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  1. With the exception of my illegible signature I haven’t written anything in cursive in over forty years and I spent twelve years in Catholic schools
  2. Batten down the hatches and get your snow shovel out!

  3. One of the joys of being a mechanic in the military was no uniform just coveralls and steel toed work quarter boots
  4. As a Martial Arts instructor and master I feel strongly that this trigger reset is BS and dangerous. When the crap hits the fan the first thing that you lose is fine motor control and you’re not going to feel that trigger reset. Missing the reset will not only cause a misfire but a moment of confusion as to why the gun didn’t fire. The only things you should be thinking about are your target and front sight.
  5. I won’t link to it because it’s against the rules I guess. Three years ago my son was looking for a way to help those in need. As he watched his twin toddlers play with their matchbox cars he came up with an idea. Why not collect matchbox cars and donate them through Toys For Tots. He enlisted a few social media friends and the first year they raised 5000 cars they did much better last year hitting 7500. This year they are on track to raise a total of 25000 cars in the three years. Every penny and every car goes into the cars there is not a penny spent on overhead.He named the charity Little Wheels Big Hearts. I couldn’t be prouder
  6. Are you sure that it’s the firing pin and not the ratchet that moves the hammer into position to hit the proper firing pin? It’s the ratchet that usually breaks and causes the no fire on the bottom barrel
  7. You don’t test for the drug itself you test for the residues
  8. I can now hear the jingle for Gillette blue blades rattling around in my head
  9. Thank you and I will continue to pray for Carol. I know that you will take good care of her
  10. and I carry JMB’s perfect weapon
  11. One of the good things about living in Western Pa is that there would never be a serious reason to bug out more than a few miles and that would be in the case of a very rare tornado
  12. When I was young and working a cigarette, coffee and a handful of Tums
  13. Sorry after forty years as a police officer I never felt the need to speak ghetto. Now let’s enjoy this glorious day
  14. And why is it so hard not to use baby talk to describe a police officer
  15. We all were but in this time when the police are being attacked from every direction the last time that we need is to demean ourselves.I seldom agree with Alpo but the term is insulting and childish
  16. The term is still disrespectful and childish. I was not po po what ever the hell that is I was a police officer and damn proud of it
  17. He dropped two videos last week and posted on his timeline an hour or so ago
  18. Welcome to the PRK Remember this is what you get when you don’t vote
  19. Greg is 6’8 his son is 6’10 and Dave is only a paltry 6’6
  20. It was probably a WWII bring back.Guns brought back were often cut under the barrel band to allow them to be hidden in a duffel bag
  21. When your range is in your front yard and you get all the ammunition that you can shoot free you get pretty darn good especially if it’s your living. He seems like a nice guy but I gave up waiting his videos. They are way too long and way to juvenile I’m not one of his middle school students
  22. He somehow never mentioned that he was a part time summer employee
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