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  1. In my case it is not the clothes that make me feel fat dumpy and slow but I still have an whole lot of fun.
  2. somebody please snatch this up before I get in bad trouble with she who must be obeyed
  3. Charlie checked before I posted thy only had 03 barrel listed at CMP. Historically they have had Krag Barrels wonder if out of stock at Criterion is reason non listed at CMP
  4. Weird. Back in April or so bought unerty cattleman in 44-40 Taylor's only had 1 got an older model with slots in hammer where you can see the safety mod pin for lack of a better wave to describe. The older gun had noticibly less effort to cook. Had issues in first match with first round in cylinder going bang and 4 clicks on 2 stages. Was going to send back for repair ended up just cleaning the heck out of it and putting oil around firing pin to help lub the pin for floating firing pin loaded up 50 sheels test fired with 4 different shooters no malfunctions. Shot another cowboy match with no problems. The older gun that is easier to cock (lighter spring?) has never had a problem. Wonder if the firing pin safety mechanism is the cause of light primer strikes. And yes all click rounds fired when shot again
  5. hmmm waste of good corn bread will swap on 1/3 weight basis corn meal for corn bread
  6. Criterion barrles https://criterionbarrels.com/product-category/30-40-krag/?v=7516fd43adaa They are out of stock now but give them a call and see about back order or availability. They do both carbine and rifle barrel.
  7. So what do for an encore walk barefoot on hot coals? Maybe just stick stick bamboo shoots under finger nails? Seriously now those look amazing
  8. Welcome back, you prolly don't know me but I have seen you walking around at winter range look fwd to seeing you at EOT
  9. Thankfully I will never have that problem, wore out too many hour glasses ACSA now times me with a sundial
  10. OMG would the wife like as an aniversary present from me to her for me??? The face to face price is the same as a Bob White out the door with military discount.
  11. CZ Sharp Tail is the single trigger series the Bob White is the double trigger series
  12. I have always wanted to shoot gun fighter, started dualist mostly double duelist but tango uniform right shoulder made shooting more than about 2 stages with that arm iffy so would start double duelist and end up swapping gun to left hand after a stage or two. By the way one cannot swap hands on a cocked gun. Never was able to shoot gunfighter, and sadly now left arm is iffy for holding pistol for a whole stage so it is two handed from now on.
  13. Yes but will have to deal with carbon ring in cylinder, a bit of a wash in my opinion, if hurts to shoot then go as light as you can and the smaller case if helpful.
  14. As funny and kind as she was beautiful miss her greatly RIP Remember The Allie Mo
  15. have been shooting A2 in .45 Colt and Acp and 44 spec and mag at warm 44 spec levels. approx 5 - 5.2 grains, lots of room to double or tripple charge a case so one must be careful. I batch charge 50 cases in the loading block then visually inspect for proper powder level and presence of powder before seating bullets. Thus eliminating both over charges and no charges.
  16. corrosive primers are not a big deal if you clean the gun soon after firing with a water based solvent like old gi rifle bore cleaner in a pinch a couple of patches wet with water will dissolve the corrosive salts
  17. I shoot sporting clays with a brand new shiny CZ 20 Guage. No issues but only 150 rounds through it. Fit and finish very go on the Bobwhite G2s
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