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  1. Take a clean empty piece of brass that has been shot and not resized drill out the primer pocket insert a nail with point coming out and head in shell to push out bullets use like a cookie cutter to cut out bullets
  2. I scored a Uberti Henry 45 Colt from a Pard that Medically retired from shooting. It is fun. I did make the dowel to keep the mag follower from hitting my hand. They are both fun and heavy. If one actually looks at that funny bump on the top of the barrel near the muzzle they are quite accurate.
  3. This is a great website discussing just about all there is to discuss initially at least. Helped me a lot back in the day. http://www.curtrich.com/captbaylorsrangercamp.html
  4. One way to determine amount of powder to use is stand bullet on base take a dowel that will fit in case or a pencil stand it next to bullet and mark where crimp groove is. Make a second mark 1/16 or 1/8 inch closer to the end depending on the amount of compression you want and fill the case till the mark is at the case mouth.
  5. Congrats it is really great when efforts are appreciated and recognized. Well Done
  6. Has to be the one at Winter Range a few years back. First match I shot with my 87. I got the flyer with the 87 made my day.
  7. Dad always rubbed corn meal on his felt hat then brushed
  8. I run stock Vaqueros old and new a pair of Bob James tuned OMV. They make all brands of primers go boom. I mostly use WLP and CCI LP primers. With the current non availability I did pick up 1200 Rem LP last year in North Dakota
  9. Have a Webley Mark IV .38 which is a .38 S&W. It is regulated to shoot a .38 200 round. Shooting commonly available something like 146 grain ammo it shoots pretty low. I was able to find proper diameter 200 grain bullets to replicate the .38 200 round. Once I have shot enough rounds to make it worth setting up my .38 S&W dies I will make some proper ammo for it.
  10. Be careful the damn things breed like rabbits in a dark safe!
  11. Could not care less about awards, will never get one in Main Match. Do think it is rediculous to award more than 2 Buckles in categories with 5 or less participants. 5 probably should be the minimum for ladies and 10 for open categories no more than 40% buckle with max of 10 awarded in a category where 40% exceeds 10 awards
  12. Congrats, wonder how great you would be if you ever shot without being worn out. Thanks for being a Ranger
  13. Keep them all then you will still have a back up when one is in the shop
  14. And becoming World Champion Lady Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, hugs and a championship not a bad week for a great lady. Great bullets as well.
  15. Larson when we get to 21 start with your nose then toes and finish with fingers
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