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  1. For me whether it is a gift or sold, once it is gone, I just want to feel okay about what I did.
  2. Before I make a fool of myself...is there any money to be made as a old man pot bellied pole dancer?
  3. Guess I was lucky in my youth... I thought only one of us needed to provide ...protection.
  4. I don’t think I am old...but where is the booth?
  5. Never thought I would see something that would make me wonder if on the extremely rare occasions there is a place for censorship...but this...is close!
  6. But what way you can save the bacon grease...the best part of the bacon!
  7. Jack I am cute, so I can do any thing I want to.
  8. That’s okay it doesn’t mean you are bad....just different.
  9. Who care how the girl looks....he needed three packs of condoms!!!
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