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  1. I’ll take it, message me with your preferred payment and particulars. DB
  2. Is that after I have four drinks or after she has four drinks? Trust me it makes a difference.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-dad-shoots-peeping-tom-outside-daughter-window Why is the title of the article “Texas dad shoots peeping-tom outside of daughter’s window”. If you read the article it wold seem an more accurate title would be ‘ Man shoots peeping tom who was aiming a gun at his wife’. For those who want more gun control, the results exceed the crime. For those who support the 2nd Amendment, the potential crime justifies the results. This is why I don’t trust the media. And yes I know the peeping tom disarmed the wife.
  4. Don’t think he is worried about safety. He is just really determined to be transgendered.
  5. It would seem to me that the “quality “ of the guns one uses to be competitive is directly related to the level of competition one is competing in. If a person is proud and happy to win local club match with a $400 shotgun, why spend more? If the person can assess his skill level and commitment to improve, and decide that a “better” shotgun is worth it, then it is justified.
  6. I am going to start reloading again and want to start casting my own bullets which I have never done. I have bought a Lyman book on casting, and some used equipment (moulds, RCBS furnace). I have never bought lead before so three questions: 1. Is buying ingots from an unknown individual something to avoid? 2. Is this a fair price ? “The ingots are pure lead as well as I know without assaying them. They look and act like basic lead. I don't think there is any antimony or tin alloy. Cost is $3 / pound.” 3. And is this more trouble than the savings is worth?“Ran
  7. You know your dog loves if he lets you do this.
  8. Maybe it is just me, but does he not look like he is having fun.
  9. Between Ramblin Gambler and Alpo it is amazing what one can learn here!
  10. I can understand getting distracted, but if a person values their phone more than their child...that’s wrong. And if they do value the child more than their phone and it isn’t ringing does that still save the the child? I agree with the OP, if you need to put your phone in the back seat to remember your child, you need to reevaluate your priorities.
  11. Okay, so we tell MSHA this is how we inspect the chassis.
  12. Young Frankenstein & To Kill a Mockingbird
  13. Is this a limited time offer or will it be an ongoing option?
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