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  1. I just when thru the same process. I sent a USPS money order to an individual. I sent it first class, certified (recipient required to sign for letter). This allows you to track the letter thru the delivery. I am glad I did as it was mailed on the 3rd and did not reach its destination until 13th. It was posted on the east coast and sent to Texas, I thought it got lost, I took so long. Was glad I was able to track it in case I had to file a claim. Fortunately it arrived to the seller.
  2. I am new to SASS and in the process of acquiring the necessary guns and accessories. I have been looking at different revolvers and have been draw to the Schofield revolvers. But going to matches and reading post on the SASS net it is obvious that SSA Colts and its clones are by far the style of choice for SASS shooting. I am wondering if there is a reason beyond Colt SSA being the “ gun” of the old west. Are Schofield revolvers harder to shoot well, more difficult to tune, given to malfunction, harder to obtain a good sight picture, etc.? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in advance to all DB
  3. I know. People see my shop and say “So you are a wood worker.” I try to be honest, so I have to reply, “no I just buy the tools”
  4. Hello, do the holsters have material in the them that prevents the tops from folding in when reholstering the revolvers? Also you state that these were handmade for 5/12 NM Vaqueros, would these fit any 5 1/2 Colt SA clone? Did you measure the belt from the base of the buckle? Thanks
  5. Thanks to both of you. I have been to and watched matches. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I have decided on 38/357 cal as I already reload for both. I have not decided between new/used Ruger Vaqueros or used SA brands that had an initial higher cost.
  6. Hello , I am new to SASS and in the process of buying the necessary guns, equipment, etc. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions on ways to find out how reputable online gun dealers are since I can not deal with them in person. I would be confident dealing with many of the well known dealers and those who are mentioned here, but I have come across some guns listed with small businesses out of state. Their pricing appears to be very reasonable. And the posted photos don’t show any obvious flaws. Some are on Gun Broker some are not. I don’t know if listing there carries any weight as far as being reputable. Thanks for any help.
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