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  1. Did you do this conversion? The reason I ask is a 45acp at .470" won't fit into a 357mag tube at .445". Too big for the 357m bolt face, too. Here is one I replaced the ejector in. It was converted down in Brazil for a rubber plantation police force so they could use the same ammo they were using in the systemas and balistor moline 45s. They used 44-40s and 38-40's then the mag tubes were set back protruding into the receiver. The left side guide was shortened for the cart stop as was the carrier shortened. The right side not modified. Probably the most unique thing was the caliber marking 45LC. In the early 1900's that was their name for 45 ACP. It was called 45 Latin Cartridge. These guns didn't work that well. Particularly at speed. They tend to throw out live rounds with emptied. This was mainly because the 45acp had no rim that would ride in the angled rim slots. Slow and deliberate they sorta work.
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