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  1. You guys have been awesome! Thank you for all of the info. Learning a lot!
  2. What I have is HI-TEK 9mm RN 115gr - .356dia I Should have the Lyman book tomorrow (gotta love Amazon Prime) looking forward to reading up on cast loads.
  3. I have a Dillon so seating and crimping are in separate stages. Thanks for the tip on powder.
  4. Right now I am trying to sort out the length issues. They go in and fall out of the case gauge perfect. But stick in the barrels. Adjusting the bell and OAL to 1.108 has helped so I think I am getting closer. ( Good in the Sig barrel but a little long in the Glock) That got me looking for load data for these and had me stumped not finding anything showing cast data. I did order the Lyman book for it. I’ve been searching the internet all day for it and then thought I would try asking here.
  5. just ordered a copy of Lyman’s manual for cast loads. Thanks
  6. I pulled 2 barrels, one from a Glock 43 and one from a Sig 365xl to see how they fit. Getting closer. I was just worried about the pressure with that much of the bullet seated. Crimp isn’t over tight and I am going to start loading to the lower side of specs for powder to be safe. Going to pull my comp barrel too. It’s a CZ Parrot.
  7. These are round nose. Thanks for the info. My first are def too long.
  8. I have some chey-cast 9mm hytech projectiles I bought for reloads to practice with. Having problems getting them to the correct COL for semi-auto pistols. Anyone ever use them for this? Website doesn’t provide reload data so hoping for some help.
  9. I may have one at home, let me look. I know its a long barrel, just not positive on the length
  10. Cleaning out the safe is hard! Looking to rehome this gorgeous 6.5 CM Mossberg Patriot. She has a 22” fluted barrel with a Vortex Crossfire 2 (4-12x50) AO with a professional wrap job in Arctic White. $800 gets it shipped to your FFL *make sure they accept shipments from private seller w/copy of IDs and BOS ppwk* Postal MO or Zelle for the gold
  11. if you give me 50.00 total (w/shipping included) I will send all 3 to you
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