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  1. I didnt notice anything amazing...lizard litter does better
  2. I tried it with a mix of pistol and rifle brass (.303,etc) Never again...picking rice out of flash holes is not enjoyable.
  3. I do this also, but with scrubs...I even soaked em in a bit of "tea water" to get rid of the bright white and get the "adobe dust color" in them slightly..gotten where I much prefer dressin' mexi-injun than all the heavy stuff. Makes posse chores easier to do also.
  4. " Posted August 19 We would like to remind all members to please be respectful of those members who are attempting to sell items on this forum. Hi-jacking of for sale threads and comments that are not beneficial to the purpose of the post will be deleted. Thank you all for your understanding. " This, to eliminate the attempt at"saloon forum" style humor and banter that happens in sale posts. Theres already a forum for those who can't stop talking with their fingers... It's already in the guidelines...maybe it just needs to be gold starred. As far as postings with stupid prices..treat them like those catalogs you get in the mail from J Peterman or LL Bean..something to peruse while sitting on the toilet .
  5. An un-lined, never warn, cow hide Top Hat, brim is shape-able (wire inside) Size is 22.4" (56cm) according to pattern-but I think it is a bit larger...I usually use a 7 1/8 or 7 1/4 hat...this seemed to be maybe 7 1/2 or so, maybe a bit larger-and leather stretches. Cowhide has been antiqued with wax and friction rubbing-so it has a bit of waterproofing quality. "stains" you see inside are water stains caused by shaping the leather (wouldn't be seen in a lined hat) You could put any different band you wanted on or conchos..the one on it is just some twisted leather lacing. Leather is veg-tan, not chrome tan or pull up, so it will patina about 2-3 shades darker with exposure to sun out on the range over time. Hand sewn with waxed braid thread using saddle stitch...wont unravel. Has a very steam-punk-crazy voodoo/medicine/injun man vibe to it. Could go alot of ways depending on band and decoration Made it, loved it, put it on and it fell down over my ears...so I made another that fit me better. 65$ shipped usps paypal preferred
  6. 2.8cc dipper MZ, 7/8oz of 7-7.5 or 8ozshot pink winchester wad any hull I have handy. Has never failed to knock down
  7. Here is a schematic and parts list: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/ithacaskb/shotguns-ithaca/200
  8. From Shotgun World forum on this exact question: "Remove butt plate. Use metric socket( 10 or 11 mm) on an extension to remove the stock bolt. Remove rear trigger guard screw. Slide stock back and off the frame. It might be tough to get moving if it has not been removed before. If needed, grab the action in a padded vise and wiggle the stock around with hand pressure to get it broken free. Nothings going to jump out at you."
  9. While I appreciate the work this gentleman did, I'm going to stick with cleaning with Hoppes #9 , kroil and Ballistol; and Ballistol as a protectant/lube (sometimes white lithium grease for my Swiss and AK actions) Mostly because (except for AK) I still believe in Ballistol for my wood and leather and the ability to mix it with water and use it as a flush directly after shooting corrosive ammo. Secondly, price....I can buy a heck of alot of Hoppes and Ballistol , for what they want for 4oz of frog lube. If I go out in harsh environment with my guns, I clean immediately..in fact, I clean after each range time (except for AK)...I clean/give a wipe down each month if not used also....and I don't worry about about Ballistol doing harm to my almost 100 year old wood (which was probably cleaned with Ballistol since WW1 or 2) I'm not a Navy Seal emerging from the shore break storming a sandy beach, hiding up to my eyes in a mangrove swamp or doing a HALO into enemy territory
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