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  1. Wild Bunch Side Match results can be found here: Wild Bunch Side Match Results - Details by Time
  2. Here is a link to the side match results: 2023 VA State Side Match Results I will have the Wild Bunch side match results posted this Sunday, thank you for your patience. Thanks again!
  3. You definitely picked a great match to watch. Looking forward to you getting slingin' some lead down range with you at the next Cavalier Cowboys monthly. I expect you will be rip roarin' ready to go by then and shooting with us at the 2024 SASS VA State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship match!
  4. Thank you for the accolades! A lot of hard work and sweat equity went into the match and it's good to hear from folks they enjoyed the match and plan on returning in 2024! Yeehaw!
  5. Thank you! It was great to meet you and host you. Glad the campgrounds worked out for you, Bucksaw Bob put a lot of work into squaring away the grounds for all you campers. Please come back in 2024!
  6. Thank you! It was our pleasure to have you and Holli at the match and hope you can make it back next year. P.S. I'll be at NC State in November, maybe we can get on the same posse!
  7. On behalf of the entire Cavalier Cowboys Posse, Major BS Walker, and Bingo Montana would like to thank all that attended the 2023 SASS VA State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship. It was an honor and privilege to host you and we look forward to having you back in 2024. Results have been posted to the Cavalier Cowboys website, linked below, and attached. 2023 SASS VA State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship ResultsS Wild Bunch and Side Match scores will be posted to the Cavalier Cowboys website shortly. Thank you again, Major BS Walker, Match Director Bingo Montana, Asst. Match Director https://www.cavaliercowboys.org SASS VA. State Match 2023 Category Winners Details by Time.pdfSASS VA. State Match 2023 Clean shooters.pdfSASS VA. State Match 2023 Overall Winners Details by Time.pdf
  8. If you are anywhere near the Central VA area shoot me an email or IM. We have a great group of folks always willing to help you in your Cowboy Action Shooting journey. We have folks that come down from NOVA, come from the beach area, and even from out west. There are 5 clubs hosting matches within 45 to 1:15 minutes of Richmond where you can pick up a lot of trigger time. I have to plug my own posse, the Cavalier Cowboys at Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club, but we are not the only game in town. We are also hosting the 2023 VA State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship this Labor Day Weekend, please come check it out. Heck, my first match I didn't even realize the shotgun I borrowed had two triggers and can still hear that voice in my head from the posse "pull the back trigger!" What a hoot that was. I still had fun because of all the great help and mentors. Good luck Pard and check us out if can. bingo.montana @ gmail.com
  9. I use both the 7.62 and 5.56 versions of the VG6 Gamma and I am very impressed in recoil mitigation. The 270 uses a .277 bullet diameter so you will want to use a 7.62 (.30 cal) muzzle device. https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/vg6-gamma-762
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