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  1. Also new but i never could find any used ones so I ended up ordering one from redwing online.
  2. My point exactly. Ha
  3. Yes, clean. I understand the difference for what it means to shoot a clean match in different disciplines.
  4. Still new havent shot a full match. Have shot one stage and did it in 36 seconds even with fumbling on the shotgun reloads. Yes I shoot USPSA clean and 3 gun clean though I prefer not to run so much LOL Didnt mean to open a can of worms. Just was wondering about the close targets and safety.
  5. if we shoot any at the church skeet shoot next weekend I will save them for you
  6. Interesting, at this distance there's not much of a challenge really, you don't even have to aim, just point and shoot, ha Though that is part of why I think it will be a good starting point for my son, easier for him to hit and hopefully get more involved in shooting matches with me wether CAS or USPSA, etc.
  7. I whole heartedly agree, I also shoot USPSA and 3 Gun matches which are a lot more challenging. I love the idea of cowboy action beacuse I can get my son involved. Just a little concerned that splatter is going to get us in the face at some of these matches. Will definately have to pay attention to how the local clubs are setting up their steel and the condition of it too next time we go to watch.
  8. Howdy, I am new to all this and trying to absorb everything still. I have been to watch a few local matches and had one thing bugging me while watching, why are the steel targets set up so close? Is it a rule that some have to be 3 yards away? I have seen folks get pieces of lead imbedded in their face at that distance so just wondering why it’s not set out farther for safety reasons if nothing else.
  9. looks like a nice setup for someone just starting out.
  10. @runs with scissors do you have a picture of this one? I know someone thats in the market for an AR. DPMS Panther AR-15 Rifle 5.56 Excellent Condition Includes: Two 30 rd Magazines Picatinny Rail receiver Removable Carry handle rear sight Removable Front Sight $800.00 O.B.O.
  11. Sharing this info with a friend who is looking.
  12. When you say primed brass is it new primers or do you just mean the spent ones have not been removed yet?
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