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  1. Welcome aboard Pard! As other cowboys have mentioned above, find a club near you and give the Match Director a call. You can find a list of VA clubs here: https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=Virginia Any club would be happy to have you show up, watch a match and help out with chores, then you can get a better idea what the game is all about, which is much better than watching tube videos. Most cowboys will also let you try out their shooting' irons so you can get and idea what may be best for you. I try and shoot with the Rivanna Ranger Co. about once
  2. I ordered 3K of the No Lube Groove 105's from them last month, shipped out quickly and well packaged. As stated in a previous post, Apache Bullets bought Red River Bullets equipment. While their website may not be as polished as others, I will order from them again. Hoping they will make the 160 gr .452's like Red River offered in the future. I saw today they recently added some 45's. The owner John Corcoran was very responsive to my emails when he was first getting started. All in all a positive experience and very good quality bullets.
  3. Do Not Disturb is ON, press the crescent moon icon to turn OFF. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204321
  4. Yes, back in the day, sleeves only came in on length and sleeve garters where used. I have a 72" wing span and the sleeves on the Cooler Cowboy XL shirts are about 4" longer than I need them, so I either roll them up a bit or use their wicking sleeve garters. For the hot and humid days they are the best for me, highly recommend them J. Hornaday Cooler Cowboy shirts. Hydration is also key to surviving a 6 hr match with 110 heat index, but that is a story for another thread. Maj. N. D. Gestion, I put that XL shirt in my range bag, will bring it to the match tomorrow for you to tr
  5. I will second the J. Hornaday Cooler Cowboy shirts, they are great for the hot and humid days during the VA summer. They do have a few prints in some bold colors. The shirts, in my experience run a bit big and the sleeves are long. At 6' I wear a Large and have to roll up the sleeve cuffs once or twice, or wear sleeve garters. I have a XL I don't wear that I will bring to the next monthly shoot to try on and get an idea of how big you need to go.
  6. I have had very good success with Shooter's World Clean Shot, 7/8 oz of #8 shot with a recipe I found here on the wire. No perceptible difference between it and factory Winchester LRLN.
  7. I believe those to be Herter's Made in USA target brand.380 ACP, sold at BassPro and Cabalas, at least that is what the headstamp indicates. Why they are not 9x17mm is a good question.
  8. I have been using CCI primers for years with out any issue in my non-CAS firearms. I recently tested my "stock" NMV with 15lb hammer springs with both CCI and Winchester small pistol primers and had no failures to fire. Good to have options.
  9. #18 drops just under ~15.0 grains of Clean Shot for me.
  10. It's a long way to Australia to buy primers for us here in the USofA.
  11. Here is a picture of the die components. Is it possible one is not correct for the die set? Also, with the die body being aluminum is there some defect in the die body not allowing the powder through expander plug to move freely up into the die body? With the die set up, powder adaptor, the expander plug move up into the die body about a 1/4" before it hits the powder adapter. If the die and clean and the expander plug is under tension, as others have suggested the die is most likely defective. Lee should replace it without any trouble.
  12. I have a Lee 38 S/L Colt die set bought about 2 months ago. The flaring plug does extend beyond the bottom of the die, however it moves freely up into the die body. It works perfectly fine set up for use in my Hornady AmmoPlant.
  13. I will take #4, 4. Ruger factory black plastic grips off a New Vaquero. Too skinny for me. 30.00 shipped Please let me know how you wish to proceed, thanks pard!
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