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  1. You will notice some changes to registration/prize pickup area. We will not use chuck wagon but have developed an alternative plan. Lunch will be limited to: Ham and cheese sub OR turkey sub with lettuce and tomatoes made by Firehouse sub with mayo and mustard packs on side. $6.00/each Prepackaged Chips $1. Prepackaged Assorted cookies $1 Water, Coke, Pepsi, Diet Coke and Iced tea $1 Breakfast items will be limited to the following prepackaged items $1.00/each: Assorted large muffins Honey buns Coffee cake You are encouraged to bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks and personal sanitizer. Mission BBQ will again provide the Saturday evening meal (with precautionary measures) Sanitizer will be available around the range and outhouses. Masks are not required – please use your own best judgment. Further details concerning special health and safety measures will be outlined in your shooters program. If you have any questions prior to your arrival at the match please let me know.
  2. Countdown to Friday the 25th is starting. Check your schedules, we would be happy to accommodate some last minute arrivals. Showdown Entry Form 2020.pdf
  3. For lighting these work at $1.99. Harbor Freight and others
  4. Still time to sign up. Long range forecasts line up with mid 70's and sunny for Saturday and Sunday. That makes for a great first weekend of Fall in the Eastern Panhandle. Don't forget, all side matches on Friday are free, Mission BBQ Saturday night included, Second annual 2 stage night shoot after dinner. Showdown Entry Form 2020 (1).pdf
  5. Don’t waste a weekend. Just drive north on I-81 a few hours for Appalachian Showdown September 25-27 West Virginia State Championship. We will be happy to have all you Tarheels show up. Showdown Entry Form 2020.pdf
  6. Plenty of time to make plans for West Virginia State Championship 3 Day Shoot AC Winchester CBRN Annie Aces LSr Arizona Anzie LSR Big Gus sidematches only Boomstick Bruce D Buzzard Breath Sr Catoctin CBRN Cody Conagher Sr Cody Maverick GF Deacon Henry SrD Deputy Doran LSR Deputy Short Stack FCD Deuce Diamondback SrD Drifter Dave D El Diablo Don SILVSR Frontier Lone Rider SLVSR Geronimo Jim ES J. D. Dillon ES Jack U Mist FC KUZ SR Last Word LW Lena Oakley LSr Lightning Rider SR Long Gun Greg GF Lucky CBRN Marshal Stubbs SRD Miss Kala L49R Mustang Major CBRN Nightingale LSLVSR Old Salt SR Palo Alto Kid FCGF Please Me Belle L49R Potter County Kid F Rawhide Ron BWSTN Red Cavanaugh SLVSR Rifleman CW SrD Shenandoah CBRN Shorty Black CB Smitty Black GF Trapper Dan SR Trooper Ozzy FCD Twin 49R Walker Colt GF Windjammer FC Showdown Entry Form 2020 (1).pdf
  7. Agree with 2.2 cc in the 45 Colt. Either 200 gr or 250 gr bullet.
  8. Luna Shine was the expert photographer... and another new shooter to the range. We had 3 new today shooting and 2 visitors that shot a stage at the end. (Black powder also, because why go in halfway?)
  9. Newer shooter this season, first time at Singing Hills Ranch. Only 2 of us on the posse shooting BP regularly. But Which Hand Wade gave it a go with great results. Gotta love a good smart phone camera. Gun Club hull. 4.3 cc dipper, red short wad, 1 1/8 oz shot. And a little magic dust. I think we got him gaffed and in the boat.
  10. OP asked for an opinion. Mine is Miroku for out of the box ready to go. Internals in mine are much better than other stock Ubertis I have looked at. The throw appears to match a gen 3 short stroke.
  11. West Virginia State Championship -Appalachian Showdown XXIX September 25, 26&27 2020. Singing Hills Ranch Largent, WV. Come shoot in the shade in the mountains. 12 bays, plenty of room to spread out. Side matches and BBQ included in the fees. www.wvcass.org for more info and match application.
  12. I love mine. Shoot BP in those tiny 32 cases. (Hopkins&Allen)
  13. Targets are painted at our club before each match. If you want to shoot fresh targets be the first shooter.
  14. Fresh photos from the monthly yesterday to give you all an idea of what we have up in the mountains on permanent bays.
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