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  1. Thank you for sharing the information Pard. Prayer for healing sent your way.
  2. I second that recommendation, as a new competitor I found the book extremely helpful. Really gave me insight to a lot of things I was seeing at matches and Pards where trying to explain to me. I just happen to have my copy out this morning to review a few things.
  3. A few days after our Governor shut down all the barbers and hair saloons he was sporting a nice haircut while addressing his subjects on TV. He lost all credibility at that moment, not that he had much before if you are familiar the the Governor's blackface story, but that is a story for another thread. It seems their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  4. I will take #7 shipped to zip 23236, thank you sir. PM for total and how you prefer payment. #7 J. Hornaday Dry Goods Long Sleeve Cowboy shirt (Pictures 21,22,23) Made of wick dry fabric Beige with gray stripes Size Large Excellent condition $15
  5. Listen to your wife, sell the Henry.
  6. For Cowboy Action match ammunition loaded on a progressive press I use the Lee Deluxe 4 Die sets (come with Factory Crimp Die) with very good success. The Lee Dies have produced very consistent ammunition for me and are a good value. They are so inexpensive I have a dedicated bullet seating die for each bullet type and seating depth I prefer. Over the years I've used RCBS, Hornady, and Redding all with excellent results on my single stage RCBS press. The RCBS dies have produced sub-MOA ammunition for my 7.62 and 5.56 gas guns. As others have said, not dissatisfied with any of them. For the money I do prefer the Lee Deluxe 4 Die sets for pistol as they have produced very good and consistent match ammunition for me.
  7. Links to an article from True West Magazine and is not behind a paywall or a subscription site. "For his movies, John Wayne wore a gunbelt that centered the .45-70 long rifle bullet in order to separate the other two similarly-looking bullets. Historian Jim Dunham says that one side (probably the right from the buckle, around to the long case) was filled with .45 long Colt ammo that fit the Duke’s revolver. On the other side were .44-40 caliber bullets that fit his Model 1892 Winchester carbine. The two bullets look identical; if one got mixed up with the other, it would easily jam the firearm."
  8. Here is one explanation: Why does John Wayne appear to have a large caliber bullet in his belt?
  9. Welcome to the game Verdigris Kid! I remember my first match like it was last year (which it was!). I also didn't have a shotgun and borrowed a SxS from a pard. Who knew shotguns had two triggers? What a train wreck that first stage was trying to get that second shot off using the front trigger again. After what seemed like several minutes of me fumbling with that shotgun a pard starting yelling "back trigger!, back trigger!" and I finally got that second shot off. For the next 5 stages you could hear me saying "front trigger, back trigger", what a hoot that was. Should have changed my alias to Back Trigger right then and there. Anyway, I plowed on through the rest of the match and had a lot of fun. Like you, I had a great time and couldn't wait to shoot another match. The people in this sport really make the difference. Good luck!
  10. Sorry to hear about your job, wish you the best of luck in the future. Dishonesty seems to be the accepted norm today, with elected officials setting the bad example just about daily. Similar event happened to my wife recently, turned out it was an employee who saw her drop the money and then quickly scooped it up when she exited the store. I'm also getting a haircut this Friday, YeeHaw!
  11. I have 6 SBH hammers and all have that lopsidedness in varying degrees, the worst two have been on my NMV's for over a year. I never noticed it until this thread. It has not effected my ability to hit or miss the target one bit, however it probably will now since I'll be self-conscious of it, ugh. Good luck getting a perfect one. Let us know how you make out from Ruger. While their customer service is excellent, they probably will just pull one out of a bin and send it without any regards to it's symmetry.
  12. ^^^^^This is great advice^^^^^^ Welcome to the best game in town! You get to dress up like a cowboy and shoot guns every weekend, doesn't get much better than that!!! I did the same last year when I started on the advice of some good pards at my local club. For britches I used a pair of Wrangler jeans I already had and cut the belt loops off and then added suspender buttons bought at a local sewing store. Used the SASS discount at Wild West Mercantile for suspenders, a old west style shirt and a canvas vest that was all on sale. For boots I wear a pair of Justin ropers I already had along with a Bailey Cowboy hat, all together I think it's cowboy enough to start out and it didn't cost me much at all. I put my money into guns, a good holster rig, and shotgun belt and I'm glad I did. That investment is paying dividends at every match. Get out to a match and start shooting you won't regret it. I do plan on working on costuming this year, picking up pieces here and there. I would watch the classified ads on this forum, I bought a nice shirt there last year for less than half it's retail cost. The attached pic shows what I came up with for around 100 bucks and the hat was half of that. I try to concentrate on seeing my front sight rather that what my costume looks like right now. Good luck.
  13. He is on admin leave pending investigation. "I’ve received tons of questions regarding my termination from the Port of Seattle Police. So I figured I should explain. I have been placed on administrative leave (still being paid) pending investigation. I was told by both the agency and my union that this will result in termination due to it being an insubordination charge for refusing to take down the video. I’m not sure what the timeline looks like. I walk un-intimidated into the fray. Thank you for all the support" https://youtu.be/a5u785Ub85k
  14. After going through this thread a while back I went ahead and ordered one to deprime my 38 SPL brass. As soon as I get home from a match I run the the brass through it, then into a bucket until I have enough to run a batch through the wet tumbler. Little gizmo is a real time saver, I can process 120 rounds of match ammo in a few minutes. I ended up mounting it on an inexpensive, yet very sturdy Harbor Freight bench grinder stand and made a little chute out of PVC to drain the brass into a bucket. Tucks away nicely into an out of the way place in my garage. I also added the 4 tube case feeder and collator, works pretty good.
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