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  1. Split suede does not stamp well at all. Youll end up banging holes in that material trying to get it to stamp.You are better off using acrylic paint, or getting a square of veg tan leather, stamping it, then sewing it on to the suede. There is a reason split suede was used to build and sell that sleeve-its cheap. Split suede is a by product of "thinning" veg tan leather down to a smaller weight (thickness)..it is a slice of the flesh side of the animal..similar to the thin slices of wood that result from planing a board. The grain side (outer skin) is what is needed to stamp.
  2. #5..What if I clear my throat on the way to the firing line, but no one hears it? If the TO then sees that I have spittle on my lips, does it count as haveing been a throat clearing with a SDQ, or does the shooter just need to prove his kerchief is clean?
  3. That hurt, is the price we pay for all the great things they give us when they leave. So sorry.
  4. Kid wearing leather mask I made back in January...coincidence?
  5. With chemical strip-I use a tooth brush to work it into the checkering...anything real obstinate after that Ive used tooth pick, sharply folded sandpaper line.... I'm just a shade tree hack though.
  6. If this ever comes about-really don't care if it does-going to donate my max amount to Presidents re-election . Really piss off the pelosis'
  7. Any pulmonoligist will tell you the absolute worst thing you can do is become sedentary.
  8. Slowhand Bob- Stage 4 emphysema here,still not dragging the bottle though-only at night. (stubbornness) I shoot my sxs with substitute..and it chokes me out sometimes....kills my times because Im holdng my breath! But I wanna-so-you know... I find I do have to walk away and duck and dodge while doing posse duties when the BP guys go all out....but I aint gonna tell them they can't because of me. I doubt I could shoot all BP myself at this point...Id be holding my breath to long.......I'm huffin and puffin like crazy during tear down and putting things up...and I do feel crappy the next day after a shoot. Told my pulmonologist all this...she said "well at least your getting cardio in running away from the smoke.." she knows I prefer quality over quantity. She also told me ANY smoke is a killer...even my burning brush in the yard. There will come a point -where I dont use BP in the sxs anymore...and stay even further away when the other guys do their thing...
  9. I did some searching online also for this...more for my injun costume really-wanted a cavalry hat to go with it. In doing the searching I looked at more period photographs than anything else-then look at what was being sold....and it didnt match up. The romanticized hats being sold look not much at all like what were in actual photos from the time. They are too shaped, brims too wide ...the actual, from what I see in the photos, look more like fedoras with an upturned lip around the brim..not slouching fore and aft-and a 3' brim-not these huge 4-5 inch brims. B-western...now thats a different animal all together..
  10. Also to add....original functional fringe was ridiculously long...hunters/trappers would start off their journey with fresh skins with fringe 18"+ long, and use the fringe as cordage as needed through the journey...these guys would go out on a trap/hunt away from civilization for months at a time...
  11. Well gee, you caught my unscientific guesstimate from my interaction in leather forums and pages. I acquiesce to your obvious superiority in all things leather related. I will go do penance now.
  12. I use DAP (Weldwood) contact cement found in big box hardware stores for my leather work..as does about 70% of the leatherworking population. Follow directions to the "T" about set up and surface time. With suede, due to its nature, glue may not be the best permanent option. Yes, it is rough for surface area..but its surface is also a bit "sacrificial" i.e.: separates more easily than smooth leather..kind of like cloth that "pills" Glue will get you by though
  13. Help finish setting stage,carting clays for the pop up, setting up the 10x10 canopy, switch that plate out for a cowboy or buffalo, adjust that knock down....(Not to mention preparing the day prior, helping set up the whole shebang) We have a couple "nothing physical" preparers'...some of those even go into "nothing physical" during the match-you'd think the brass picker might burn a hand or two off. Funny, seems that type is always about 1 spot above me at the match...they take sixth-I'm at seventh-that kinda thing..
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