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  1. Same as above..I don't get to travel , not retired, so every monthly is my favorite..I live for that 1 time per month.
  2. Monthly matches are all I've got...I've only been shooting for a year or so, and I'm not going to be traveling to any big shoots. (a little work and tied to a machine at night for health) Every month gets harder also..so I appreciate each month even more.I'd say it is neither for me...After my wife and kid-it's the one thing I look forward to. Heck...I don't even really compete with myself! Last month was the first time I ever shot clean, and I didn't realize thats what I was trying to do until about the 5th stage-then shocked myself at the end of the 6th!
  3. I use the load all also- at first I had problems until I learned the "feel" for amounts of pressure to use with each station....unlike a mec , etc...your force is the adjustment setting. I found it helpful to use some "clearer" hulls than the AAs to start/practice with, where I could see what was going on inside with the wad, column, etc. I had some of those clearish green remington hulls. personally, I use 2.8cc BP sub and 7/8 ounce of # 7 1/2 shot...never had that not knock em down.
  4. Not being in a match that is rushed....never understand why we have to be rushed and breathless trying to get through a match as quick as possible...whats one hour more except to enjoy more time ?
  5. Depends what Im cleaning..is it a modern firearm or is it an old shooter, or an old collector? I scrub my cowboy guns...not really concerned about what a brush will do to the rifling. My Swiss 96/11 will not see a brush while it is ever in my possession-irreplaceable (to me anyway) . A 10/22, I don't care what gets used in it-my old Sears model 25 -gets kid gloves (it has too much sentimental value and is too mint for a brush to touch the rifling. AKM-use sandpaper for all it cares! Something beat and rusty like a Mosin Nagant, etc....home made foul out system. Lead or copper plated or FMJ? Makes a difference what I use...there is no "one wonder drug" as far as Im concerned
  6. 8oz leather roping cuffs. Tooled to a quilt pattern on the outside. Unlined. wrist =8 1/2 in inside circumference length = 7 1/8 inches forearm = 12 in inside circumference. Chicago screw at forearm , snaps forward. (just leave screw closed and slip on, then button) Never warn beyond trying them, on 40 shipped USPS
  7. Sold mine so I could by my first lever action for SASS Was a wonderful and fun rifle. Was a No.4 Mark II South African Armory markings . Always drew attention from the spray and pray AR guys when I was banging the gong way out there with iron sights...
  8. Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II CEI 4700 I bought this thinking I would use it to practice and improve my times...Well, I suck , my monthly matches told me so and I am OK with sucking. I just have fun. I don't get to practice as I am not a member of the club, only get to go to monthly shoot. The only time I used it was when I got it....I promptly opened it and sat on the couch and played with it. My 10 year old promptly lost the instruction book which I left on the coffee table. I'd like to sell it for $90 shipped (we can do paypal or check) or trade for 200gr 45colt lead, maybe some veg tan leather if you have it, cured hides I can work with, Ritza 25 1.2mm waxed thread...stuff pertaining to leather work...
  9. Taught myself how to do some leather work, made my own. It's not beautiful..but it fits a schofield nicely (which is hard to find out there), my ruger bisley and my uberti cattleman. Also made my own bandoleer. Each holster formed and made for my specific pistol. Tooled how I want it. It is not angled for optimum tactical precision, nor the finest finish etc.. (This, after paying some good money to people on the internets for some not so good quality) All in all, I probably have more in it than one of the fancy maker rigs...but it's mine. One of the reasons I never got interested in IDPA,etc..is all the name brand overpriced crap you had to have or you werent considered anything more than a wannabe. (I've seen women less concerned with their purses than those guys and their outfit for impressing) Isn't that pretty much how it was done back then anyway?
  10. Some say soaking in a baking soda solution afterwards helps...I dont , Im not a big fan of oversoaking the leather. Rinsing helps some, but definately an odor left.....smell like a pickle up on the line!
  11. I don't leave them stored in leather anyway..as far as the time they are in, no...no effect. I've had them in for as long as 2 days and no problem.
  12. Called Vinagaroon....solution used to turn veg-tanned leather black. Not a die, it affects the tannin in the leather..same as wood. Doesn't come out of or wear off of leather. Won't stain your hands like a dye will. Does stink to high heaven though for awhile. I have a holster and belt I did back in December or so that still has a very slight vinegar smell to it. It is a nice quality black...not jet black...kind of a civil war leather black. (happens to be what they used also)
  13. While I appreciate the work this gentleman did, I'm going to stick with cleaning with Hoppes #9 , kroil and Ballistol; and Ballistol as a protectant/lube (sometimes white lithium grease for my Swiss and AK actions) Mostly because (except for AK) I still believe in Ballistol for my wood and leather and the ability to mix it with water and use it as a flush directly after shooting corrosive ammo. Secondly, price....I can buy a heck of alot of Hoppes and Ballistol , for what they want for 4oz of frog lube. If I go out in harsh environment with my guns, I clean immediately..in fact, I clean after each range time (except for AK)...I clean/give a wipe down each month if not used also....and I don't worry about about Ballistol doing harm to my almost 100 year old wood (which was probably cleaned with Ballistol since WW1 or 2) I'm not a Navy Seal emerging from the shore break storming a sandy beach, hiding up to my eyes in a mangrove swamp or doing a HALO into enemy territory
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