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  1. Met Flint at Ambush and he use to call about once a month and showed interest into getting into movies and asking for advise. Last I heard from him was last July, mentioned he had some problems, when asked, he said nothing serious. R,I,P, Partner.
  2. Actors now mumble instead of speaking their lines and many times drowned out by background music. Most series run 10 to 13 episodes, then have to wait a year and remember a series. We dropped Satellite, bought an antennae saved close to 200.00a month and watch less, read and listen to music more. I was watching the local news when they broke and told their listeners if they were watching this on so and so satellite carrier, that the carrier would be dropping the channel and to call the provider up to keep the channel. What they don't tell the audience is that if the carrier keeps the channel, their rate would increase because the channel, ad provided wants a bigger hunk of money also. One other reason we gave up satellite was it was happening constantly and rates going up. Started at 79.50 same channels, then to almost 200.00.
  3. written and sung by Toby Keith. Also his last singing of the song. 2023 Live People Choice Country Award. Seems as if he knew.
  4. There was a time, because of the NRA that any encroachment on the 2nd Amendment would be a disaster for the politician. Because of one man, and yes it was outrageous what he did, the NRA has fallen and fallen right in the hands of the ant-gunners and the NRA has fallen in power with the help of those that are or were members. One man should not be responsible for the collapse of an organization that was and still is fighting for our rights. He's gone, and the NRA is still the voice of reason. Now is the time to stand behind and support our rights rather then continue dividing and division amongst us as gun owners because of one man. If we continue in the path, it will only make the anti gunners and politicians who want to disarm us, stronger.
  5. So very sorry to read this. Prayers and Condolences from the both of us.
  6. If passed, you will need to re-register your firearms "every year" or face a 1000.00 fine for each not complied with.
  7. This is same car in which Tom Mix died in after accident. https://youtu.be/Pdv7kj__TQg
  8. Do you even know why one removes their head covering as the flag goes by or when we say the Pledge of Allegiance??
  9. Sometimes it takes kids to remind us adults. But the question is "why"? It to show respect not only to the flag, but to those that died defending our country.
  10. Red Skelton said it the best and still holds true today. Though that 2 states have been added since he gave this and many forget that its we the people that decide who should be elected and the greatest power we have as voters has been mis used or not used by not voting.
  11. What remains to be seen if the sport loving gun owners will continue to support and watch the games giving support to their causes? Same for the different Flags and anthems. Rather then unite, they separate. Yet, when they played the Black Anthems before televising so viewers are unaware and we support the games by watching. Rather then be a solution, we are part of supporting of 2 anthems and adding to viewership.
  12. One time then they go to Gun Trader when this reaches page 3
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