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  1. I am happily a new owner of a Shiloh Sharps 1874. I purchased a used rifle that came with a MVA long range vernier sight. I have no experience with this type of sight. I would like to know if there is any information/app/formula that lets you plug in variables to determine the height setting of the sight for a known distance and elevation. I would like to shorten the learning curve. Thanks DB
  2. I received an email from him a day ago, it is worth the effort to contact him. He is 1st class!
  3. If “what an ass” means sexy....oh Lord I appeal to most people I know!
  4. It is my understanding that since they started home delivery that they have changed their name to Knockers.
  5. I have been looking at some Sharps 45-70s. Came across a 45-90 for sale. I am sure there is more recoil from a 45-90 than a 45-70. Is it proportional to the increase in powder, roughly 22% more, all other things being equal? And in an 11 lb gun is that enough to be significant? I am not overly sensitive to recoil but if one is shooting a string of 40 rounds is the cumulative effect going to be significant? And if it is, can you shoot reduced loads or lighter bullets without affecting accuracy in a 45-90? Thanks to all for the information and thoughts. I decided on a Sharps 45-70, based on a lot of available components, wealth of load data, factory loads till I can start casting, getting needed reloading equipment and some concern over recoil ( I assume it takes a lot of shooting to dial one in). Again thanks, I am lot more comfortable with my decision after reading everyone comments. DB
  6. I am considering purchasing a used Shiloh Sharps in a 45-70. I know that they are presently manufactured in Big Timber MT since the early 1990s. Prior to that they were manufactured in Farmington NY. I read that Shiloh Sharps have an excellent reputation, does that apply to rifles manufactured in Farmington also. The reason I ask is because I understand that the move to Big Sky was a result of a change in ownership. Did the excellent reputation start with the Farmington rifles or began since the move to Big Sky?
  7. Has me confused, why does the gorilla have a ball cap on his butt?
  8. That is truly amazing, really. But now I will always regret not having “ Dusty Bobos” as my alias.
  9. Done, may both of you find comfort in your faith.
  10. Not so fast ...Mary Ann and then Ginger
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