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  1. By Lunger Dan of North Carolina...poor mans self taught rigs, depending on which pistols I decide to shoot. Two on the right are newer-I dont dye, just let sun and oil do their thing
  2. I like some sort of loose order (not like the convoluted ordering someone else mentioned with jumping around with who starts first, or alphabetical) Our Cat Herder calls out who's on which posse (if we have enough for 2 posses that day) and an order in each posse-which can be changed amongst ourselves. 1: while involved in shagging brass, spotting etc, it is nice to look up and see who is at the loading table so I know when I need to try to hand off duties . 2: At least tries to keep the prima donnas from shirking duties or just "shooting whenever they want" because THEIR shooting is all
  3. I fire a regular lead round or two after fast draw-then clean as normal
  4. missed the "didnt want cut and weld part"
  5. Cody Conagher http://www.codyscowboyshop.com/ smooth as butter , extremely fast and well priced turn around if you ever mess it up (it WILL be your fault if one does) Buy once cry once. Best SASS purchase I made by far.
  6. Huh... I thought there was an elite class of shooters that did not need to sully their hands with plates, spikes, hammers, etc..etc...I mean-it goes without saying that us peons would be shot if we suggested using a brass picker... I mean, I know that their conversations in the parking lot are more important than helping the same people who help out time and time again by carrying maybe just one plate or knockdown into the trailer...plus, they have to wipe down their super dupper speed guns before anything else can be done...right? I understand not driving all the way somewhere to hel
  7. These are the only styles they currently sell https://www.nyxgolf.com/category-s/119.htm Apparently their glasses can be customized to accept rx lenses as well https://earinc.com/product/nyx-intraspx-prescription-insert-system/
  8. I usually run mine about 6 hours, drier sheets, squirt of nu finish and teaspoon of mineral spirits...comes out spectacularly wonderful for me . Guess some folks cant help but stick their face down in it and sniff real hard-same ones who ate paint chips I reckon...ya get what ya get.
  9. THIS and using BP were the factors that made a difference for me.... The reverse cut on the butt so that the "pointy" is not digging in and the "push" of black powder rather than the kick of smokeless...total do it yourself job too-all you need is a saw and a protractor. Some of the meds I take have made me start to bruise more-and it was very noticeable using smokeless and before I cut the butt to a negative cant. The loading of BP shotgun shells is painless-and a good intro to BP. A 50 dollar Lee Load all...or just the basic hand tools you can google and youre on your way...the Lady w
  10. Some scrap wood-scrap leather-old box-roadside freebie jogger and about 10 bucks in hobby lobby knick knacks Weighs about 30 lbs? I put it in back of the pick up so it doesnt fold.
  11. Barrel and chamber clear-previous stage was clean shoot with rifle
  12. 45C Starline brass relatively new, 5.4 gr titegroup, 200 gr rnfp from bayou bullets. Uberti 1873 with action done by Cody, less than 3 years on it with only once a month shoots so not alot of milage on it Last stage of the day,first round. Extracted through magazine-so not mangled trying to get it out. Bent the lever up read good... lever safety seems to be "springy" and working still Opened action to chamber round, felt resistance upon closing-slight "re-open" lever and attempt to close again-not hard either-then boom-couldnt close lever until I finagled with the trigger and lever
  13. Correct...happened twice I think during the match... #10 CCI caps, stock Pietta nipples in the 1860
  14. Obviously I am new to cap and ball....I appreciate the idea and images Prairie Dawg... I did not know you werent supposed to "dry fire around again" like with cartridge pistols-the TO told me it was happening because I was riding the hammer with my thumb-so Ill have to be more mindful of that-and take the time to half cock and spin the cylinder instead. Also get some of those nice red nipple covers like prairie dawg made !
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