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  1. I've been doing the pencil lead test with the staedtler pencil set. Takes a bit of getting used to and developing a consistent method-but is pretty accurate to get within @ 2 bhn range after some practice. Practice using a know hardness bit of lead.
  2. Be ready to pick rice out of each flash hole..I tried it once-never again Lizard litter will always be available and cheap at the pet store
  3. I dont think anyone gets interested in CAS who has no gun knowledge or personal guns already. I found SASS because I purchased an Uberti 45colt and fund it while doing some googling about the gun I went to a local match, where I was given the opportunity to try it out. I did not have funds to purchase more equipment-so, I sold some of my other guns to get more equipment. What I am saying is-if someone wants in-they will make the necessary sacrifices to get in. Can't cry "oh I cant afford it" when you're sitting on a vault full of stuff you're not using-or not even a vault full..I had a
  4. Monthlies are my only matches..between work, health , finances and family, I am limited to any travel. I started out when gas was 3 sumthin and it is soon to be there again-probably higher. I bet monthlies become more important to a lot of folks in the near future.
  5. Elvis Ammo on youtube taught me a great deal about the whole process including powder coating. I resize after my powder coating .
  6. A single stage press.
  7. A mec 12 g complete reloading setup-even had bags of shot, I got in a bulk reloading deal...said I'll never load for shotgun....then 2 months later discovered the joy of BP shells.
  8. Im not the most experienced reloader here, by far, so that is why I am asking this question (plus, Ive had a lb of etr-7 for years now that I havnt used due to this confusion)...shouldnt the weight of powder needed decrease as the weight of the projectile increases? which is why Im wondering if your 5.5 gr is a misprint? On the hodgdon website it lists :Hodgdon Universal 0.452" 1.600" 6.4gr min to 8.8gr maximum for a 200gr cast LRNFP
  9. Lee pacesetter 8x57 mauser set, RCBS neck sizing die, Lee trim die All in good condition, not rusty work just fine. I no longer reload for mauser $60 shipped USPS Paypal friends for payment
  10. For sale is a lee pacesetter .303 dies set, RCBS neck sizing die and Lee trim die. All in god shape, not rusty and work just fine. I just no longer reload for .303 $60 shipped USPS flatrate box Paypal friends payment please-
  11. Are you taking paypal friends? Or some way to do CC? If so, Ill take it in 28403 area code
  12. So..I must have had a squib today at the match and not noticed. Cant remember hearing or feeling anything different, but, when I got home to clean I noticed something just a little off//not right...first was the ring inside the barrel when looking to see if there was any lead deposit, then the ever so slight "wave" or bulge on the outside... The white marks are its position....about 1/4 inch. Its barely perceptable by touch and by sight in the right angle light Internet research shows about 80% say-keep shooting it...may or may not affect accuracy (didn't seem to during shoot today-mi
  13. Since I am to follow this guideline-I am unable to contribute to this thread.
  14. Go ahead and refinish the entire stock as you would without worry about the stain...if you are going to go to a light color, you can try some selective wood bleaching in the stained area. Going to a light color-there may be no coming back from seeing some staining. Try to stay away from sanding...sanding kills.
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