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  1. ROC RULING: NOT LEGAL FOOTWEAR. It has a number of "non-period" features which are precluded under the rule: SHB p.2 Regarding accommodating folks with "foot issues", There are literally a hundred choices that will do a better job of looking the part.
  2. Thanks. I found them on a few sites under various descriptions & prices. The ROC is taking a hard look at that particular style.
  4. It most likely is the escutcheon missing. (translation of parts nomenclature can be a bit confusing at times) If that part (44) is missing from the left grip, the screw will protrude from the right side. That might be a less expensive & easy fix!
  5. FWIW - Lug soles and moccasins are allowed in all categories except "Classic" & "B-Western". I'd have to get a few more "official" opinions regarding the legality of this specific style, though.
  6. Is it Item 44 CodeUB:150044 Description Uberti Left Grip Nut (1875, 1890, Schofield, Laramie) ?
  7. Read the description. That design has many more meanings than that of a certain political reference. Besides Amerindian (as mentioned in the OP) Hindu NORSE
  8. http://www.oowss.com/_RO_ Corner/OVERLOADING EDITED 2020.pdf
  9. There is NO codified restriction regarding that distance.
  10. That design was introduced by Ithaca in 1963. SOURCE If you can find a similar lever-action single shot "of the period" (1860-1899) it MIGHT be considered...otherwise NOT LEGAL in any category. REF: SHB p.40
  11. The only SHB reference to NRA rules is in regard to OPTICAL category regs (p.33).
  12. 1) A SxS shotgun shooter is allowed to use the unobstructed barrel to finish the stage in event of a suspected squib in one barrel. 2) A single-barrel shotgun shooter is allowed to clear a suspected squib from the barrel "on the clock" in order to "make it safe" and complete the stage. **PROVIDED that both the shooter and the Timer Operator visually verify and confirm that the shotgun has a CLEARED barrel in order to safely continue using the shotgun. Followup "WtC?"s : 1) If a T/O stops a SxS shooter with a squib in one barrel and orders the shooter to ground the shotgun, should the shooter get a RESHOOT due to the option to use the other (clear) barrel? YES. 2) If a T/O refuses to allow a single-barrel SG shooter to "make it safe" by SAFELY clearing a squib from the barrel, should the shooter get a RESHOOT? YES.
  13. 1) Shooter stages cocked rifle with live/unfired round in the chamber. SDQ for moving from the LT to the stage w/rifle in that condition. SDQ for staging rifle in that condition (as soon as it leaves the shooter's hands) = MDQ for “Two SDQ violations on the same stage” – SHB p.24 2) Shooter stages cocked rifle with empty chamber. SDQ for staging the rifle with the hammer cocked (as soon as it leaves the shooter’s hands). No additional penalty for "changing location" (moving from the LT) under the rule change. 3) Shooter has cocked rifle "in hand" to start. Drop the hammer If chamber empty = NO CALL If chamber loaded = SDQ Applicable rules: - Staging or discarding a long gun containing a live round in the chamber (once it leaves the shooter’s hands). - … - Changing location/moving with a live round under a cocked hammer or firearm with the hammer down on a live round. - Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked (exception for rifle from the loading table to the stage with no round chambered). SHB p.23 "STAGE DISQUALIFICATION PENALTY" Safety & Handling Conventions – Rifles - Rifles may be staged with the magazine loaded, action closed, hammer fully down on the empty chamber (NOT the safety notch), with the muzzle pointing in a safe direction (adheres to the 170° rule). SHB p.15 Cocked – hammer not fully down (full, half-cock or safety notch). Hammer down – hammer fully down at its final resting position. SHB pp.44-45 “Glossary of Terms”
  14. Proposed rule change: Eliminate the automatic Stage DQ penalty for leaving the loading table with a cocked rifle. In such instances, the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm, bring the hammer to full cock if it is in the half-cock/safety position, then pull the trigger. If no round is fired, the shooter will be directed to finish staging firearms in order to start the stage (No Call). If a round fires when the shooter pulls the trigger, the shooter will be assessed a Stage DQ and directed to proceed to the unloading table. PASSED by vote of the Territorial Governors. YES - 208 (75.3%) NO -- 68 (24.6%) Effective January 2020
  15. For an "all weather" shooter: Raynor Scheine
  16. The 2019 "Winter Range TG Meeting" minutes have been posted up on the archives page.
  17. The "Rule Clarification Archives" page has been updated (and rearranged).
  18. The SHB includes a "Glossary of Terms" (i.e. definitions) in Section 9 (pp. 43-45)
  19. The "Rules Clarifications Archives" have been updated to the current SHB V.22.3 "Penalties Overview" ; as well as the rule refs in the "Reload Choices" doc. Thanks to Mid Valley Drifter for his assistance in maintaining the "RO Corner" page (no longer on the "super-secret" hidden site)
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