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  1. hey Redtheripper, were you still interested in this? If not I can mark it available again, just let me know asap please.
  2. I have a pair of almost new Evil Roy’s with leather. If interested PM me.
  3. I am not sure how to ship this but if anyone knows or wants to do a local pickup then that will work. Selling 1000rds of American Cowboy 45 Special 180gr RNFP @ $50 obo per box. That's what I paid for it when I got it, I realize its closer to 75/box or so now. Just passing on some savings to SASS folk. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. That’s odd. I will see if I can PM you. Not letting me message you either. Try me at my email instead ddktexas@yahoo.com
  5. Had to make some changes due to personal issues so not going to be able to do SASS after all. I will be working through things that I had started gathering last year already. Starting with reloading supplies. I have the following for sale. I also have a good bit of powder but no idea how to sell it since I am not a hazmat dealer. If someone has an idea of how that works, let me know. Shipping will be the actual cost of whatever the cheapest way I can get it to you will be. ****New (still sealed in box) Dillon Precision 550 Caliber Conversion Kit for 45C $50 *Sold New Dillon Precision 550 Carbide Pistol Die Set 45C $100 *Sold New Dillon Precision 45C Case Gauge $20 **sold pending funds - Redtheripper Chey-Cast Hi-Tek Supercoat RNFP .452 180gr have 4 boxes of 500ct $50 ea *All sold Chey-Cast Hi-Tek Supercoat RNFP .452 200gr have 4 boxes of 500ct $60 ea *All sold ***Since I have had some folks asking, I am adding my list of what powder I have right now. Again, I am not sure what is involved in shipping this. I am in the Central Texas area so pick up is an option. Any of the below for $25 each*** 2 - 1# Winchester WSF Ball Powder 2 - 1# Hodgdon Titewad 6 - 1# Vihta Vouri Premium N32C
  6. I have this awesome package deal for sale. This is a like new S&W M&P 2.0 40sw with very little use. (200 rds or less) Pistol comes with a pistol case, (2) 13rd mags, (4) 15rd mags, Comp-tac International holster w/drop-offset and 425 rounds of ammo. All for $1100 plus shipping. **Your FFL must accept shipments from private sale**
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