with an AOE. After a conducting an emergency break-away drill we came alongside again and had a drag race. The DDG stepped out smartly and took the lead. Very shortly afterwards, the AOE caught up and passed.
  15. Army Chiefs stand mail buoy watch!
  16. As long as you never went looking for a BT Punch!
  17. Sorry, but no. It's kept in the gear locker next to the rope yarn.
  18. I'm really surprised no one has stated this, yet: try before you buy. You've received a lot of good information but in the end it'll be up to you. If you've not been to a match yet I highly recommend you go and handle some of the other shooter's rifles. Take a pen and paper and take notes. Make sure you ask not only the make/model, but more importantly, what work has been done to them.
  19. No comment. Plane guard for a carrier is definitely "interesting".
  20. No. Brown water Navy. Vietnam-era Current-era
  21. Same here, but I still use checks on rare occasions. A couple of the small mom & pop stores will take a check but not credit/debit card, or they charge a transaction fee for the use of a card. My CU also offers to mail a check, at no charge, to a recipient if I so choose. I have used this service frequently since I have been overseas. Even though it does still go through USPS, it doesn't have to make a trans-Atlantic trip.
  22. The "Captain" of a ship is always referred to as Captain, regardless of rank. If there is an O-6 "Captain" onboard, they are referred to as Captain UNLESS they have another title such as "Commodore". On an aircraft carrier you're liable to have three to five O-6s onboard during a deployment. These Captains do have other titles that they may be referred to, but in general speaking you're not wrong for simply calling them "Captain". You may not know they're title or even what command they're with. Even on the smaller ships I was on (LPD, DDG, LST and MHC),
  23. Y'all are talking about parents and grandparents taking responsibility. The problem is, as I see it, we can't use the term "parents" as what most of us grew up with. Babies having babies, being a "grandparent" in late 20s sometimes. Baby delivery vehicles and sperm donors can't take care of themselves, let alone a child.
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