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  1. 2.2c Dipper FFG is 32.4 grains. No filler needed when using either a big lube 200 gr or normal length 200 gr from Outlaw or Missouri.
  2. http://missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=449&category=6&secondary=37 $44 for 200. 405 gr
  3. Hangtree, I think you need a finder's fee!
  4. Doesn't need to be too fancy. I've dropped dozens of trees today.
  5. Love mine, identical. They soak up all recoil, lowered hammers great for duelist, on the way to learning gunfighter. Shoot BP, never any fouling, easy cleanup. Probably tuned by Wes Flowers...mine were. If you buy them you won't regret it.
  6. Haven't determined provenance. Correct, most have smooth flared guard plate trigger guard. Single hole tang appears to make it a 1 or 1 Sporting with rotary extractor. Wiki says a million made with variations.
  7. OLGthanks Purchased 200 black powder lubed 405 gr bullets to begin 1.3% tin, 4% antimony, balance lead per caster web site. Barrel is 1 - 20 twist, slugs measured .456 - .457 used Meister kit. Loaded cartridge chambers snugly/firmly with thumb pressure.
  8. BHN 12. BP lube. Light crimp just to reduce sharp edge of cartridge. Will check brass after shot to see if fire formed adequately to reduce working case neck. Next project to make is a blow tube and some shooting sticks. Thanks for all the tips. Will weigh next group for consistency. Definitely not a speed loading proposition. Snow and ice today at 2500'...have to wait for next weekend.
  9. Haven't decided on what sights or where to mount them. The action only has a single hole in the tang, would have to drill another if I install one there. 3/8 dovetail available on the barrel if I go that way. Are Marbles legal? I have an old one gathering dust.
  10. No worries boys, BP compressed slightly, no gaps. Dropped the powder through 24" tube to settle, hand pressure with dowel over wads to compress, long tail on the 405 gr that doesn't allow any gap. Shoot BP exclusively in matches. Appreciate all the info.
  11. Loaded 10 rounds. New Starline brass sized and slight flare on die set. CCI large rifle primer, 4.3 cc Goex FF (65 gr), 405 gr RNFP .459 dia (MBC #1 Buffalo Black Powder). Two thin 7/16 dia wads (punched from primer cardboard cover) over powder and under bullet. Seated bullet depth just enough to close rolling block. Light crimp with Lee FCD Wiped them off and put them in a box for tomorrow if snow holds off. Original Remington action, 28" Numrich half Oct half round barrel. Good to start? Missing anything?
  12. +1. Took them under 2 weeks to make ship and deliver 2 sets OMV Bisley grips just this month.
  13. Rifle arrived as described, waiting on some brass and 405 gr bullets to arrive. Numrich kit gun in good shape. Sent an email to Remington to try to get an approximate age and verify model. Looks to be a BP Model 1 sporting? Single screw hole tang, round top, rounded extractor. Maybe get it on paper this weekend. Northman, any idea what your peep sight is set to yardage wise?
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