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  1. PM me where to send the Scully XL shirt to and I will get it in the mail to you Pard.
  2. UPDATE: Shirt spoken for and in the mail to Salty Pawl. Scully XL print shirt, new. Got this shirt a long time ago and have since lost most of my beer gut so XL shirts are way too big. My loss can be your gain. Shirt is an off white with black print. Mailed USPS to CONUS.
  3. I sure would like that Wah Maker Patterned vest Pard!
  4. Sounds like fun, I would be interested in attending depending on location. Started shooting Gunfighter this past June and even managed to win a local match shooting Gunfighter, which was also my first ever match win. I have to thank some of my Pards for helping me along the way, Major BS Walker and Cody Maverick, both have been very helpful and great mentors. It would be nice to have a good day of instruction and I know I would benefit from in-depth instruction and would really like to have a chance to learn from more skilled gunfighters. I like Widder's list, especially the one on split pistols with movement. I don't see that much at my local matches and it would be great to cover that in depth. If it is possible for me to help out I would be wiling.
  5. An inexpensive food dehydrator makes a great brass drier.
  6. I shot my first big two day match back in March of this year, right before COVID compliance shut matches down here. At the time I had only been shooting Cowboy Action matches for 6 months. I was a middle the pack competitor, still a sponge sucking up everything I could about the sport. For me, the apprehension was less about "I'm not good enough" and more about "what can I expect?" Never having shot a two day match I really didn't know what to expect, how things would flow over the course of two days, would the stages be more difficult and above my capabilities? What I experienced was a match director and posse that helped along and made it on of my best experiences with CAS to date. At this point I would not hesitate to shoot any match anywhere and based on my experience if I had a newer shooter that was hesitant about shooting a big match I would offer to posse up with him to share the experience and help out where I could. While I like competing, I enjoy the people even more. As far as that first two day match, expecting not to even place, I came in 3rd for my category. A great memory that I would not have if I stayed home. Since then I have signed up for every 2 day match in my area including our state championship match.
  7. No. Zeniths are made by MKE in Turkey. POFs are made in Pakistan.
  8. Try giving Jason @ https://www.boomstickarms.com a call. Contact info: Phone: (254)368-4540 or (903)227-0305 during Business Hours Text: 254-368-4540 Anytime Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pmSaturday: 9am to 1pmSunday: By Appointment only boomstickarmsco@gmail.com
  9. Prayer of healing, quick recovery, and comfort for you Pard!
  10. Just for CAS matches with a normal schedule without COVID cancellations, 10K - 12K is a years supply. We are fortunate in Central VA and have 4 clubs within an hour drive that put on 8 matches a month. If my schedule permits I will shoot 7 of those a month.
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