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    SASS, NRA Life member, hunting, family, Old West...the order changes depending on most fun or most trouble

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  1. Holy cow, I have relatives everywhere!
  2. Ah ha… a plan. Since we have assumed a college debt, maybe we should all apply for college debt loan forgiveness…Uncle Sam, I prefer direct deposit. Thanks in advance.
  3. Don’t need a knife that requires 30 minutes to clean after I spread my peanut butter.
  4. Pretty sure Big Foot trying to figure out how to message you.
  5. Tried to message you about the 7.62 x 39 brass. Message would not send.
  6. You might consider contacting the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to enlist their assistance in getting help. If you are eligible for the testing and treatment, they can represent you. I have found them to be a help in the past.
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