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  1. Went to Tech did you?  I went to Suomi, 73-75.  I still go up there a few times a year.  Sometimes on business and sometimes on pleasure.  Great people, beautiful country.

    1. Trooper Ozzy

      Trooper Ozzy

      Your closest bar I was a regular at was Ginos

  2. Trooper Ozzy 103806 Starting my third full year Belong to CASS, Largent WV Also shoot Damascus, Thurmont, Montpelier, Vesuvius, Rivanna, and NRA...anywhere within 2.5 hours. Great people wherever I show up.
  3. jfosborn@hotmail.com Trooper Ozzy, interested in pair of 45LC ss Vaqueros might be able to run down from Danville next week

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