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  1. See my post above, #18 averaged 15 grs on my MEC Sizemaster for my reloading process. I used a 10 drop average, a Pard that loads on a MEC 9000 dropped about 0.3 grs less, another Pard on a MEC 600 dropped about 0.2 grs more on a 10 drop average. Use a scale and test, you also need to use the brass washer to prevent powder leakage.
  2. Yes, go here: https://www.sassnet.com/mercantile/page81.html They are very high quality, you won't be disappointed.
  3. A second recommendation for Fast Eddie to do SKB work. Excellent work, you will not be disappointed. I had Fast Eddie do two SKBs for me, he is so meticulous that if you close your eyes you can't tell the difference between the two shotguns action and function.
  4. Shooter's World Clean Shot has been my go to powder for shotgun for some time. Very versatile powder and works very well for both pistol and shotgun. I settled on ~15 grains, which is the #18 powder bushing when using my MEC Sizemaster (actual drop will vary, you should test). Using 7/8 oz of #8 shot, Clay Buster Gray Wad WAA12L, Winchester once fired AA HS hulls, and any 209 primer I can get. Similar in feel and performance to Winchester LRLN. No issues with the above load with my SKB. The data below is from a thread on this forum, sorry I don't have the link. Shoot
  5. I ordered mine 5/11, the day they became available to order online at the sass website, rx'd today 7/16. I know of one other person here in VA that ordered on 5/11 and rx'd theirs two days ago. So roughly 9 weeks plus a few days for me. Well worth the wait.
  6. Rx'd mine today, very nice quality! Custom cut badge holder from https://badgeandwallet.com is in production and I should have that soon also.
  7. There are multiple threads on this forum for pet loads used for both pistol/rifle and shotgun. I've scraped quite a bit of the info into multiple unorganized documents, so maybe when I have a bit more time I will compile them into a single document. There is really a wealth of practical knowledge on this forum if you are willing to put the effort into searching for it. For example: and;
  8. Skipped right to a "Fast Eddie" prepared SKB shotgun. Got a different hat. While I like the hat I have, the pencil roll edge collects brass and can slow down the brass picking process as the pickers are looking for those 3 pieces of brass up in my hat.
  9. Same here. Looking forward to getting it.
  10. Rxd tracking email from SASS today also, ordered on 5/11 the day they became available for order on the SASS website.
  11. Welcome to the game Grahambino! You are very fortunate to have family that is supportive, keep practicing and maybe one day I will get the pleasure of shooting a match with you. Best of luck Pard!
  12. I noticed the quantity is now limited to 1 per order, it was 2 earlier this morning.
  13. Use discount code PTT for $10 off orders of at least $100 and code TAG for orders over $150.
  14. Pistol: 105, Rifle: 125, and for KD's in both: 140, all from Chey-Cast Bullets.
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