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    SASS, NRA Life member, hunting, family, Old West...the order changes depending on most fun or most trouble

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  1. I must disagree …nothing makes me look better, but whiskey makes her look better!
  2. Springfield & Michigan How do I get my wife to wear safety glasses and hearing protection and work very slowly without making her suspicious? Also she will question why I am filming her.
  3. I have been given a lot of old 30-06 brass by a friend who father was a reloader and who has passed away. While preparing to clean the brass l found about 60 of them had unfired primers. They were primed at least 20 years before I got them. I want to deprime the brass before I reload. Is there a way to ensure they can safely be deprimed? Would soaking the brass in water render them inert? I really don’t want to cycle them thru my bolt action and spend time cleaning the barrel. DB
  4. I am not sure…but I think if you microwave your kids…you are a terrible parent. I am not sure…but I think if you microwave your kids…you are a terrible parent.
  5. Unfortunately I have been in many restrooms where it should have been there.
  6. I wonder, could the reason he never returned be … she gave birth to Phillips screwdrivers?
  7. But then again…you can’t blame them for bragging.
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