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  1. Remington Rolling Block model 1 45-70 made pre 1890, 1887 10 gauge 30" made 1892, Remington 1882 10 gauge 32" made 1883, Winchester 97 12 gauge 30" made 1906, Hopkins and Allen hammerless safety police revolver 3" 32 S&W made 1901, American Gun Co (Crescent Arms model O) 12 gauge 30" made 1900. KMart Boito SxS 12 gauge now 20" (otherwise it weighed 15 lbs) made 1975, Pair of Ruger OMV Bisleys made 1995. Like to keep those old ones belching flames and smoke a few times a month.
  2. Don't be driving to Alexandria. Stay to the west and head to Winchester straight up I-81 to get to Taylors. Exit 317. Open House is same weekend as the nearby West Virginia State Shoot. Appalachian Showdown. September 25-27 http://www.wvcass.org/showdown/
  3. Had a great shoot yesterday at Singing Hills Ranch Largent WV. 15 shooters, used 2 timers, 2 score keepers, shot just 5 stages instead of 6, no lunch like we normally do halfway through. Brass pickup with tools, 2 people at loading, one at unloading. It was a cool calm cloudy day in the mountains. I even think 2 of the stages were good enough for Appalachian Showdown September 25-27. We are back in business. Taylors open house is the same weekend, stop by there on the way in Friday and shoot your new toy Saturday. http://www.wvcass.org/showdown/
  4. Went to Tech did you?  I went to Suomi, 73-75.  I still go up there a few times a year.  Sometimes on business and sometimes on pleasure.  Great people, beautiful country.

    1. Trooper Ozzy

      Trooper Ozzy

      Your closest bar I was a regular at was Ginos

  5. Ironwood here (we crossed the state line to drink on Silver Street in Hurley with the cheddarheads) with the 4 year stop in Houghton.
  6. If you’re shooting a black powder category when do you ever see your sights? I think the question should be do they have a good enough memory to remember the stage to shoot it blind and can they crouch and get back up from the crouch without using their hands to look under the smoke?
  7. When I shoot smokeless...8 gr unique under a 200 gr rnfp for both rifle and OMV revolvers.
  8. Shoot it! I have put more rounds through my Miroku in 2 years than my Marlin 336 30-30 in 40 years. Soft Brinnel 12 bullets won't wear out a steel rifled barrel. Remember Ar's shoot fmj.
  9. Any $300 semi auto shotgun with a selection of chokes will be sufficient to start. I start people out with a Hatsan Escort i picked up on sale under $300. Skeet will use cylinder, Trap mod or full. A field shotgun will work great for skeet, the addition of the $25 Beretta gel pad will raise her angle when shooting the rising trap target. And if she doesnt take to the sport, you will have a great dove gun.
  10. No name (Hatsan?)Turkish semi auto 12 for doves. Black plastic and lightweight handles any cheap Wally World shell. Ithaca 37 12 for ducks. Bottom ejects shells into boat or blind. No cleanup. Marlin 336 30-30 for deer, just got my high school dream rifle, an old un fired Winchester M70 Lightweight Carbine 30-06 eager to try this fall. Stevens SxS 20 old from 40’s with Tenite stock for bunnys. BTW got a few whitetail with the cowboy 92 and 73 45 colt.
  11. I just noticed another benefit. 6’ social distance in that photo!
  12. Remington gun clubs should be plentiful at your local trap range. One and done. After you use up your APP you will migrate to BP. APP different sound, plenty of smoke, no flame. It’s a good intro.
  13. Must obviously be a troll that lives under the bridge. Those of us from the state of Superior are hardier stock. It acts as an ice reducer in our blood when we run out of the sauna into the creek.
  14. Saw your reaction St Louis Suomi...Hancock was a half mile further. Sisu
  15. When I shoot a 12 ga sxs I found a $99 Boito KMart that slicked up well, cutting the barrels, lightening springs, refinishing wood, etc. Might be worthwhile to find an older used orphan that needs a home. Practicing your smithing skills on that will give you a lot of confidence at little to no risk.
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