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  1. Different sports different rules. Shoot trap and skeet. Actions open muzzles down while moving in hand. Shoot cowboy. Actions open muzzles up while moving in hand. As far as transporting in a cart, muzzle awareness while putting in cart either up down or horizontal with the actions open. Horizontal or down cart should be next to berm or other safe direction as a matter of courtesy/safety. IMO open action trumps all for safety.
  2. I have the 24" blued. What a great rifle at a great price. IMO no further action work needed.
  3. Thanks Coach, thanks boys.
  4. I just load brass 10 gauge but also equal volume powder to shot. Stack the wads, hot glue the topcard. Repeat. If I was doing 12 ga brass start with 4 cc dipper of each. That's similar to my plastic hull loads.
  5. Lee Loadall 12 ga Claybuster 1138-12 (WAA12R) 4.3cc dipper Reenactor, 2F, 3F 1 oz reclaimed 7.5 Gun Clubs Seems to work
  6. Eyes are open, revolvers are ready as soon as she can wear a belt.
  7. Using as a lotion 1000 mg in a small jar. Rheumatoid arthritis. Couldn't pick up chain saw and traffic cones with left arm, extremely weak and painful. Rubbing small amount on left elbow joint morning and evening, working better than expected. As a bonus rubbing excess on my hands, knuckle joints and thumb rotators pain free. Still on first small jar 2 weeks in. We will see if it lasts. Happy so far.
  8. I minimally bell the brass and crimp lightly...only enough to reduce the flare. Shooting out of a revolver. Same crimp "tightness" for the acp loads so not much needed there either on the 1911. A little tighter crimp on the 45 colt fullsize for the tube magazine in the rifle but not much. look at the photo...doesn't appear any deformation. If I take apart a round, the hitek coating shows no cracking. With the BP loads, I want a snug crimp for minimal blowback in the straightwall brass, not excessive. Its a light 2 fingers on the handle pressure when crimping occurs, not a firm press like resizing the case in the first step. Maybe the close up shows the extent of the crimps.
  9. Lee FCD in my kits seem to handle .452 bullets (lead, hitek) .451 (fmj) with no crushing...star line, winchester, etc brass I just follow the directions in the die box about setup.
  10. FWIW, yesterday loaded 500 45CS. I have a Lee Challenger single stage, so I batch the steps. All brass was deprimed and tumbled then hand primed first. Use the Lee 45 colt sizer on all 500 primed cases. Used Lee 45acp thru powder die to bell all the cases slightly. Use heaping 1.3 cc dipper (20 gr) to fill Goex 2f in 50 count batches. Use Lee seating die 45acp, then ran all through the Lee 45acp crimp die. So in summary, use shell holder and first die from 45 colt, then switch and use last 3 dies 45acp. The bullet is Missouri Bullet Co Cowboy #4 200 gr black powder lubed. This has the same profile as all my other 200 gr bullets that I load for the 73 and 92 rifle(Big lube JP 200) or 1911 (Outlaw 200 gr, Summers 200 gr, MBC #4). Don't ever need to fiddle with the dies.
  11. Lily. 7lbs4oz. Has to be TigerLily or Lily of the Valley. We'll see what's available. Only second girl in last 5 generations. Will be spoiled.
  12. 1 day old, pair of 3" pink birds heads 22lr on the way. (How can I load BP?)
  13. FWIW. When I do shoot smokeless indoors, 5 gr Unique 200 gr bullet (12 Brinnel) in a 45 CS is a light load to me. OMV Bisley 5.5 "
  14. Remember only 3 hours to Singing Hills Ranch. Leave at 6am arrive in time for a cup of coffee then shoot. Lunch included, over by 2. Home for dinner. See you March 22.
  15. I shoot a 45 colt rifle (35 grains) and 10 gauge 87 lever or 10 gauge 89 hammered (85 grains). How much more BP to set those alarms off?
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