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  1. It is not price gouging if someone thinks it’s a fair price...and buys it.
  2. The charging may be free, but a half mile extension cord will cost a fortune.
  3. Wow ... I spent the last 38 minutes trying to find where to buy one.
  4. How do you make “start date’” the Sort By default setting? Thank for any guidance.
  5. Thank you, because I was wondering if guys touching their .... parts was a common problem.
  6. And that is why Yoda and I wear the same robe.
  7. If you mean greatest impact...television, it opened the world to the average person.
  8. And then they get all huffy when you correct them.
  9. Each to their own ...but for me the reason I don’t have any is “ never been that drunk”.
  10. It’s funny... but if possible extremely impressive.
  11. I like pizza and I like watermelon... but not together just sayin’....but you and my wife can sit at the same table.
  12. Ketchup on a hot dog is like chili with beans... it’s fine for city folk who don’t know better.
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