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  1. Howdy #4, Jericho (SASS 64430) Lake Wood Marshals here. I've been a good wittle boy this year & would like to purchase this. Is that enough of a sob story. Ha,Ha. Will you take a personal check if not I'll get cashiers check for the amount. My E-Mail address is jericho_40@aol.com. Thanks.
  2. Howdy Red Dog , Jericho here (SASS64430). Do you still have the .357 Ruger 3 Screw? , & could you send me a picture to my e-mail jericho_40@aol.com. Thanks.
  3. Howdy Texas Red. Jericho {SASS 64430} here. Is the cart still available? I live in Decatur & could meet you in Bloomington on NW SIDE at Cracker Barrel just off of RT.9. FRI. 23 or SAT. 24 around 9:15 -9:30 if that works for you. You can text me at 217-412-9762. Thanks Jericho.
  4. Howdy Moses ,  jericho _40  (SASS 64430) here. I'm looking for a Ruger .45 convertible also in a 4 5/8 old model. Let me know if still available & price.Thanks. jericho_40@aol.com

    1. Moses, SASS #5964

      Moses, SASS #5964


           mine is not 4 5/8. I think it is 6.5" or 7". $1500.00 in a box.

                                                             Moses #5964 life

  5. Howdy Cimmarron . Would you mind sending me picture's & diagrams of your cart? I have 2 of the stroller cart's which I want to have made into cart's.Thanks, Jericho.

  6. Welcome to the time of your life.Never to old to play cowboy.This time you get to use real gun's & live ammo.Jericho_40

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