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  1. Is the Fiat 124 Spider a rebadged Miata?
  2. Welcome. I started CAS with the Pungo Posse. Shot with KCs Corral and the Cavalier Cowboys once or twice. Great group of folks there that I miss shooting with. The name you register on the wire is not controlled by SASS. To get a unique SASS alias you have to register and join (pay dues). Unless you know for sure and for certain you're going to stick with this, I wouldn't do that right now. Once you join SASS, a moderator can change your alias on the Wire. Go to a few more matches and borrow the guns that will be offered to let you participate. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. While there are not a great many shotguns to choose from, rifles and pistols are all over the map as to weight, balance and overall fit and feel to individual shooters. Also understand that the vast majority of guns you shoot at a match will have at least some work done to them to make them easier to use. Don't expect a new rifle to operate as smoothly as one that's been worked over by a competent CAS gunsmtih. You may even be able to buy used but not abused guns from other shooters in your area that are moving to something different or getting out of the game.
  3. I don't know. My wife's father gave her a Steven's .22.
  4. New dryer sheets will work. Cut them into quarters and only use a couple of them at a time.
  5. Synthetic fabrics do not hold moisture like cotton. With that said, a simple synthetic fabric with one layer will allow moisture to pass both directions. So, if you're cotton pants are soaking wet with sweat, when you sit down your butt is still going to be sitting in sweat until your pants dry. Synthetic fabrics are easier to wash and dry faster than cotton and do not retain smells or stains like cotton. The best bottom layer synthetics to wear have multiple layers and act similar to GoreTex, allowing sweat to move away from your body and not back to your skin. Reading some of the posts on the Wire, I'm of the mind very few are willing to spend the money that kind of "technical clothing" costs.
  6. Me neither - but we have a lot of folks here that do.
  7. My wife came across a photo that her mom has saved on a CD. How they got there and when, who knows. Her parents don't have internet and barely know how to turn the computer on. Sorry, but these are the bets/highest resolution images that I can get until my wife gets back home to our computer. Any ideas?
  8. That's the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch in Pascagoula, MS. They have airboats.
  9. TM, Pics taken in June 2017 near the MS Gulf Coast. It rained almost every day for a month and we got over 25".
  10. We were not allowed to wear neckerchiefs when on shore patrol. I've got a couple of pictures from the early 90's. In some ports we weren't even allowed to wear uniforms. Carried the SP brassard in our pockets and showed them at the doors to establishments to get in and to sailors "when needed".
  11. That there is some mighty fine wood!
  12. Sportsman's Warehouse was about 90 miles away. Always a good selection of reloading supplies, especially powder. I've got a few pounds of Black MZ waiting for me to return home.
  13. I'll keep my thick(er) ANSI Z87+ safety glasses and my in-ear foam earplugs. Earmuffs don't "look cowboy", but they sure beat going deaf. Same with safety glasses. You can look in the mirror and think you look cool, until that fateful day you can no longer look into a mirror and see anything.
  14. If FNC presents the news with a conservative slant, is that any better than presenting the news with a liberal slant? It's still not unbiased and is presenting opinions and not necessarily facts. Tell me who, what, when, where and how. Unless a person doing an action says "why" they did it, it's all supposition.
  15. If I can get a good deal on quality, un-coated lead bullets I'll buy them, load them and shoot them. Otherwise, I'll buy coated bullets from a recognized CAS vendor. The Hi-Tec coated bullets are cleaner, but I'm not going to set up to do that myself.
  16. This platform needs to stay in the inventory. We have nothing else that can do what it does, as well as it does.
  17. I have nothing but good to say about the operation of the Kel-Tec PMR-30. It's not small but it's not heavy. In the proper holster it would make a good woods gun.
  18. Foam earplugs will provide higher noise reduction rating (NRR) "IF" they are properly inserted. Custom molded earplugs are more forgiving in getting properly inserted. Custom molded earplugs are not a buy-once and use forever product. Your ear canals change through life and the sweat and chemicals on your hands when inserting/removing them cause them to change, reducing the effectiveness over time. How much time? It depends. And the change is slow, just like most hearing loss, so you don't notice it until you get fit for a new pair. I've been fit for custom plugs several times since 2005 for use under a motorcycle helmet. The only customs I have any more are in-ear monitors (speakers) for the same purpose. If I don't need to communicate, I stick with good disposable earplugs.
  19. I'm good with any or all of the three.
  20. What's your budget and how will you be using them?
  21. Man, I love all three of those! Add some fried chicken livers and fried okra and I'm close to heaven at a table.
  22. This was yesterday. Love me a fried SPAM sandwich - real mayo and mustard only.
  23. Check the "Gambler" hats out by D Bar J. You won't go wrong giving him a call or e-mail and getting something from him. You could send him screen shots if you wanted it specific.
  24. My laptops have a piece of tape over the camera.
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