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  1. Go ahead and refinish the entire stock as you would without worry about the stain...if you are going to go to a light color, you can try some selective wood bleaching in the stained area. Going to a light color-there may be no coming back from seeing some staining. Try to stay away from sanding...sanding kills.
  2. Cholla, lined holster means that instead of the rough(flesh) side of the leather coming in contact with the gun, a second piece of thinner, usually pig or calf leather is sewn and glued to the heavy leather flesh side, that way you have a smooth hide side outside and inside. Some holster makers do use thin metal between the layers of leather for shaping, some use kydex, some even leave the kydex exposed on the interior. That is not usually seen in SASS holsters. Some holster makers use only water and leather to mold around the gun tightly, some just use the "bucket" approach, where the gun is very loose in the holster, like its sitting in a "bucket"
  3. I used up 1,000 in my pistols-but didn't want to even try in my 73. So for a year I was loading one set for rifle and one set for pistol
  4. I'm originally from New City myself...left the hellhole in 85 at age of 18 ,before things got real bad . Never looked back. Id imagine its quite a bit of travel to get to any kind of SASS range from Rockland. Good Luck
  5. Frontier Classics Vaquero Jacket, size XXL . Only worn 2-3 times, no rips , stains, problems. I wear an xl and this was ordered too large. Will make all the senoritas swoon while you blaze away with your six shooter in the saloon! Guaranteed! $50 paypal shipped to your door
  6. Yes, https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012954932
  7. RCBS Trim Pro 2 (with universal shell holder) for sale. In good condition, all works as it should. Only pilot with it is .30 cal (I used it to do brass for my M1 carbine) Ill ship it USPS flat rate, with paddle handle and cutting handle disconnected. $45 paypal only (F&F)
  8. Very sorry for your loss
  9. My Uberti has got the turn ring also...very thin and precise. Probably 1000 rounds into it. Not real noticeable like the sloppy wide ring that would occur on a colt style from dropping hammer from half cock
  10. For my kid, I am using 7/8 ounce of #7shot , WAA20 wad (or replacement from other manufacturer) and 38grs of BP (or Black MZ) 2.5cc dipper or if using a lee load all a # 155 bushing. I use BP because the felt recoil is different than smokeless-more of a "push" than a "slap" Wife and kid both enjoy this load-makes a great tight pattern at about 15 yards of a 6" circle. ANything less in powder charge starts to fall apart.
  11. Good question, I have no idea...hope you get an actual answer .
  12. Only modification Ive done to the stock is to cut a negative cant on it...helps greatly with recoil bruises.
  13. Rewards? Plaques? Ribbons? For regular monthly shoots? What are these things of which you speak? Ive never got to shoot somewhere that did We get to BS with some of our partners about how they suck , or we suck, or our guns being broken-or better get guns fixed...and then put in a 1/2 hour of lifting and moving to clean up. Going by some of the arrogant replies to answers in here..Im damn glad I shoot where I shoot.
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