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  1. You cant take it with you, so play with it while you can. I dont have any antique "SASS " guns, but I do have some others that I was "afraid" to shoot "too much" because they were antiques......then I thought "XXX am I saving them for, the afterlife? Do I really care if they last 100 more years, I will be gone in 10 or less" 30% of my enjoyment comes from the "competition" of the SASS game...the rest is just enjoying shooting my guns. Shoot your guns...if you want to try to win the 1st prize Caddy at each match-shoot .32 RNVs.
  2. ..but the damn things are very expensive- $4-500 . I have an outback duster with the wool insert, but that thing weighs a ton, feels very bulky and I have to take it off to shoot and get to my gunbelt.. Sooo...I bought a pattern pack for $9 and lucked out on finding an old Hudsons Bay 4 point Blanket with a ragged edge for $70 and made one.. Took numerous tries of sewing and re-sewing, but finally got it pretty much ok ...at least to where Im happy with it. Its kind of a bastardized "Long Hunter" designed Capote. All sewn by hand My gun belt fits over it and its a hell of a lot more comfortable and less bulky than the Outback.....and a bit more period correct, because blanket coats were still being made into the 80's
  3. This looks like a lot more fun than 15 seconds in front of a plastic table with 3 foot targets 2 foot away using a glock single action.
  4. I did not bend my opening lever, but did have it completely apart to do the "slicking up"...that punch was a nerve wracking bear the first time for me, a blindfolded monkey with a hammer. The saving grace is that the Baikal is really built like a Russian tank-it will take a pounding , even by a ham fisted hack such as myself, and got easier each time I dismembered the beast.
  5. This thing is too heavy for me and my breathing-its like carrying an extra 30lbs. I believe it is the stockman (cotton lined oilskin) with the optional wool button in liner. Only mark on it is shown in picture near right wrist-got a spot of gun grease the one time I wore it to shoot. The jacket is still very oily from factory...leaves a bit on the hands-like that slight sheen? Its an XL I'd like to have a capote to wear in the cold instead..that would be alot lighter and easier on the emphysema.Figured Id post on the off chance someone wanted a trade.
  6. Thanks guys... Reason: Im an idiot and I am taking apart a brand new 1872 to "antique" it I just did my sherrifs model 1860 open top and like the look and now that new 1872 looks like a plastic toy next to it.
  7. Colt 1871-72 (Uberti) I know how to remove the ejector spring and rod housing from the barrel...but how does one take the rod and spring out of the housing? It seems permanently contained in the housing as compared to a SSA style later model? Thanks in advance for any info-headed to work... Did look on the u tube, etc...but no one showed the disassembly from the housing.
  8. Best wishes for you to have a speedy recovery and the best results.
  9. I carry a pair of sidecutters...If I cant squeeze a cut into it-it aint lead The few that get through float to the top when cleaning and making ingots (gotta pay attention and not just walk away from the pot-that way they dont melt in with the good lead)
  10. Mine came with a 7/8s its the one I use in there now. Mine has been worth every penny of the 60 bucks it cost. Been using it for three years now to load black powder loads. Sure, a mec is nice...so is a Rolls royce, but I dont need one to get to taco bell-a ford marquise does just fine.
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