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  1. Ive been to the grocery store a couple times since the beginning of the end of the world. if you havent I'm sure you've heard the toilet paper and bread stocks are entirely wiped. Im not sure what all of these people are prepping for, things that I went to the store for were, for the most part, completely stocked. Just because everybody else is buying something doesnt mean that's what you need. Things I'd recommend... Non perishables, beans, protein bars, rice, canned goods. Vitamin C, emergen-C Fever reducers such as advil, tylenol, motrin, etc. Maybe a thermometer if you dont have one (probably should check) Pedialyte powder or bottles (if you do get sick this is very important) gatorade Theraflu (this was completely stocked) Mucinex, cough drops, tea, and honey. Probably could use a gun and ammo if you're into that sort of thing. Stay healthy my friends -Bing O
  2. Bing O

    New to sport

    Tequila shooter, I've actually got a stoeger coach gun right now. I did some sanding on the articulating surfaces, disengaged the safety, and lightened the spring. I want to do some more work on it, however I have to keep it stored off base so I havent the time to work on it very often
  3. Bing O

    New to sport

    Thank your for the input everybody. I should have prefaced this by saying I am RELATIVELY new. I've been going to the monthly matches at a couple different locations over the course of the last 4 months. I've got about 7 matches under my belt (actually under a borrowed belt) shooting an array of firearms. The 73 is by far my favorite. I really like the lever safety on it because I tend to hit the trigger before I close the lever. This has caused a few misfires on the 66 and I know it can lead to even bigger problems. I also feel comfortable the the stock drop as I really lean into my shots. My old vaqueros are .38s as well so I went to keep my ammunition consistent at least while I'm starting out.
  4. Bing O

    New to sport

    Howdy yall, Im new to the sport and i am trying to buy a rifle. Id prefer a winchester 1873 in .38. I've found an individual selling a rifle with a short stroke and action job by Don Jones. Im curious if anybody can speak to his reputation and credibility of his work. Thanks, Bingo
  5. I have a holster set, right and left strong side, would sell for $225 shipped if you are interested i can provide pictures and more details.

    1. Bing O

      Bing O

      If you'd send photos, I'd appreciate it

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