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  1. I have Two 2nd Gen Cowboy & Indian 73 Short stroke kits, one comes with lifter and one set of standard toggles and one set of one dot toggles. The 2nd kit comes with the lifter and one set of 2 dot toggles and one set of 1 dot toggles. They're in like new condition they were not in the guns long before I put in 4th gen kits. asking $60.00 each shipped or both for $100.00 shipped
  2. I had the same problem with space and to many presses and I found this company called Inline Fabrication.com and he has a Quick change ultramount system, and you can change to a different press in minutes. He makes great quality products and fast shipping, I have quit a few of his products and they have been all high quality!
  3. Sorry my mistake it is 70# you would think I would remember just shipped a while back ? VD
  4. That is only half of it! your missing the most important and expensive part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and with the RCBS lockout die it doesn't have to be no charge or a double charge to stop the press. I change to the RCBS lockout die because I had problems with the Dillon powder check and they didn't resolve it so I couldn't trust the Dillon powder check anymore !
  5. My friend bought one of those elastic loop SG belts and that thing is great! if I was going to get a new belt that's what it would be.
  6. Posness/ Warren, I have a P/W 375 it resizes the plastic and the brass. but not sure if it will do all brass shells? V.D.
  7. Martin Market is a SCAMMER it's not me! Like Buck says remove your contact info from your profile! Von Dutch
  8. Back up for sale No funds received as of today from Gambler Rob will give it till Friday but if interested let me know.
  9. I have a Scully leather fringe jacket size 40 I have worn twice it's like new, I normally wear a 42 but it fits me. $ 80.00 shipped
  10. Well looks like this conversation is way over your HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well, my club didn't just start! my club is where Cowboy Action Shooting started, and it's not just the time it takes resetting the targets it's the lead dust all over them! That lead dust goes from your hands to your cloths, guns and everything else you touch!
  12. We have no ropes on are targets! we have to walk out and reset by hand all the lead dust covered targets! V.D.
  13. Thats the way I have been doing it for years but after I rinse, I do a final rinse with distilled water and that will stop you from getting any water spots, the water spots are from the minerals in the water, and I save the distilled water and use it about five to six more times and its cheap my cost is about a buck a gal.
  14. If you use vaseline to lube the rubber the oils in the vaseline will attack the rubber! I have the large Frankford arsenal rotary tumbler and it came with silicone gaskets its 10 years old and I have had no leak problems, if they still come with silicone gasket maybe they are the size you need its 3/8 wide 1/8 thick ID 3 7/8 OD 4 3/4? If you use rubber get some food grade silicone to lube the gaskets. V.D.
  15. Well Jackrabbit thanks for the Congrats. and Congrats. to you for 36 years at this! bet the time went by as fast for you as it did for me! God Bless you too and you take care . Hope to see down the trail sometime too. V.D.
  16. I received a 30 year pin from SASS that was very nice of them I can't believe I have been doing this that long! Time fly's when you're having fun!!! Von Dutch
  17. Congrats. my friend! You deserve it. V.D.
  18. I sure miss shooting with the Pards in this picture! I never shot with Old Lone$ome AKA Bob Shaw he was smithing for us Cowboys! He was a great guy and a good gun smith! Cowboy action shooting will never be as good as it was back then! V.D.
  19. This was my first end of trail, those were great times! I know some of these pards but forgot the names except the cowboy on the bottom left that's Mike Shellhart! There sure were some fun stages back then. Von Dutch
  20. Sorry Marauder I did not see the lead part, went back and read your post and it slipped by me. V.D.
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