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  1. Correct...happened twice I think during the match... #10 CCI caps, stock Pietta nipples in the 1860
  2. Obviously I am new to cap and ball....I appreciate the idea and images Prairie Dawg... I did not know you werent supposed to "dry fire around again" like with cartridge pistols-the TO told me it was happening because I was riding the hammer with my thumb-so Ill have to be more mindful of that-and take the time to half cock and spin the cylinder instead. Also get some of those nice red nipple covers like prairie dawg made !
  3. So, after you acquire your pistol, smooth the hammer face down real nice so caps dont stick, how do you prevent the hammer face from getting the nipple circle when you have to go around again.(i.e.: cock and pull trigger when you ride the hammer down and cap doesnt go off til second strike...so you have to go around 5 times again, invariably hitting the nipple with no cap) I used my cap and ball successfully (as in no cap jams) for the first time, got it home to clean it and noticed the face of the hammer was marred from the bare nipple...then at the range just shooting, I got cap jams from
  4. I don't know if you've been to a shoot yet? Id say dont sweat it too much although it can be frustrating for sure. Have you tried your local armslist?(for firearms) Haunting the old gun stores (more likely to have single action firearms) Craigslist is good for clothes sometimes....(even guns sometimes if you read between the lines) As far as leather is concerned-you dont need the 600$ rig....a belt-maybe order 2 holster kits from tandy leather and put em together yourself.... Just go to the shoots, borrow stuff-some people will sell stuff...just relax, it doesnt have to be full equip
  5. Go to the nearest Tandy leather near you-ask them who would make you a good set of moccasins in the area-high top, low top, whatever you want. They usually know who the good leather workers are...if no Tandy, the whoever the local leather supplier is near to you. Those earthwalkers were basically high top moccasins made for ren-faire.
  6. Lunger Dan

    NC HB 559

    Urge your NC representative to back this bill, repealing the requirement to purchase a pistol permit to buy sell or transfer a pistol in NC New Hanover reps to call and tell them to support this bill: Charles Miller-9197335830 Ted Davis =-9107636249 And the demorat Deb Butler-9102289222 Look up who your rep is in NC and call Let them know we have a large majority of constituents who partake in the shooting sports and we want this passed The media is not even uttering a word about this b
  7. I started salt bath annealing about 6-7 years ago, because my rifle brass was pricey and some hard to find (303,8mm mauser,7.5x55) and also for neck tension... ABout oh...2 years ago I would do some of my 45 colt because I read it would help with the dirty cases and blowback in my 1873 ..... Before November 2020, I would never bother scraping under the gun safe to get the 10 primers that rolled under it....these days I we'd probably hire a mover to move the safe over so we could get them.....same with brass...if it helps make it last longer-its worth the effort. I never considered buying
  8. I have only used Federal 209s with my BP and Black MZ shotgun loads....here I was thinking for the past 3 years that they were the preferred primer like the Federals for pistol/rifle! Never had any issues with my Baikal or Stoger!
  9. Damn! Now thats fine!
  10. The "sheriffs" model 1860 by oietta does use navy size grips
  11. The other one I built holds 3 long guns....I practically break my neck when I pass one on the side of the road, have to keep myself from stopping
  12. Thank you, but I doubt I'll ever get to a state match....I've never been anywhere besides my local monthlies. Not that I wouldnt like to...just logistics between work, nighttime breathing , funds...well, maybe someday.
  13. I got some of the T17 all natural 1000 plus and Balistol ( had plenty) Washed cylinder, barrel, nipps, in warm soapy water, the drowned in ballistol then sopped up all the ballistol and used the grease on arbor and nip threads. Forgot to add that my homemade grease is pink...I mixed crisco and bees wax and asked daughter for a crayon-she gave me pink
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