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  1. Thats all anyone asks! "Above all, do something!"
  2. This is something I think about every time. Personally, I would feel like a heel if I did not help out as much as possible...stage 4 copd and I help set up the day before and tear down after the match. Im huffin and puffing but hopefully carrying my weight. Theres some older guys, who, I know can't ..and I begrudge them nothing. Theres the guys who TO and RO...they work the whole match far as Im concerned-I begrudge them not if they rest afterwards. (Funny thing is-most of these guys even try and help) Then, theres the guy who never helps set up....you'll see him cleaning his guns and putting them away the whole time during break down, first one to his truck with his cart...he might come strolling up at the last moment, when all is done, just to make a show. Same guy who rarely shags brass, and I do mean rarely. Didn't they have a name for these guys in the military..s***bird or something like that? He makes multiple matches....always holds up the match asking questions on how to "game" the time a bit (can I go this way or that way to save a millisecond) I have no respect for those types...
  3. I got tired of paying for patches a long time ago...now I use t-shirts cut up into whatever size squares I desire. I don't measure anything, just sloppy squares from cutting the shirt. (Get the shirts free from friends and family) even the collar and arm seams can be used as pass throughs. Before I got into sass, I was into old military rifles, so I learned the value of good, non metal, cleaning rods and brass jags. I pay up for carbon fiber rods. I hate passing brass brushes through..but with shooting lead, its necessary, so I dispose of them frequently. They are cheap compared to barrels. I prefer using lead cloth.
  4. Perhaps do it with the jeans being wet.....
  5. Thanks Tater...hope to see you come again and shoot!
  6. Well, at home it works well..I can vary the length of shell sticking up, they dont fall out when I bend over, I can vary the amount of "hold on each one, they slip out nice and easy... As far as at a match-I will be using it this Saturday...but Im not much of a judge-I suck at the "competition" . Always at the bottom of the heap.
  7. Hobby shop brass sheet...it's got a pretty good amount of spring to it due to thickness
  8. So, I was on a social media group about old west clothing, and saw an advert-and example of a "pooler and jones" cartidge holder. Patented in the 1860s. I wanted to find a schematic or template for one-but couldnt. So, I set about to make a template off of the pics I could find....and through much trial and error with aluminum first, then brass.. Making the template, then-finding a process that worked using a vice and a correct size socket, hammer and some good squeezing...I came up with a (hopeful) semblance of what they were. I aged the brass too. I kinda like the idea that the shells "grip" can be adjusted....I have a tendency to drop shells out of my worn leather shell belt when I move around/bend over. Terrible idea?
  9. I agree with Sedalia, but heres pics anyway...the "lug" painted white, pushes the rod when opening which opens the extractor
  10. The "auto selective ejectors" on that model are whats causing you problems.....the plain ol' "43" uses a simple bar and rod. You may need to get something welded/fabricated in to bypass that spring situation The Baikals you are looking at/ wanting to perform that mod on, are the regular 43 models..not the split extractor models
  11. I was going to ask the same question...where does one get the chronicle?
  12. Good Lord....the pawn shops compete around here -anywhere from 25-50 dollars to do a transfer...
  13. They stamped 45 colt? Sounds like you are describing .44-40
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