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  1. Very sorry for your loss
  2. My Uberti has got the turn ring also...very thin and precise. Probably 1000 rounds into it. Not real noticeable like the sloppy wide ring that would occur on a colt style from dropping hammer from half cock
  3. For my kid, I am using 7/8 ounce of #7shot , WAA20 wad (or replacement from other manufacturer) and 38grs of BP (or Black MZ) 2.5cc dipper or if using a lee load all a # 155 bushing. I use BP because the felt recoil is different than smokeless-more of a "push" than a "slap" Wife and kid both enjoy this load-makes a great tight pattern at about 15 yards of a 6" circle. ANything less in powder charge starts to fall apart.
  4. Good question, I have no idea...hope you get an actual answer .
  5. Only modification Ive done to the stock is to cut a negative cant on it...helps greatly with recoil bruises.
  6. Rewards? Plaques? Ribbons? For regular monthly shoots? What are these things of which you speak? Ive never got to shoot somewhere that did We get to BS with some of our partners about how they suck , or we suck, or our guns being broken-or better get guns fixed...and then put in a 1/2 hour of lifting and moving to clean up. Going by some of the arrogant replies to answers in here..Im damn glad I shoot where I shoot.
  7. Some trinkets and crap in the phone
  8. My holsters, bandoleer and injun feet for when its too cold to barefoot...my gear has a lot more wear on it....hers I finished this summer for her to use, mines been done over a year I think Right now Im working on a new baby stroller gun cart-so its gun cart "holsters" Im cutting and sewing
  9. kids holsters and shotgun belt (20g .22) buttstock cover for 20g.
  10. Thats the intention of the state. You could always call it the "SASS Western Regional Protest" instead, and do whatever you please.
  11. I don't think I'd call Trail Boss "Low recoil". I use 5.7 grains of TB under a 200 gr. RNFP. Lowering that bullet weight requirement will reduce your recoil. I also use about the same in W231 for the same bullet...I wouldnt consider either to be a heavy recoil.......I think its that big piece of lead youre chucking down range that gives you the felt recoil.
  12. Our head honcho/stage writer/cat herder, incorporates stage lines that follow a theme for each shoot. I appreciate it. Part of what makes it special... It separates the game from those competitions where they wear tactical underwear and imitation SWAT uniforms..(as opposed to our play cowboy uniforms). Wouldn't be as fun without them.
  13. Funny, you sure have a lot to say about it when you dont care about it......seems there is a couple keyboard ambushers in here to jump on anyone who doesnt answer the OPs question "right"
  14. Well, that accounts for your honor system now, dont it?
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