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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I just bought a few to squirrel away a few weeks ago. At this price I can afford to order a few more. Thanks again.
  2. Same thing happened to me pard. Go back and hang out with the local club, help set up and tear down matches, watch, listen to advice, and learn. I found CAS very addictive and was all in before I knew it. It is great fun and the people have been the best part.
  3. Welcome aboard. New to SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting myself with just 5 matches under my belt. Best advice, find a nearby club and go hangout with them. You will be able to ask questions and get some hands on time with different gear. I am very fortunate having the Cavalier Cowboys at my club. Best bunch of Cowboys and Cowgirls a greenhorn could ask for. After watching a couple of matches they asked me when I was going to shoot a match. I said I still needed to pick a shotgun and leather. Two members stepped up and loaned me the gear I needed to shoot that first match. The Match Director assigned me a mentor to coach me through the match and I’ve been hooked on this game ever since. I have to give the credit to them, great ambassadors of the sport.
  4. Prayer of peace and comfort to the family.
  5. I will take the shirt, please let me know where to send payment. Thank you sir!
  6. I use Missouri Bullets, typically ordered in 2K or 3K bundles depending on caliber using the SASS discount code.
  7. Welcome pard! The Major offers some good advice.
  8. Dagnabbit! Need at least a 32” inseam. Thanks for the reply pard. Pants look in very good condition and the price is very good. A smaller stature fella is going to get a good deal.
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