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  1. To clarify, I called the progressive P on myself cause I lost count and knew I pulled the second pistol early. After I told the TO that should be a progressive P I was told I already had a P for the rifle run and you could only get 1 P on a stage.
  2. Yep, I understand that, but would the P be the progressive one or the one on my rifle for shooting the sequence wrong?
  3. I shoot duelist. The stage was written SG then rifle, and pistols last. I got a P on my rifle for shooting the targets in the wrong order. I then moved to pistols, while shooting them I pulled the 2nd pistol before I was done shooting the first….. I know I could have re holstered the second one before I cocked the 1st and avoided the penalty but I didn’t so two loaded pistols out at once would be shooting out of category which would give me a progressive P. Would I get the progressive over the regular P or the opposite? Thanks.
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